Prayer Summary for Janaury 17


Father, thank You for giving us Your will
We understand that it is our responsibility to pray out Your will
You are good and Your mercy endures forever
Lord, You have told us to pray for ALL who are in positions of authority
You made everything possible to them who believe
We believe we can do all things through You by Your power and anointing
Lord, we believe for Your Spirit to bring people back into their God-ordained positions
Lifting up the political and military positions of authority
Thank You, Father, for the leaders that are leading and speaking forth Your Word
That they are continually contending for Your will to come to pass on this earth
You know of the strategic things that must take place
Pleading the blood for divine revelation
Those things must be uncovered and revealed
Let them walk in the right way
Stirring up acuteness in vision today
A fine tuning in the seeing, knowing, and going in the right way
Stumbling blocks be rooted out and removed in Jesus’ name!
We declare the plans of the enemy will come to nothing!
Supernatural aid and assistance of heaven
Lifting up all of the maneuvers
Applying the blood over the exit plan and strategy
Pleading the blood over every single activity
Missiles, be uncovered in Jesus’ name!
Things revealed right in time
Seeing that through to the finishing
The blood is protecting the barriers and boarders
Receiving revelation and understanding right now
Lifting up the satellites—they must be used in the right way
Surrounding the plans of the enemy in the blood—no longer will that be in operation
Seeing the army of God scrambling to their positions and taking their places of authority, calling things down in Jesus’ name!
Gaining altitude and a position of above the enemy to see clearly
Conspiracies, be uncovered and revealed for what you are!
Pleading the blood over the foundations and rooms of decisions and plans
Answers and solutions are being revealed
Not just to local issues but to worldwide problems
It is time to stay awake!

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