Prayer Summary for March 21

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist

Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we thank You for making a way
You have made a way in these unusual and uncertain times
Lord, You have gone before us and You have made a way!
We rest in the knowledge, that You have already paved the way
Yes, we rest in Your victory, and we rest in Your promises
You are so good, great, and awesome!
We know that You will ultimately have the final say
Humbling ourselves before You, Lord
Calling for a greater grace today, Father
Yes, we draw from You what we need—help, strength, and wisdom!
Thank You for spiritual direction, emotional direction, and relational direction
We turn our eyes and our attention toward you; we welcome You in this place
Father, we invite Your Holy Spirit to come and have His way
Yes, we love, welcome, and yield to You
We pray that Your ministry would be activated in a profound way
You are uniting us and bringing us together for a distinct purpose and plan
Thank You for that refreshing rain that is being poured out over us
We love and worship You, we thank You for Your goodness and Your mercy
Your hand is upon us, and we thank You for Your grace that is over and around us!
No, Your hand is not too short, Father
We worship and magnify You; we bless You, Lord
Yes, You are still on Your throne; You are high and lifted up!
You are still the bright and morning star; You are still the God of the book!
Father, You are watching over Your Word, and You will perform it!
You hear the hearts and the prayers of Your people
You are still the one who forgives, restores, heals, and sets the captives free
You are still the one and only, the God almighty!
Bless the Lord, You are still the head of the Church, the great physician
You are holding us in the palm of Your hand
Thank You for the future You have in store for us
Your goodness knows no end, and Your mercy is new every morning
Your wisdom is as high as the heavens and Your forgiveness is ever available
Thank You for all that You are, and we welcome You, Holy Spirit, in this place
You are preparing us and You are moving in and through us, have Your way, Lord
Bring change today to the Church, bring change to Israel and the nations
We call for change in Jesus’ name, God ordained, supernatural change!
Change to hopeless situations, change to hearts, change to medical conditions
Change in our finances, change in our churches, change in America
It is time for change; there is a shifting from the old to the new
Adjustments, transformations, deliverances, and promotions are taking place today!
Arrows of the enemy are being extinguished, and all the enemy’s attempts are being pushed back
No, the enemy will no longer be able to play there anymore; we say no to evil and darkness
We say no to the advance and onslaught of evil and wicked schemes and strategies
Breaking those things up; we break up the front line of the enemy
We penetrate that today, in individual lives and families in America and in the Church
Pushing back that front line of the enemy, we speak light, life, and truth to the darkness
Yes, we send life, light, and hope to the Ukraine today
Praying for a breaking up of the enemy’s strategies and his attempts in the Ukraine
Declaring for hope and light to that situation, Lord
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go and work on their behalf
Sending God-ordained assistance to leaders, and to those who are crying out for Your help
Lifting up the refugees, we pray for divine hope and divine help on a practical level
Comfort those that have been displaced, for those refugees, Father
We pray that You would deal with the nations, the nations of the earth
Calling for a visitation to the nations and the leaders
Yes, we call for adjustments in the nations, and thank You for repentance, Father
Praying for a shift in perspective, that they would go more and more in God’s way
You are preparing the way for the coming of the Lord
There is an alignment that is taking place in these last days
Calling for transformations, change, and obedience in America
Yes, it is time to get up and obey!
Lifting up America, Lord have mercy on our land and the people in this nation
Help us to see and hear now, show us what the Spirit of God is saying!
You are orchestrating things in our favor, Father
Wake up, Church, wake up leaders in America!
Wake up in Jesus’ name, arouse and awaken, shake off all that would bind and hinder
It is time to respond, it is time to not delay any longer!
It is time to go, it is time to wake up and go!
Yes, our eyes are open, and we will look forward and upward
You are positioning us, and we will be ready, Lord
Today is the day of mercy; today is the day to obey
No, we will not put it off, but we will move ahead and be filled with Your Spirit
Let rhema winds of the Spirit blow; let fresh fire from heaven fall
The wind of God is blowing all across the Church and throughout this land
You are working and changing things on our behalf, Father
We are laying some things down, and stepping away from those things, Lord
There is a preparation at hand, and we will not miss it
Preparation, there is a sound of preparation, there is an alert
Praying for sensitivity now, that the Church would pick up an their alerts!
Yes, the mercy of God is in the alerts, and in the steps of obedience to do!
God is showing us what to do, and where to go
No, we cannot operate in the same way, we can’t continue in the same vein
This is the day and this is the hour, when there is a new level of glory and power
It is the day and the hour for us to step up into the things in the spirit
We are coming up in our thoughts, and in our conduct in life and manner of living
No, we are no longer living according to our past mistakes
For You have called us to live by faith and not by sight
We pray that You would let these changes and shifts take place in our hearts
Your goodness and mercy is being released in these last days
No, we will not stay and be beaten down about what is happening in the world around us
Calling for grace and mercy to be around and about us
We speak for help, courage, faith, and supernatural inspiration to be released to us
Thank You for the holy seeds that have been planted; we pray for them to come forth now!
Speaking to those dormant and lying inactive purposes of God, and we call them to rise up
We stir up and we call forth those things out of hidden places, out of dormancy
Calling those things forth for such a time as this!
Calling them forth for the purposes of God, calling them forth for awakening and revival
Nations are being rallied to attention!
Praying over the churches that have been broken, churches that have been beat down
We lift up those churches that have been fractured and that have been suffering
Father, we ask that You would surround them and You would supply them with what they need
The Church is being called to attention, rise up and shake that off!
Yes, by faith we will step up now, for it is the time and the hour
The world is looking and searching for real relationships and authentic spirituality
Great things are on the horizon!
It is time to climb out of that space, time to climb out of limitations!
Yes, we will stand upon the mighty works of God
We are ready, for we will go and flow and we will see things that we have never seen before
Calling for all of Your body to come together, we will not count ourselves out
Your blood is greater, and we will step forth into the miraculous
We open that up, Lord, that which has been prepared and kept ready for this time
Yes, we access it and we release it
Father, we want all that You want to give, we want all that You want us to have
You are flowing through us now!
We rally in the spirit and we send out angels and ministering spirits to go!
Praying for a picking up of momentum and an increase in the work of God
There are more leaders that are being raised up with a greater call of God on their lives
We pray for a raising up of God ordained leaders in Jesus’ name!
Lifting up the leadership in Washington, DC
Praying for changes there, Father
Grant unto those leaders wisdom from heaven
You are drawing those in that need to be put in those decision-making places
Praying for more light in the House, more light in the Senate and in Congress
Calling for more light now to be sent today!
You have a purpose and a call in DC
There is a divine orchestration of leaders, assistance, and boldness

Scripture Focus…

And everything I’ve taught you is so that the peace which is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me. For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!”
(John 16:33 TPT)


The following prophecy was given by Brother Kenneth Hagin Sr in 1963:

Yea the hand of the Lord was upon me. The Spirit of God moved upon me. The voice of God spoke unto me and said, come up, come up hither son of man. And I went, as it were, up into the air. And I stood with Him, the Head of the church, even the Lord Jesus Christ in the air. And as I looked down upon the ground I could see, as a map laid out before me, the entire nation, all of the states of the continental United States.

And as I looked He said behold son, and I shall show you that which shall come to pass and what the eyes of many shall see, and they shall remember that their ears heard that it shall come to pass. For there came a dark hand up out of the ocean from the East, even the Atlantic Ocean. It came up out of the sea as a hand and as it rose up into the air it became a dark cloud and it filled the whole atmosphere, and it swept inland like a storm from the sea. And I said oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord what is the meaning of this? And He spake unto me and said, son that is the darkness of atheistic communism that is sweeping across the nation, even in the minds of men in high places, and politicians with great power. And this nation shall not grow more strong and ye shall never have more liberty than you have now, but liberties that you’ve known shall be seized and shall be taken from you.

Hatred Among Races

And I looked again and I could see upon the map a blot, as though a bottle of ink had been spilled, and it spread out over several states in the south and east. Then I looked and I could see spots, splotched all over the map, and I said Lord what meaneth this? And He said, communistic inspired hatred among races shall cause greater turmoil than your nation has seen heretofore. It’s not the will of God, but men’s hearts are perverse. They walk without the love of God. They seek to have their own way. And so it shall be worse than you have seen. And I said oh Lord, oh Lord is there a remedy? Is there a remedy? What shall the answer be? And He said, evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceived and being deceived.

Tongues of Fire

And then I said, oh Lord do we have nothing to look forward to in the future except the darkness, the blackness, war, destruction, evil? Then He said, son of man forget not your text, for you look at the things not seen. So then I looked into the spirit realm, and I saw falling upon that map a ball of fire from heaven – the closer to the earth, the bigger it got. Then when it came to the earth it divided into small balls, or sparks of fire, and fell upon men, and I saw an army of men rise up. It seemed as though their hands were fire, and there sat upon their heads a tongue of fire. When I first saw it I thought their whole head was fire, but it was a tongue of fire – tongues of fire leaping. I said, what meaneth this? And He said, before the worst shall come, and the day of darkness shall come, there shall go those who shall carry the fullness of My truth and the fire – not only to the states of this nation but to many other places; for there is a work that must be done first spiritually before the Lord shall come. Now prepare your hearts for the time is at hand, and the beginning is now, and ye shall see and ye shall know.

Prophetic Vision Restored to the Church

For the hand of the Lord is upon you, and many others, to be used in these last days and the work shall progress. And I said to him, oh Lord thank you that I may have a small place in the work. And He said I will cause thy tent to be enlarged. Thou shalt have an enlarged ministry and shall minister to many, for you have ministered to a few. Therefore, go back to the earth and be faithful and give forth that which I tell you to give, for ye have been reluctant in days gone by to tell it. Now tell it boldly and speak in truth, for now is the day it shall be so. For the word of the Lord came unto me saying, the prophetic vision shall be restored unto the church. For even in the days of old, under the old covenant, the prophet would see by vision and prophesy, and so the prophetic vision shall be restored unto the church. This is the time, this is the hour, and this is the place.

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