Prayer Summary for July 11


The power of the Holy Spirit is available to you if you ask Him for more
Calling for a refreshing, renewing, and encouragement to keep moving ahead
Always walking in freedom and victory because of the blood!
Father, thank You for what was done on the cross
We want the Holy Spirit to be out in the open and do His work!
Lord, we believe to NEVER be embarrassed of You and the move of Your Spirit!
If we yield our mouths, You will always come through
We believe that You are ministering across the Internet right now
Mysteries being uncovered today
Declaring healing across the Internet!
Continually walking in Your will and plan
You are worthy of all the honor, and we cannot do anything without You!
Lord, You have given us power to do all things
We believe for the leading of Your Spirit
Your living water should be coming up out of us all the time
We refuse the operation of the spirit of the world in us!
Lifting up the body of Christ today
There is no place for the spirit of the world to seep through into the body of Christ!
We ONLY have room for the Holy Spirit!
We sing in other tongues and give You honor!
Lord, we come into a place of refreshing in You
Seeing some who have gotten to the end of their ropes
We pull them back into the place where they should have been all along—over in the Spirit!
Calling for a turnaround all across the world!
Open your mouth and declare that the Lord reigns!
“Step into the secret place with Me again,” says the Lord!
Yield to the touch you have known before
In You, we know the rivers and fountains never run dry—we jump right into there
We go deeper and drink of Your Spirit!
It’s easy to move over into the Spirit
Father, we want the fullness of Your Word and Spirit!
It is time to uncover and magnify the fullness of the Holy Ghost all across the earth!
We call for an increase and a furtherance!
The way has been made today!
Lord, open up those avenues and connections to heaven, again!
You are making entrances and ways in the borders of all the nations!
Supernatural signs and wonders!
Thank You for all of the gifts operating in the body of Christ!
Lord, we know in You, we are blessed!

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