Prayer Summary for Friday, December 05, 2014


I hear the word Somali
Thank You, Father, we pray for that nation
You can turn that nation in a day
Reveal and open their eyes
We loose the angels into that people group
We bind you, devil, from blinding eyes and stopping up ears over that nation, in Jesus’ name
It’s grand, it’s a grand thing
You do grand things, Lord
I see it, a turning
The laborers, we lift them up
Filled, filled, filled
Pouring over
We thank You for Your leading and guiding into all truth
We lean in close to the Holy Ghost
Thank You that you provide the pathway as we seek You
We won’t go our own way, we’ll go the way of the Spirit
Thank You for Your presence


A word came to me about fear. Fear is kind of a weird thing in that it’s not supposed to be part of the believer’s day to day life. The temptation for fear is always there but it’s not something we should participate in. It’s like there are things in this world that it’s not a good thing to participate in like smoking as it will cause cancer… or alcohol or drugs. You can participate in those things… God has given us free will and we can do whatever we desire in life. I wondered, “Lord, why didn’t you give us the ability to know and do the right thing all the time so we don’t make stupid mistakes and have to pay for them.” There is nobody that is perfect. If you’re not perfect, grace and mercy are attractive things. They allow you to relax and not be in a tizzy about making mistakes. The Holy Spirit helps us and guides us into all truth. He not only wants you to know about stuff, He wants you to know about stuff in your future. He wants you to be confident that what is ahead of you is something that will be good for you. He wants us to know the future, because if there is a temptation to fear, we can resist it when we have inside information. Barb, my wife, was praying one day and the Lord spoke to her that “ebola will pass.” That was a good thing to know because a lot of people fear these things. If you know it’s going to pass, then you can just move on about your business.

Continued praying…

We trust You, Lord
We lean not to our understanding
We ask You, Father, that we come into the knowledge of Your truth greater than we have in the past
We take authority over those mental bondages in Jesus’ name
You can have life and have it more abundantly
Thank You for freedom
No more division or strife
We come together in unity in Jesus’ name
We cast down fear in Jesus’ name
We take authority over fear in the name of Jesus
Death, we take authority over you in the name of Jesus
Thank You, Father, for the revelation of the truth for every believer
Where they are looking to trust You
But they for fear have not been trusting You
Father, I pray you open their eyes so they can see that it is fear holding them from what they desire
No more waiting but accomplish the word that You started
We pray for courage for those people who are at the point of decision
May they jump or leap into that place of victory
May they forget those things that are behind them and press on

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