Prayer Summary for January 7


The following commentary for Ephesians 3:14-21 was taken from the Spirit Filled Study Bible:

Kingdom Dynamics
3:14–21 The Manifest Presence of Christ, PRAYER.

Reformers like Calvin called Christian gatherings “Coram Deo” – “in the presence of God.” During the Great Awakening, Puritans spoke of revival as “the manifest presence of Christ.” Prayer for revival is an invitation to this—to something wonderfully beyond God’s “essential presence” (that is, He is always with us), and beyond His “cultivated” presence (that is, as the believer grows to know and walk with God daily). The apostle Paul prayed for believers to know that order of reformation or revival that brings about an intensification of the presence and power of Jesus Christ. In this text’s prayer, Paul asked that the Holy Spirit deepen His work in their lives in three ways: 1) that Christ would dwell—more literally, “be at home”—in their hearts by faith, that is, that He would move from being an acquaintance to being the center of their church family; 2) That they would grasp God’s love at a spiritual level, beyond intellectual of theological knowledge; and 3) that they would be filled with God’s fullness, that is, that the Holy Spirit would reveal the things of Christ (John 16) more fully, achieving God’s fuller work in each life—unhindered, unquenched, ungrieved.

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We come as the body of Christ to seek and honor You!
Lord, we are thankful and grateful
Thank You for Your faithfulness and unending love
Lord, that is why we pray—to know You more progressively
That You would be known by all men!
There is power, direction, and revelation in the name of Jesus!
In that name, all the plans of the enemy will be pushed back
The Church will remain and will increase in the name of Jesus!
All power and authority are in Jesus Christ!
We are working in and through the name!
Defeat and confusion cannot reign
We have victory through the name!
Entering into more of the new
Calling for a greater cooperation with the Spirit
Receiving greater endurance and strength
The Church laboring together for the commission must be carried out
There is an awakening and a stirring in the Church because of the presence of God
We will walk in the steps that You have already prepared for us, Father!
Believing for complacency to be lifted up and changed into boldness
Praying over the positions of authority and every five-fold ministry gift!
Calling for greater accuracy and knowledge of Your will, Lord!
Obstacles and road blocks be removed in Jesus’ name!
Working in and by the Spirit
Situations turning around and working out right
As believers we read, pray, stand, believe, and declare Your Word
Declaring the spirit of religion to be removed from the body of Christ
Calling for the operations of the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and lift us in a new way
Great demonstrations in these days
We are marching into You, Lord
A greater assimilation of Your power


The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin in 1978:

But yea, come ye, saith the Lord, with an open heart,
and a mind that is receptive to My Word
And the truth of the Word of God shall dawn upon
your spirit.
And ye shall realize that you are thoroughly furnished,
with all that you need,
To meet the enemy in combat from day to day.

And so, thou shalt be victorious,
not just once in a while,
But every single day of thy life.
For thou shalt put the enemy to flight.
And thou shalt enjoy victory in every fight.
But some would say, “Oh, that sounds too good to be true.
I’ve tried before to walk in the light
of what I thought was God’s Word.
And it just won’t work for me.
I just don’t know what’s wrong.”

Yea, saith the Lord,
Humble thyself before Me and My Word,
And acknowledge with all sincerity,
“Thy Word is truth, and I will stand upon thy Word;
And I will speak forth thy Word,
And I will pick up that Name,
With all of its authority and majestic, excellence, and glory;
Even the Name that’s above every name.
Because that Name is mine;
And from this day forward, I will refuse to relent;
I will refuse to be defeated;
But I will stand my ground and enjoy the fullness
of all the blessing that belongeth unto me.”

Yea, saith the Lord,
Learn all that belongs unto you.
Study to know, and the Spirit of the Lord
will unto you show the mightiness of His glory
the greatness of His authority, the reality of His Presence.
And you shall stand in His name,
And it will be a strong tower unto thee
For protection against all the storms of life
And the onslaughts of the enemy
And all that the enemy shall seek to do unto you.
You need not cry out in fear,
And cry out in desperation,
Even though sometimes because of the lack of knowledge,
He will hear.
But in all calmness and peace,
And serenity of heart and mind,
Ye can say, “The Truth I do find.
Yea, I’ve found the way of life and truth.
I’ve found the way of majesty, royalty, and goodness.
For Jesus has overcome,
And His name with all of its majesty and glory
Today is the same.
I will exercise my right
And walk in the light of His Word.”

Continued Praying…

Father, we believe in and receive this word
We know all will work out and it will turn out right
Thank You for giving us the strong foundation of Your Word
We receive it with great expectation as we start this New Year

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