Prayer Summary for June 10


We adore You, Father
Yes, we honor and lift You up, Lord
You are the King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords
We magnify You and lift You up
Thank You that Your Holy Spirit is here with us
Yes, we welcome Your presence in this place
Have Your way in and through us, Father
We praise and magnify You, we lift You up over our circumstances
You are the soon coming one!
Father, be glorified in our lives and in this time
Be lifted up over our nation, be lifted up over circumstances that we are facing
We declare that You are faithful today, Lord
You are the one and only one that we worship and seek
Hallelujah, glory be to God
Bless the Lord with all that is within us, we magnify You, Father
You are so faithful, yes You are so good, and Your mercy endures forever
Yes, You are the truth, You are the light, and You are love!
We honor and celebrate that You are faithful
You are our strength and You are our everything
Bless the Lord, we set our affections on You today
Father, You are the focal point of our lives, and we ask You to have Your way in us
Take us higher and lead us further
Open our eyes and cause our hearts to be prepared for the new season ahead
You are flowing in and through us in these last days
We will obey all that You have for us, Father
Calling for breakthroughs of every kind
Breakthroughs in our families, breakthroughs in our nation
Hearts are being turned to a new day and a new plan
Move over, it is time for a shifting into a new place and plan
Yes, we have greater expectations for what is ahead
Body of Christ, it is time to move over and get into a new place
It is a new time and a new season and we must move!
We will move now; we will not be drawn backwards
New intentions and new inspirations are ahead!
A new word, for a new hour
Come into alignment in the name of Jesus
We declare change and some rearranging now
No, we will not go in that way, but we will move ahead to that which You have for us
Yes, we will only go Your way, Father
Calling, there is a greater calling in these days
Open up in Jesus’ name
We declare an opening up in the glory of God
No, we will not stand by, but we will rise up in these days
Today we will contend and pray, and we pray for the fulfillment of what You have proclaimed
Yes, revival is on the horizon, and it is unstoppable
Let every wave of the Spirit crash over us
Your church is moving ahead into the things You have prophesied
Thank You for clouds of Holy Ghost conviction
Let Your mercy reign now, have mercy upon Israel, Lord
Send salvation now in Jesus’ name
We lift those things up to You, Your will is that none would be lost
Yes, we pray for a sudden thrusting in of the harvesters now
Thank You for the harvest of souls that are coming into Your kingdom
Calling in the harvest today!
Speed up Your plan we pray, Lord
Openings now, open hearts and eyes, Father
We pray for an opening in Israel
Lifting up our brothers and sisters that have gone away from Father’s house
Declaring that they would come back into Your kingdom
We pray for angels and ministering spirits to go and work on their behalf
Lord, may Your salvation show up at their doorstep today
Prepare the way for them, Lord
Thank You for deliverance!
Open up, open up!
Send the convicting force and influence of the Holy Spirit now
We must repent and go God’s way, and we will not delay
The hour is short and we will walk through the doors You have opened for us
Calling for the fire of God to fall afresh on us today
Thank You for the church that we will fulfill Your call and plan
Yes, we pray that our prayers will tip the scales
We pray for angels to be assigned to tip the scales
No we will not delay but we will contend all the way to the very end
Leaning in now to the grace of God
We will take hold of You, Father
Yes, we know the seasons that we are living in
Chaos is at the door, but the mercy of God remains
Yielding to the Spirit of God in these days
Thank You for victory and strength for these days we are living in
You are working in and through us and we thank You for it, Father
Your plan has not changed, but You remain the same today, yesterday, and forever
Yes, You will do all that You have said, and we refuse to be pushed down and limited
Victory is ours in the name of Jesus
Thank You for the fullness of Your Spirit, Lord
We choose to agree with You, and we pray for the plan of God to be stirred within us
Let there be a fanning of the flame of Your love and Your grace, Father
No, we will not go another day without You
Calling for the divine displacement of hopelessness and trauma
We will not stay status quo but we will move more and more in Your right way
Yes, we hunger for more of You, Lord
Turn now, turn our eyes and our attention more toward You
Nations are being turned, hearts are being turned in these days
We are receptive and hungry now
There is a breaking out now of Holy Ghost hot spots
Angels, be released and go deliver messages and solutions now
Thank You for the glory and the goodness of God
We lift up the nations, Father
Yes, we will be ready to receive
Wake up church, wake up America!
Our eyes will be open to the times and the seasons we are living in
Open up eyes and ears and we pray for the former and latter rains to come together
We look to those things that are to come
Casting down all religious dysfunction
Thank You for a new plan and greater restoration in these days
Everything that is not of God, we cast down in the name of Jesus
Calling for revivals of every kind in these days
It is time to stand at attention, America!
One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all
Let the laborers and pray-ers be activated now!
Thank You for a greater infusion of Your Spirit
It is time to go, it is time to get up and go with God
We will not remain in the past season or place
Thank You for Your glory, Father
Yes, Lord, we pray for the nations to be aligned now
Open the way, let there be a greater opening up, Lord
We declare that no evil would stand in our way
Every stronghold is being cast down in Jesus’ name
Calling for an opening up in this nation, Father
Yes, we will continue to move forward in the things You have set before us
No, we will not be discouraged
Grant unto us greater wisdom and understanding in the days that are to come
We will walk with You, Lord
Jesus, You are the way, the truth, and the light
Yes, we will walk and talk to You
Show us the way, and show us the things to come
Father, we pray for eyes to be opened and ears to be unstopped
Thank You for the sound of victory
Every harassing thought must cease and desist in the name of Jesus
We proclaim the name of Jesus over our hearts and our lives today
Thank You for Your faithfulness and Your grace
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every believer
You are causing us to rise up in the things You have prepared for us

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