Prayer Summary for Friday, July 17, 2015

Jerre shared…

This song I believe is a prophetic song that God is putting in the hearts of pray-ers, especially with the things that are happening in the earth today. The Lord spoke this to us in a meeting one time. He ministered to us about the Word being a hammer. It reminds me of an old movie when Clint Eastwood’s character was trying to break this huge bolder. I guess there was some kind of treasure under it and he went out every day with his little pick ax to hammer away on this bolder. In the movie, they laughed at him because it was so huge. They laughed and laughed at him. They said “You’ll never get it done with that. You need dynamite.” But he just kept at it and then one day a little crack appeared in the bolder. He kept at it and pretty soon that thing busted wide open. So the Holy Ghost spoke this to us one time in a prayer meeting. It goes like this.

♪ Don’t stop swinging the hammer, now… Don’t stop!… Is not My Word like a fire, burning away the enemy’s plan… Is not My Word like a hammer, breaking the rock in pieces… So we won’t stop swinging the hammer, we won’t stop… Cuz Your Word is a fire, burning away the enemy’s plan… Your Word is like a hammer and it’s breaking the rock in pieces… So we won’t stop swinging the hammer, we won’t stop… ♪

Dave prayed…

Thank You, Lord, for Your abounding grace, mercy, and love that are new every morning. We’re so grateful for Your anointing and Your grace that establishes us in our faith. And we won’t stop, Lord. We have hope and faith in You, Lord, that You who began a good work are able to bring it to completion. We trust that You’re able to do according to Your Word, Father. And our trust every day is like that hammer on that rock. We thank You, Father, for Your grace and Your abounding love. Your abounding love that surpasses all understanding. We thank You for it, in Jesus’ name.

Dave shared…

I was just talking to my son yesterday. He’s sixteen years old and teenagers need to get Jesus like all of us. I think as we get older, we recognize more of the need for Christ. When we’re young, we don’t have any need for Christ. For some reason, we think that we don’t have any need for Him. I was telling him how important it is to have Jesus in your life. Yes, we raised him to be a Christian but it’s one thing to hear the Word and it’s another thing to do the Word. It’s one thing to listen to a preacher while you’re sitting in a pew, but it’s another thing when it comes to actually getting down to the nitty gritty when you’re in a situation and you need to apply the Word.

It would be analogous to going to the place to get equipment for when you go looking for gold and you go, “I want one of those shovels and I want one of this, one of those…” Then you’re looking at the pics and the hammers and you say, “I’d like to have one of those and one of those…” It’s great to have all the tools, but the tools don’t mean anything unless you use them, right? The tools make you effective and effectual. The Bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. It puts much power available on your situation. Much power.

The Bible also says something that faith worketh by love. And it’s like having all those tools and picking them up and using them but forgetting to eat in the morning before you go to work. Yes, you can chop away at the boulder or whatever it is, but eventually, you’re going to run out of steam and you’re not going to have anything left. What motivates us and what causes us to see God’s plan and purpose in the earth is our faith. But the foundation of that faith is love. And what does love have to do with faith? Well, the Bible says God is love, right? You have to look at it from the standpoint of who God is. His motivation is always love. The Bible says God foresaw the earth. He looked down and He saw the wretchedness of men and women, the fall of man. And while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. That’s what the Bible says. And that image of God looking down and being motivated to send His only begotten Son is a motivation of love. It is the thing that moves Him. It is the thing that draws Him to you. It is the thing that moves to your sickness. It is the thing that moves to your need. Love. What motivates God from within, is love. That’s what compels Him into action. That’s what gets Him interested in your case and situation. His love for you. For God so loved the world that He gave. And if our tools work by love, then we should be motivated by love in order for those tools to work effectually.

Now what does that all mean? When we come to prayer, we look at the situations that are around us and the Holy Spirit resides within our hearts and He motivates us to pray. Have you ever saw a really bad situation like maybe a couple getting divorced or maybe somebody was backslidden, or something really horrible. You saw that and you had such an aching inside you to pray for that person. You were moved with compassion to pray for them. That’s what we saw Christ do in the scriptures. He was constantly being moved with compassion. The Bible says He was moved with compassion. Compassion is the heart of God and that is what moved Him.

The Bible says you have not because you ask not, and then when you ask, you ask amiss that you might heap it upon your own self. In life, when we want something to happen in our lives, if we want God to manifest Himself in our lives, this is one of the things that we need to recognize. That if we focus on the things that are motivating us by the Holy Spirit and we’re motivated by that, our faith turns on. You see that?

God is not up there trying to figure out how to solve His problems. He has no problems. Heaven is not in a state is disarray. I’ve got this image in my mind of a mother on the phone and kids running all over the place just “unchained,” just screaming, jumping, and chasing. “Billy, get off that couch.” She’s on the phone, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…” I know this because I’ve seen my wife do this. That’s not the way it is in heaven. God is not like that. He’s not in a position where He’s worried about anything. And, for sure, He’s not worried about your situation. He’s just motivated by love. And if we want our prayers answered, this is what we do. We allow the Holy Spirit to motivate us into a place where we can effectually pray for circumstances. It could be a loved one. It could be a brother or sister or a child and you see their situation and you’ve moved. A mother’s prayer is a perfect example, seeing that child in that low estate and moved because of the love from within her heart to pray for her daughter or son.

Today I was asking the Lord what we should do today and one of the things that kept coming to me was this thing about love and how we are to be motived by love. The Bible says the love of God is shed abroad from within our hearts. And the things we do should be motivated by love and compassion, not trying to get ahead or pray some situation out so you can somehow benefit. I’ll give an example.

One time I had a situation at work where I had people attacking me, saying negative words about me. Just total fabrications. I really had a hard time with it. I would come to work and it was hard to be there because this backbiting was just hanging in the air. I couldn’t talk to anybody cuz I didn’t know who it was, just that it was going on. The Lord said to me, “Every day you come in, you pray for those people. Pray for their salvation.” He didn’t say, “Go turn them in and get in the midst of it and try to prove your case.” He didn’t say anything about that. I started praying for them. It was about a week’s worth of prayer every day. After a week, my boss called me into his office. He said, “There is all this stuff going on and I just want to hear your side.” He told me all the stuff that was being said about me. I said, “I’m not going to say anything about myself.” The Lord led me to say to him, “You go and ask everybody that I personally work with and if they don’t give you a testimony that is positive, then I’ll leave. You won’t have to lay me off. I’ll just leave.” All the noise was coming from people that I didn’t work with.

He came back a couple days later and he was apologetic. He said he was sorry about what happened and that he was going to take care of it. A week after that, there was a big interoffice meeting, where everybody was there. He stood up and started talking about this issue. In front of everybody there, he called out certain people that were making all these accusations about me. It completely turned around, 180. In that meeting, he said that if he heard these rumblings about this person (which was me), pack your bags cuz you’re done. I had nothing to say about it. I didn’t say anything. The Lord vindicated me. But He motivated me not to take the thing into my own hands but to put it into His hands and trust Him and to allow the love that was in my heart that He had put there to pray for the salvation of these individuals.

Now that’s a great story, but listen to this. It was about a month and a half later, I moved to a different department. A Christian friend of mine that was in that group called me and said the two people that caused the most problems were now born again! Isn’t that great! That’s God’s way.

When we see the events of this world, the shooting we saw in the news yesterday, ISIS in the Middle East killing people, we tend to want to “go after that” and come against them and beat them down and aggressively attack them. But you have to look at the way God sees it. He loves every one of those people, just like He loves us. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Do you know that if you’re a sinner, you’re just as bad as a murderer? Do you know that your sin that you commit is like putting Jesus on the cross? That you were the one that was standing at the cross during that day of judgment putting those stripes on His back and piercing His side and ridiculing Him. As sinners, we were part of that lot. These people in the world are the same thing. What did Jesus do? In His worse situation and His final hour, He said, “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.” In that example I gave you, that’s what God was trying to get to me. They don’t know you’re My son. They don’t understand the comprehension that I’m behind you and everything you do, it affects Me. So pray for them.

That’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to pray for those people that are destroying this world in the name of whoever… It’s not about Christians against Muslims. It’s not about blacks against whites. It’s not any of that. It’s the wickedness, the fall of man, it is the wickedness in high places. It is the enemy that is causing these people to do what they do. Jesus died for every one of those people. And it’s our responsibility to pray in love for them. I’ll tell you right now, what is going to change this world is not our political system. What is going to change this world is Christ and only Him, cuz He’s the only one that can change the heart of man.


Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus. We are motivated by Your Holy Spirit, looking to and requesting of Your mercy now in this time of need. For that family of that shooter, for the families that are hurting in the Middle East because of their family members that are causing these problems… for those individuals out there blindly doing acts of violence and destruction… confused and not understanding… they’re looking for a path and a way. They’re looking for You, Lord, the true and living God. Father, we lift them all up in the name of Jesus and we ask You, Father, for a supernatural revelation in that nation and in this nation of the truth and the need for Your Son, Jesus. The darkness is getting darker but the light overcame the darkness.

We lift them up, those men that are in that situation and the families destroyed
We lift up the Christians that are suffering in those situations
We pray for a divine impartation and visitation for them
Lord, that they come to the Light in the name of Jesus
Lord, that You bring salvation to them
Bring a revelation of salvation to Iran, to Iraq, to Saudi Arabia, to America
We ask in the name of Jesus for their souls
You are the Lord of the harvest and we come to You
Divine guidance for the Christians in those nations
That they learn how to hook up with You for Your saving grace
Hope for those that are losing hope
There is a plan
Salvation, salvation, salvation
Being compelled and constrained in love, that the nation would rise together in love
Christians would pray in love that You would bring those things to completion
That Jesus would be glorified and lifted up
There is a salvation and there is more
We thank You, Father
The darkness comprehends it not
That changes that man that causes him to change his mind about killing
That causes those changes, great changes in the nations
Changes in the hearts of man
By the light and not the darkness, motivated by love
Selfless act in the name of Jesus
True righteousness in the earth lifted up in the name of Jesus
Come out from among them into the light
Walk away, walk away! Turn away
It’s time to make the choice and turn away from the darkness
Come into the light

Dave shared…

As I was praying, I saw in my spirit the blinders coming off those people who are in these places. All of a sudden, they’re in the midst of an act and they come to their senses and recognize this is now who they are. It’s insanity. It defies logic. But the Holy Spirit and the angels are out there right now and they’re causing those things to change. This is the way, the most effectual way to cause change in the earth. We thank You for it, Father. We’re grateful for this. I also saw that there were good people standing by doing nothing. Christians or people who know to do right but they don’t want to get involved. I saw that changing too. Them standing up and getting involved. Thank You, Father, for doing that work in their hearts, that this wickedness is come to naught because of Your love.

The Bible says that Jesus prayed for the people that were with Him. If you remember, when He raised Lazarus, He prayed, “Lord, I pray not for me but I pray for their sake.” He prayed that they would come to the knowledge of His truth. Whenever you’re praying for your loved ones, this is the most important prayer to pray is a revelation for them. Circumstances can change but if you pray that God would give them a revelation, this is the most effectual prayer to pray. That’s why Paul prayed that significantly in Ephesians all the time. He prayed for the body that their eyes be opened and enlightened to know the hope to which God had called them to. Because if humanity can see what they’ve been called to, they can be compelled to do what they’ve been called to do. Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” He was praying because they didn’t know. Our job is to pray so that they do know. Thank you for coming today.

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