Prayer Summary for June 12

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we humble our hearts before You
We turn our hearts and we look to You for the strength to get through today, Lord
Yes, we receive from You, we pray for an ease and a grace in receiving from You
Your supernatural supply is flowing unhindered into every heart and life
Thank You that You are our all in all, and in You we find completion and shalom
We love and worship You, we honor You and we are so grateful to connect with You
Open, open, open, we pray for openings to open, we open our heart up to You, Lord
Praying for entrances, entrances into hearts, entrances into homes and into souls
Entrances into where we hurt, entrances into where we struggle
Grant unto us grace to find a new place, to do a work that only You can do
Glory be to God, thank You, Jesus, thank You for Your presence and Your grace
Your grace is new every morning!
Thank You for new supplies, praise be to God
Let Your Spirit rain on us and Your glory fill us
We will not leave the same way we came in, we invite You to fill us!
You are the game changer and the difference maker
Glory be to God, we glorify, magnify, and worship You
Thank You, Jesus, we honor You with all of our hearts
We magnify Your name, Jesus
Yes, we are in awe of You, Lord, we honor and praise You!
Lifting up Your name, we behold You, Father
Thank you for Your mercy and for Your grace, Your glory is on and around us
We love You and we bow our hearts before You
You are moving in, around, and through us in these last days
Holy Spirit, we loose You to go and work on our behalf
Have Your way in us, and do what You must do
We desire more of You, Lord
Glory be to God, bless the Lord, we bless You, Father
We give You praise for Your glory and for Your faithfulness
You are granting unto us answers, You are so kind and Your presence surrounds us
Thank You for Your presence, thank You, Lord Jesus
Yes, You are so worthy of our praise, You are worthy of all the glory and honor
You went before us and You made a way for us
You made a way for healing, blessing, and favor
Glory be to God, we worship and honor You and bow our hearts before You
We bless Your name, we honor Your name and we proclaim Your goodness
You are faithful to each and every believer
We minister unto You Lord, hallelujah!
Yes, we want more of You!
Father, You are invading our lives in fresh and new ways
You are revealing Yourself to us in these days
The wind of the Spirit is blowing in our hearts and in our homes and lives
Have Your way in our lives today, Lord
Invade, penetrate, and saturate us with Your Spirit
No, nothing will be held back!
We will continue into the fullness of what You have for us, Lord
You are leading and guiding us, and You are calling us forward
Today is a new day!

Scripture Focus…

The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.
(Isaiah 58:11 NKJV)

Continued Praying…

You are pursuing us and You want to be with us, Lord
Yes, we will be a well-watered garden!
We turn our eyes on You, and we will continually follow You
Father, we honor and glorify You today
Those seeds of promise and purpose are starting to come forth and grow
Seeds, seeds, seeds!
Yes, it is going to be a fruitful season!
Glory be to God!
No, we will not look around and look at what is not happening
But we will look to You, Lord
We know that those seeds are producing what You would have them produce!
Father, You are opening doors in these last days
No, we will not grow weary in well doing, but we will continue into the things of the Lord
We will pray without ceasing!
Thank You that You are here, You are with us, and You never leave us
Your presence is surrounding us and covering us
We pray for divine encouragement and hope to flow in and through us
Calling in a harvest of resources in the name of Jesus
Thank You for advancement in these last days
Release in Jesus’ name!
Angels and ministering spirits, go and work on our behalf
We pray for a supernatural injection of supply and resources!
You have given us everything we need to fulfill Your call and plan

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