Prayer Summary for January 29

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Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, fill us with the knowledge of Your will and all wisdom
Flood our hearts with light and truth
We receive an upgrade in the spirit of wisdom and revelation
Penetrate our hearts with fresh perspective today, Lord
Praying that light would shine out of darkness and that grace would be given
Anoint our eyes and ears that we would see and hear the heart of God
Calling for calm over the chaos, Father
Grant us fresh perspective and insights
May our hearts be open wide, that we would hear and know Your voice
Thank You for the eyes to see the times and the seasons we are living in
Yes, we recognize the urgency of the hour
Calling for transformations in atmospheres and in nations, Lord
Shake everything that is out of place and stuck
We pray for a shaking in our hearts, but we pray and agree for a shifting in a new direction
Thank You for a supernatural shaking and tearing down what is not of You, Father
Calling for a stop of every demonic initiative
Casting down all destruction, confusion, and corruption in the name of Jesus
Lord, we stand up as representatives, and we stand in the gap today
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in the name of Jesus
Devil, you shall not pass or go any further!
We declare a tearing down of every demonic stronghold
Let our prayers go and intercede on our behalf
Father, we pray that You would go into those hidden places
Your hand is reaching out and is overturning those things!
Yes, there is a shifting taking place today, Lord
Open it up, we pray for an opening up over America
Thank You for spiritual atmospheres
Praying from the North to the South and from the East to the West
Yes, a shaking in the media!
Shake, shake, shake in Jesus’ name
Let the gates of the media be shaken to their foundation
Father, we thank You for Your grace and for Your fullness
You are on the move, Lord
We magnify, praise, and honor Your name, Jesus
Calling the church up to her rightful place
Praying for a new awareness and a new knowledge of God in America
Thank You, Jesus, for what You accomplished on the cross
We pray for those combinations, that they would be dialed in
Make a way where there seems to be no other way
Yes, it must open!
Be open now in Jesus’ name
Missions, we lift up the mission of the church
May a flood of Your glory be released, Lord
Yes, we pray for an unstoppable flood in these days
We pray for hearts to be softened
Let the glory of God have its way in America today
Declaring no weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus
No, let that weapon be destroyed!
Those high places are being torn down
We unite in prayer and agree for a greater spirit of unity in these days, Father
No, we will not build walls or hold grudges
Calling for a tearing down and a clearer pathway
Position us, Lord, that we would be quick to respond and obey
Train us as pray-ers to not be stuck in the past, but we will move ahead, Lord
We humble our hearts before You, Father
Calling for a greater flow of Your Spirit all across this nation
Untie and unravel that which has been tangled up by the enemy
We release the hand of God to go and untangle those places
You are the God of the impossible and the God of redemption
Lifting up those hopeless situations, and we pray for breakthroughs in Jesus’ name
Yes, we pray for an abundance of hope, Father
Households are being released from darkness!
Casting down all harassments from the enemy
Thank You for the fire of God that is burning out cancer cells, sickness, and diseases
We pray for perfect health!
Nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ
Praying over those that are fearful, we declare peace and calmness over you!
Peace be still, declaring peace over your household
We open our hearts and we are receptive to all that You have for us today, Lord
Yes, we will walk out Your will and plan for our lives
Thank You for Your faithfulness and Your presence
No, You will never leave us nor forsake us
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every believer today

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