Prayer Summary for January 14


The following prophecy was given by Pastor Ray on December 8, 2014 during Morning Prayer:

Shut the door on that. Shut the door, lock it, and throw away the key, for that has been finished and you have been set free. Close the door, lock it up, and throw away the key, for you have been called to walk in victory. That, that had been opened before will try to stop you from entering into and walking out more—the more that I have called you to walk out. There are many more operations by My Spirit that will bring about change, not just in you but through you. Changes that will take place, that have been predestined for this month to take place. So lock up the door, throw away the key, and walk with Me. For by My Spirit, I have called you to operate in and through Me. I have called you to be free and walk in absolute, total victory. So see yourself seated with Me in heavenly places, full of great joy, full of peace, full of comfort, and full of My strength. And do everything you can do to keep yourself walking in My love. My love through you will bring about absolute total unity in My body, for it is through Me and by My love and My power in you. Do not let one second go by without being filled with Me. Do not question what others have done. Don’t question what they have said what it looked like. Just stay seated with Me in heavenly places above all of the lack, all of the doubt, all of the junk, and all of the strife, and you will walk in victory with a brand new shout. For what you say will be from Me, and what you hear that is from Me, but what you declare will bring about great peace in the places that I have predestined for it to come forth in these hours, these days that you are living in. It is a season of My grace. It is a season of My comfort for you. Take it by faith, walk in it, and receive it. Healing is there too; restoration is in it. It is all My power, My glory, and My presence, thus saith the Lord.

The following excerpt was from How to have Revival by F.F. Bosworth:

Nothing can hinder a revival in the church that prays “According to the power that Worketh in Us.” Eph 3:20

Jesus taught “that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” Luke 18:1. Two things remember: “First, “Always to pray,” and Second, “Not to faint,” as Weymouth translates it, “Never lose heart.” This means that Christians should never be without a definite petition before the throne of God, with their minds fully made up to get the answer. The chief ingredient in real prayer is the purpose to get the answer. Jesus said, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in heaven.” Matt. 18: 19. The main thing that we are to agree on is that we will not stop praying until we know we have the answer. The mere asking without importunity, without a purpose to get the answer, is not what the Bible means by prayer. Some people do not believe God will answer prayer at all; others think He will do so once in a great while, but let me say, friends, He always answers real prayer, for Jesus said, “Everyone that asketh receiveth.” Matt. 7:8

When men and women are yielded to God so that they can pray acceptably, they always receive the answer unless they “faint” or “lose heart.” There is only one thing that hinders anyone from praying acceptably to God, and that is his own stubborn will; so I repeat, everyone who really asks receives. There are comparatively few in our day who have learned to “pray through.” Nearly everyone goes through a daily routine of prayer, but there is just one here and there who asks with his mind made up to prevail with God for the answer, and it is not real prayer until he is thus determined. We are to “ask in faith, nothing wavering.” James 1:6

If it is right to pray for a revival, then it is wrong to stop praying until we know we are heard. If we undertake to pray for a thing, then we ought to either follow it up until we got the answer or withdraw the petition. There are thousands of God’s children who have had their sins forgiven, their hearts purified through the blood of Christ, and who would not do wrong for anything, but out of this multitude there is only one here and there that is definitely by prayer undertaking any project for God and the salvation of souls. They hope for it; they want it; they go through the form of asking for it in family prayer, but do not stir themselves up to take hold of God. Isaiah 64:7, and see the thing brought to pass. Elijah did, Jacob did, Daniel did, the one hundred and twenty did, some today do, and we all should. Among the one hundred and twenty there wasn’t even one that was not of “one accord” in importunity. Without exception they prayed until they were perfectly adjusted and in tune with God, and when that is done the devil has to take a back seat. When God’s people unite in prayer with perfect hearts it matters not how strongly the devil may entrench himself, his strongholds can be pulled down. We are living in a day when to us the manifestations of God’s power seem wonderful, but the revivals and the power of God we see are small compared to what God wants them to be.

He wants us as a church to unite in prayer until He is able so to display His power as to make everyone know that He is with us. Even away back in Egypt, when God had men of faith, He revealed Himself and His power until there wasn’t a boy or girl in all Egypt but know that God was on hand.

Continued Praying…

Father, Thank You, for the directing of the Holy Spirit, for all the faithful laborers and souls that have been won
We pray for even more laborers and more souls this year
May we sense Your presence in an even greater way
We worship You today for Your greatness
Thankful that the blood has made us able to come to You
We lift up the desires of Your heart—looking to You for direction in our prayers
Taking our seat with You in heavenly places—calling things that be not as though they were
Calling some things to line up in Jesus’ name
Speaking and walking by faith
Walking through the doors God has opened—we are going through today
Pleading the blood of the Lamb over impossibilities
We reach ahead and call forth change
Obstacles, get down and get out of the way in Jesus’ name
Individual bodies be made whole, from head to toe absolute wholeness
Open, Open, Open—it’s a new chapter!
Not one will be left behind, an increase in NUMBERS!
We trust and expect—it’s supernatural change!
Father, we thank You for helping the body to see this more clearly
We SEE it and we TAKE it with every step!
It’s a SUPERNATURAL realm, not natural—it’s where we are called to dwell and operate!
We call the Church and the ministry gifts up into that realm, in Your Spirit
Slinging the blood around this which God has ordained and set in place in Jesus’ name
The Gates of Hell shall never prevail!
A STRONG FORTRESS OF GOD!—Enablement and empowerment encompassing the Church
Reviving and restoring and moving forward!
Declaring all that is to be accomplished all over the earth to be “FORCEFULLY UNHINDERED!”
It SHALL BE in Jesus’ name!
Secrets processed and revealed for this hour—it’s a quickening!
Like the sower overtaking the reaper!
Moving quickly—nations swept into the kingdom even in a day
Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess “Jesus is Lord”
A buttress – up, up, up now
A mighty force of God—it’s a sure thing!

Pastor Ray Shared…

I saw something when you started to say “Jesus, the head, the king.” I remember seeing the march on Sunday in France. You had the president of France in the middle and then you had nation upon nation upon nation with arms locked together. Even those that were in disagreement in some things that they were doing in their nations or that they were responsible for but they were in agreement that day. And while we were praying, I saw a different march and I saw a different leader and it was Jesus in the middle. And there were nation upon nation upon nation joining up together. They were represented by the pray-ers from every one of those nations. And they were in the front of the line but they were connected in time, on time with the leader, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And they were on a march and the march would not stop until the end of the end—until He comes again.

Continued Praying…

Father, we purpose to always do our part in prayer
Cooperating with You to get done what You have purposed in this earth
By faith this morning, we took that higher ground
We are not going back or going down!
The Church will continue to increase and more souls will come in
We thank you, Father, for Your Holy Spirit in the precious name of Jesus

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