Prayer Summary for Friday, January 16, 2015

Pastor Ray shared…

This morning I wrote out some steps from Vicki Jamison’s book, “More Than Enough.” In her book, she talks about the keys to having El Shaddai, the God who is more than enough, operate in our lives. He definitely operated in her life. She was so well known; she was the first woman minister to be on TV, she had her own show, and she sang at Rhema. Her ministry was awesome. [Vicki passed away in January 2008.] Before she was in the ministry, she had come down with some kind of physical situation that she couldn’t get free of it. She said she loved the Lord and believed in the Lord, but she wasn’t operating in faith concerning her healing. I’m paraphrasing what she said. She finally had to go into the hospital. While there, the Lord asked her about what she would do concerning the call that He had for her. In the hospital, she finally said, “Yes” to the Lord. She knew that she was called to ministry, but she had never really said yes. She was in the hospital for two months. It was a major thing. She said it was a process but she walked out of it. She was more encouraged and felt better than she had ever felt.

After saying yes to the Lord, she talked about her first meeting she ever had. She was invited to a women’s group. There were 500 women in a hotel meeting room. After the music, she stood and said, “Please don’t blame God for what I just went through.” That’s all she said. She looked to the left of the room and saw a cloud starting to descend upon them. She repeated again, “Please don’t blame God for what I just went through.” She knew it wasn’t His fault, but it was a statement that she felt directed to make. That was her message: Don’t Blame God. She said it more than once, and every time she said it, the cloud descended more. It finally filled the whole room. So the next thing she did was have a call. The women started flooding the front of this room, and she intended to pray for them. She went toward them and everyone that she came in contact with, fell out under the power. There were over 200 people all laid out. This was her first meeting! The glory and presence of God was so strong that she finally fell over herself, because she could no longer stand up. Her mother and sister were there, and they got her back up. In the book, she said, “Wherever they would point her, people would fall out under the power.” There were some men in the hotel that were setting up rooms who came into the room to see what was going on and they fell out too. When the meeting finished, they were helping her get to her room. When they started to put her in the elevator, they fell out too. Everybody fell under the power! She said that once she said “yes” to God and she walked out of that sickness that had come against her, she felt better than she had ever felt before. And she knew absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that she was called, and after she said “yes” it was like He was showing up in a big-time way saying, “Yes, I have called you and I’ve anointed you.” So that was just the beginning of her ministry. I was in meetings of hers where she came up with stacks of things she would put on the podium but ended up never looking at it. She would just go with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I like to bring to my remembrance times when the Holy Spirit showed up in a big way and brought change. It’s a standard of His excellence and power that I press for. Not to press for the way it was, but to press for more. Because He’s called us up. There is always more. When I meditate on the things He’s done in the past, it stirs me up on the inside for more of Him, to see what the next thing will be that He will do or say. It’s called expectancy, expecting Him to do more.

I’ll read to you Vicki’s eight keys, or steps, to release the power of El Shaddai in your life—the God of more than enough.

The following excerpt is taken from the book entitled “More Than Enough” by Vicki Jamison:

1. Believe the abundant life is God’s will for you. His Word is His will and it contains more than 7,000 promises for your wellbeing and spiritual abundance.

2. Discover the work God has called you to do. Ask God to lead you into the life work He would have you to do. When He makes it clear to you, do all you can to succeed in that profession. When you’ve done all that’s possible, El Shaddai will take care of the impossible.

3. Have faith in God. The third key to super abundance is a strong faith in God. Believing is the first step, but faith puts wheels on your belief.

4. Establish a partnership with God. Make Him your executive officer and realize that He has given you the power of attorney to carry on His business in this world.

5. Be bold to launch out in new ventures. If you have been praying for things to happen, get ready to act. Don’t limit Him by your own evaluation of yourself.

6. Obey the Golden Rule. Jesus never took advantage of another man to realize a profit. He always did unto others as He would have them do unto Him.

7. Put God first. Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”

8. Pay your tithes and put God to the test. Malachi 3:10,11

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So there is more and, yes, this year has been spoken that this will be the year of the open door
Open opportunities for more
There is a mandate for the Church to rise up into the more in Jesus’ name.
Resting and trusting in the more
Abundance and more than enough
Doubt has to leave, it must go
The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, to keep moving and increasing and advancing
It must shake away from things that would hold it down
Not ever to back off or back down
El Shaddai is the God of more than enough
By faith, we see ourselves moving out into the more, abundance
Leaving behind that poverty walk, that poverty talk
We’re moving into the new, moving into the uncharted territories
Out of the shadows and into the light, taking steps upward
Taking steps that move us into more than enough
We pray over bank accounts in Jesus’ name
That they come up
Bank accounts, you come up now in Jesus’ name
Coming from every direction, increase and resource of every kind
Not just money but resources of every kind—healing, strength, whole mind
That’s where we’ve been called to walk—above
Not to ever apologize for prosperity, for the God of more than enough has already made it available
He’s sent it on the way
Ministering Spirits, go get the money, the resources and bring it to the Church
Multiplying more and more and more
Increase! Increase! Increase!
Operating in it and with it
That spirit of faith, words that are filled with faith, declarations by the blood, demonstrations
Uncovering and revealing hidden things
We plead the blood of the Lamb over the whole earth
Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan—uncovering hidden things right now
Spirit of seeing and knowing in operation
We take authority over fear—get out!
God has given a spirit of power and might
The Church everywhere will begin to stand up and be aware
The power and baptism of the Holy Spirit—be filled with the Spirit and the fire
We lift up those situations that need to be cleaned up, cleared out now in Jesus’ name
We call it and speak it out
Greater demonstrations and moves of Your Spirit
It’s time for change!
Enough is enough!
We pull it down, every stronghold, we pull you down by the blood of the Lamb
Over the waterways, we plead the blood, over ships and everything that moves on the water
We pray over the airplanes, over the airports
We plead the blood of Jesus that these things be rooted out
Some situations have to be moved out and others that need to move in
It’s an entrance… It’s a way, a step, it’s the way to go
That’s it! Go! That’s it, Church, go! Church, move!
March, march, march now, advance now
Changing and rearranging, moving higher and higher
It’s been prepared, the way has been made

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