Prayer Summary for January 20

Thank You for Your presence here this morning, Lord
The fresh winds of Your Spirit are blowing over and around us
We receive Your help by faith, to help us through our race
Fresh anointing from heaven, cover us today
Doors of opportunities are being opened to us
We are aware of Your presence; we realize that we are not alone
Worshiping You and magnifying Your holy name
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise
It is all about You, Lord
We receive Your blessings, and in Your presence, we are saturated
You are our everything, Father!
Our strength is in You, and we wait upon You, Lord
Renew us today, Father
We are hungry for more of You—none of us and all of You!
Your presence is so sweet!
We bow before You and seek Your face
Turning our desires away from worldly things and more toward You, Father
Continually turning those things in the right way
Cutting off those things in Jesus’ name!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every believer
We can only come to You through that precious blood of Jesus’
Staying steady in Your ways and Your plans
Continually pressing toward the mark that You have called us to
Calling for connections today, in an even greater way
Thank You for turning, changing, and revealing, Father
Resting in You all the way through
We are touched, changed, and filled by Your presence
Making a way where there seems to be no way
We can’t do it in our own strength; we need help from You
So much is at stake in these days; we need help and direction to go in the right way, Father
There is a coming together in a new way
It is a new day and a new hour, and we will go further than we have ever gone before
Cutting that off and cutting it away in Jesus’ name!
No trouble!
By the blood of Jesus, those things are turning in their right ways
We will follow after Your peace, Father
Every piece and every part are taking their places
Declaring for an increase of anointing for those who are in positions of authority
Steps are being ordered by You, Lord
Praying for peace over those decisions that need to be made today
No more complacency in the body of Christ!
Watching over that with the eyes of our faith
Inaccuracies are being cut off in Jesus’ name!
Greater cooperation today!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over leaders and those who are in positions of authority
There is movement, but there needs to be increase in that movement
Divine, supernatural strategies from heaven
Sons and daughters in their positions of power, faith, and grace
They are under the anointing of heaven to walk out their race
By the blood, we push aside every hindrance in Jesus’ name
Calling for greater openings and avenues to enter through
Things that are not, we call them forth in Jesus’ name!
Reaching further today, more than we did yesterday
Today is a new day, and this is a new hour
An awakening is beginning to come forth
Praying for ears to hear that they would be tuned into what is being said
No, we will not be moved by that!
Applying the blood of Jesus over the platforms
Calling for a greater stability and a greater accuracy concerning the platforms
No, there is no pressure!
Declaring that our desire would increase and that You would be first
Not in our strength, but that we would be more aware of Your power and Your strength
There is increase in You, Father!
Precious Jesus—holy, holy, holy are You, Lord
Your mercies are new every morning
Hallelujah, Lord!
There is no one like You, worthy are You, Father
Father, You are so faithful, and so good, You and You alone are unchanging
Our spirit will show us the door that needs to be opened
We will enter and walk into the door of greater expectation
Entering into greater levels of faith, money, and momentum
No more hindrances—we have moved over into a new place in our race
Resources of every kind!
Turning our expectation, believing for our destinations that we have been called to
Casting our cares and worries on You, Lord
Everything is going to turn out right; we will finish our race
Running with our call, running one and all!
Yes, it does matter how we finish, and we have been called to finish the course
When we finish, we will hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant”
Thank You for never changing and that Your word is still the same
You are so faithful, Father!
We yield and trust in You—Your grace is more than enough
Continually seeking You, and we know it will all work out right!
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today!
We are healed, healthy, whole, and prosperous in every way
Glory be to God!

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