Prayer Summary for May 17


Father, thank You that You have equipped us to finish the last leg of the race
You have made us overcomers!
We are looking for those in the body of Christ to say, “Here I am!”
Father, touch the eyes of the Church
For our eyes to be fixed on You, Your Word, and Spirit!
Fixed and focused, living under the shadow of the Almighty
Linking shields with other believers and marching to the end
By the blood, the hidden things are being revealed
Medicine will begin to be poured out!
Coming up in the Holy Ghost plan and way
We will excel ahead and take hold of things!
Supernatural aid and assistance by Your Spirit, God!
We push you back IN JESUS’ NAME!
Enough is enough!
That territory belongs to the Church and the kingdom of God!
We don’t stand in our own power, but in the power of the Lord Almighty!
Father, intervene for it is NOT over!
We will not even look or think of that, but we cut it out!
We occupy and develop our territory!
Every piece and part is part of the production—it is the Holy Ghost show
Some things need to be decoded—numbers aligning correctly!
Moving from glory to glory!
The body of Christ is an army marching on!
We must give our attention to You and Your orders!
Eyes to see and ears to hear!
The gifts coming up in abundance to the forefront
We let Your Spirit move through us and be God in us!
Let the spirit of prayer fall upon the Church!
Devil, the blood of the Lamb is against you—GET OUT!
Father, let our prayers come out with Your power!
Fine tune us, Lord!

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