Prayer Summary for March 8


The following excerpt is taken from the Revival Study Bible:

On the Toronto Blessing, John Arnott said that the Lord kept, “upping the ante.” First, they were seeing people radically in love with Him. “Now we’re seeing our whole church on fire.” At first people would fall. “Now people are shaking and trembling under the power of God, and, most recently, there’s been a roar and shout in our midst as people have been rising up to wage war against the enemy.” We have been stretched, stretched, stretched. The Lord is raising up an army. But think of Gideon’s army. All of those who were afraid were told to go home. People become afraid of the unknown and unusual. You sort out the fearing ones. Then, in Gideon’s case, drinking water like dogs. Do not lean on your own rationale to understand the mind of God…As John Wimber has said, ‘God will offend the mind to reveal the heart.'”

The Arnotts had once been at a meeting in which the speaker said he had a word for “a John and Carol from Canada.” In this situation, there was a tremendous presence of God, and John said he thought, “Oh, God, You’ve found me.” But through this word, he realized his mind had been offended by the things of the Spirit. They were making general rules at their church, in their attempt to keep things tidy and presentable, which were hindering the Spirit of God from moving. He said to the Lord, “If ever You come again [in power at our church], I will not put my hand to it.”

Speaking of the Airport Vineyard in Toronto (now known as the Toronto Airport Church Fellowship), John said, “When some of these things first came to our church, it sort of shut down our office. For the first three days, our receptionist could not talk. Then, after that, she could only speak in tongues. But she got so filled, the joy of the Lord just transformed her and her husband, John, our soundman, and their kids. He just got so filled with the Spirit that people thought he, like the disciples on the day of the Pentecost, was drunk. In the story of the prodigal son, the very nest party of all is right there in the father’s house. The angels rejoice and throw a party whenever one sinner repents, and there are thousands coming to Jesus every day throughout the world. The real joy comes in anticipation of the wedding of the bride and the Bridegroom.”

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Thank You, Father, for Your presence!
Today is a day of filling!
We are in the world where You need us to be and we need a move of Your Spirit like never before!
Lord, we must have more of You!
You cared so much for us that You sent Your precious Son for us!
Father, we ask for each one to hear the joyful sound of victory that comes from heaven
It brings healing and hope!
We hunger for it for it is a sound of deliverance
Lord, we are so glad that we are blessed today!
We are full of joy and strength that stops every plan of the enemy!
Father, You make a way where there was no way!
We are blessed going in, blessed going out, and blessed in whatever we do!
We pray for each one to walk out Your plan for their life!
Declaring we will go and move in victory
No fire will stop us from fulfilling that plan!

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