Prayer Summary for May 16


Lord, we exalt, magnify, and glorify You on this earth
You are EVERYTHING to us!
You are continually our peace and strength!
There is no one like You, Lord!
All of our help comes from You
We love and welcome Your presence!
By faith, we know You are among us now!
You are our healer, provider, and protector!
Have Your way, Lord!
You reveal unto us heaven-sent words that need to be spoken on the earth today
They are to bring freedom to the captives and deliverance to the bound!
It is time for the Church to rise up and yield to Your Spirit!
Thank You for restoration that we have through the blood
Give us a revelation of Your love for us
You are restoring the broken and cracked things
Thank You for wholeness in bodies and hearts
You are restoring relationships now
Thank You for restoration in the body of Christ
We pray over all of the pray-ers
Father, bend the Church now!
Let Your Spirit of prayer permeate the body of Christ all across the earth!
Seeing other denominations speaking in tongues
Hidden and unknown things being prayed out and brought to light
We pray for developments
In Jesus’ name, we hold the blood against opposition and we pull it down!
For the Church to no longer blend in!
Walking through double doors of full equipping!
In the face of opposition, the Church rising up like a great physician
For there to be a paradigm shift!
Father, we are not willing for even one to be lost or forgotten!
We take hold of every part and command them to be unwrapped from worldly things
That they would be free to move with You!
There are gifts that must be experienced
Father, unwrap them now!
Holy Spirit, sit on the Church again!
You began this work, and You will see it to the end
The Church is not shrinking, but she is on the increase!
In this age, there is an equipping for the Church to cross the finish line!
Sensing an increase of faith rising on the inside of the Church as we pray
Jesus, we magnify Your name!


The following excerpt is taken from John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith by John G. Lake:

Spiritual Dominion

“Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee BY THE PUTTING ON OF MY HANDS” [2 Timothy 1:6].

Paul had some faith in the value of the putting on of his hands. It was not a mere form. I want to call your attention to the Word of God especially on this line. Paul’s own convictions were that through the laying on of hands on this young man, an impartation of God to his life had been given. It was so real that even though Timothy was not aware of it and was not exercising the power of God thus bestowed, yet Paul’s conviction was that the power of God was present. Why? Because he had laid hands on him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he believed the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ had been imparted to him: Therefore the gift of God was in him. Therefore, the faith to exercise that gift ought to be present, and he believed it was present because of the fact that the faith of God had already dwelt in his mother and grandmother, and he believed in him also.

Beloved, it takes faith to exercise your gift of God. There are just lots of people around everywhere who have gifts of God, and they are lying dormant in their lives, and there is no value for the kingdom of God through them because of the fact they have no faith in God to put the gift in exercise and get the benefit of it.

Probably Timothy was a timid fellow, and Paul is going to show him why he should be exercising this gift of God, which he believed to be in him.

There are so many preachers who are afraid of the devil. They have no idea of how big God is Who dwells in you. They have no idea of the power given to you because God dwells in you. They preach fear of the devil, fear of demons, and fear of this influence, and fear of that influence and fear of some other power. If the Holy Ghost has come down from heaven into your soul, common sense teaches us that He has made you the master thereby of every other power in the world. Otherwise the Word of God is a blank falsehood. For it declares: “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19). And if we had faith to believe that the “greater than he” is in us, bless God, we would be stepping out with boldness and majesty. The conscious supremacy of the Son of God would be manifest in our lives and instead of being subservient and bowed down and broken beneath the weight of sin and the powers of darkness around us, THEY would flee from us and keep out of our way. I believe before God there is not a devil that comes within a hundred feet of a real God-anointed Christian. That is the kind of vision God put in my soul.

When I went to South Africa year ago, I attended a great missionary conference a short time after I was there. It was a general conference of the Christian missions of the country. On account of our teaching the Baptist of the Holy Ghost and the power of God to heal, we were a peculiar feature in the conference. We were bringing a new message and they wanted to hear us, and get us sized up and classified.

Among the difficulties they discussed in that Conference was a tremendous influence of the native medicine men over the people. They call them witch doctors. They are a powerfully developed psychic type of man, and for generations and generations they have studied psychic things until they understood the practice of psychic laws. It is marvelous to see the psychic manifestations they bring to pass. I have seen shocking things take place at the hand of witch doctors, things that nobody would believe unless they beheld them.

On one occasion two men had become extremely jealous of each other, both native chiefs, and they lived six miles from each other. One time, as I was in the kraal of one of them, I heard them discussing this difficulty with the other chief and it was decided by the chief that the next Sunday morning he was going to set the other fellow on fire. I wanted to see this phenomenon and I got a horse and went across the country to be there on Sunday morning.

The chiefs go out and round their cattle and herds, look over their flocks, etc. It is a sort of Sunday exercise. I rode along. We had not ridden for more than an hour when I observed this fellow was becoming very hot. Within half an hour he was absolutely purple. I knew somewhat of medicine; I would have said the man was likely to have a paralytic stroke from blood pressure. After a while he began to complain of terrible pain, and finally he became exhausted, got down and lay on the ground, and passed into a state of terrible exhaustion. I believe the man would have died. I had heard about these sort of things, but this was taking place under my own eyes. I saw that unless the man got delivered he would die. When it got to that point, I said to the brethren, “It is time that we prayed.” I stepped over and laid my hands on, and called on God to destroy that damning psychic power that was destroying the fellow, and God shattered it.

I talked to the Conference about this matter. I said, “It is a strange thing to me that in all the years of missions in this land, that your hands are tied on account of witch doctors. Why don’t you go cast the devil out of these fellows, and get the people delivered from their power?”

They took a long breath and said, “Cast the devil out? He will cast the devil out of you!” The secret of our work, the reason God gave us one hundred thousand people, the reason we have twelve hundred native preachers in our work in Africa, is because of the fact we believe the promise of, “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” [1 John 4:4]. We not only went to seek them, but challenge them separately and united, and by the power of God delivered the people from their power, and when they were delivered the people appreciated their deliverance from the slavery in which they had been held through their superstitions, psychological, spirit control, and they are most terrible. “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

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Continued Praying…

Jesus, Your power hasn’t changed!
Lord, there is none like You, and we believe Your Word!
We believe that the same Spirit is working in the Church today!
By YOUR Spirit, You will complete Your work in us!
All of our trust and faith is in You!
Father, the Church needs a drenching of Your Spirit—we are hungry for it!
Things will be restored when You come on the scene
Bondages are removed!
We curse dilemmas, problems, and impossibilities!
Lord, we give You all of our cares, questions, and concerns
We bring everything to You for our trust is in You!
Declaring we are free!
We sit ourselves down at Your table and drink of Your Word!
Father, we come more into Your presence to be changed
Your presence is ever with us!
We receive Your goodness today!

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