Prayer Summary for May 28


The following excerpt was taken from Devotions for the Praying Heart by Lynne Hammond:

The Sleeping Giant Shall Arise

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty
things, which you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

One thing that many have been praying and prophesying about recently is “the spirit of seeing and knowing.” That operation of the Holy Spirit (which the New Testament refers to as “the word of wisdom and word of knowledge”) must increase in this day. To stir up your faith for a greater manifestation of it in your life, I want to share a prophecy that was delivered at our church during a staff prayer time a few years ago. I am including the first part of it in today’s devotion and the last part in tomorrow’s. As you read it, let it lift your expectancy. Let it add fuel to the fire in your heart and you will see it come to pass in your life!

“These are the days of ascending, says the Lord. For I will take you up, up, up to higher places. I will take you and open your eyes and reveal to you that which shall come. For the hour is upon us and the anointing is required.

“I will now lift you up and your eyes will see far—farther than they’ve ever seen before … And My plan shall be brought forth in the earth. For you see, there is a blueprint in heaven that has been drawn since the foundation of time. I’ve been turning the pages of the blueprint and My body is reaching completion. We’re in the latter pages now and I’m about to make My body to be filled with the glory that shall cause it to be without spot and without blemish before My second coming.

“But My people must see the blueprint. They must know the blueprint. Therefore, the spirit of seeing and knowing must increase in this hour. And the only way you will see and know is in that realm of the spirit. So lift yourselves up. Position yourselves in My glory. Position yourselves on a daily basis to touch

My presence, no longer running around so busy that you have no time for Me ….

“[As you do] the Church, My sleeping giant shall arise. Not in their own power, but in My power—saying what they hear and doing what they see; and, in them, this earth shall see a demonstration of Me.”

Scripture Reading: Numbers 14:21

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Lord, we press in and come up higher into Your presence
We want more of You in our lives every day
Aligning our lives more and more to Your purpose
The Church being positioned and expecting more of You
Hearing You clearly and running the race that is set before us
We see and follow the blueprint of Your plan
Operations of Your Spirit beginning to manifest
Arrest men and women for what they have been apprehended for
Taking hold of that with grace to do it!
Every natural hindrance being removed now!
Vessels of honor filled with You, Lord!
We take the steps that have been ordered by the Holy Spirit
In that we will see further and higher
Shaking loose of the distractions
The Church divinely connecting together
Gifts flowing freely
Lord, send them out to prepare the Holy Ghost way for You to flow!
A greater measure of supernatural operations
Light piercing the darkness like never before and making a bridge to access new places!
As an army marching forward taking new territory!
There is a passing through
Eyes being opened to see!
Send aid and assistance from heaven to pastors!
Duty calls!

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