Prayer Summary for February 7

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist

Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we thank You for Your beautiful presence
We open our hearts and souls to You, and invite You in this place
You are so passionate to impart and minister into our lives
Lord, we invite You in this place, to minister and fill us
Thank You for Your grace and mercy today
Casting down every care, every worry, and every work of the enemy
Holy Spirit we thank You for Your ministry and Your presence working in our lives
Lifting You up above every circumstance and challenge we are facing, Father
We worship, reverence, and honor You, Lord
Thank You for answers, for we are more than conquerors through You
Greater is He that is in us, than He that is in the world!
We invite Your presence in this place, Lord
Yes, we worship, honor, and magnify Your name, Jesus!
Yielding our hearts to You, for You are so holy and worthy to be praised
Thank You Jesus, we dwell in Your presence and we wait on You
Father, we will be still and we will wait on You for You are restoring our soul
We invite You in this place, we welcome You in our hearts, Father
Yes, we lift up our cities, our homes, and our situations today
Praying for healings, restorations, and solutions
Have Your way in this place, Lord
We love You, we worship You, we declare over our souls and our children
Declaring peace over our finances and businesses
Peace be still, we speak peace over Israel today!
Speaking peace over our minds and over those symptoms!
Calling for a release of the ties that bind, a release from fear and panic
Praying for a release in the hearts from Your believers, Father
A total and complete release!
Open up, open up, open up!
Released from that rut, released from those things that would hold us back
Calling for a supernatural release from those low places
Praying for a furtherance, a breaking out or a breaking through now!
Moving to a new place in our hearts, and in our journey with You Lord!
Declaring for a new day, and a newness and wholeness over our souls and our lives
Thank You for restoration over our cities, our churches, and our nation
Praying over the Church, we lift up Your Church today, and we pray for movement
There is a supernatural movement taking place today, Lord
Yes, we pray that the hand of God would release us from sin, and release us from fear
There is a new day, a new time, and a new work
There are more dreams to dream, more prayers to pray, more steps to take!
We will lay hands on the sick, we will drive out the darkness!
Calling for people to come up now, praying for them to come out of deception
Darkness and deception we cast you down in the name of Jesus
We break off panic and hopelessness, there is a clearing out of the clutter
Father, You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
The spirit realm is being cleared out, Devil back off and move out of the way
Casting down covid, darkness, deception, and religion!
We raise up a standard today in the Church today!
The blood of Jesus is making a way!
Yes, we take back those things that were stolen from us
We are stepping in and we are taking ground, show us the ground we are to take Lord
Show us, lead us and help us to take back, and to overcome evil with good!
Father, we refuse to relent, we will move on and up into the greater things You have for us
You are showing us the steps we should take, and the places we must go
Praying for an elevated operation of Your Spirit in this church
This is the time and this is the hour, give us eyes to see and ears to hear, Father
We will be prepared like never before
Declaring increase in the spirit, increase in the supernatural, increase in the miraculous
Calling for miracles, signs, and wonders in these last days
The Church is being raised up spiritually, physically, and You are causing us to stand up!
God has a great plan, and we lift it up, and we pray for increase today!
Praying for the Church in England, there is increase there in Jesus name!
There is a Holy Ghost fulfillment of prayers that have been prayed!
There is an answering of prayers throughout England like never before
Calling for salvation, redemption, and Holy Ghost fire to breakout all across that nation!
Father, we pray that there would be an opening up of God ordained purposes and plans
New ground, there is new ground to take, we can’t stay here, we have to move!
The mission is still at hand, Your purpose is right now
Stir Your heart, stir Your soul!
Rise up, march forward now, assemble, come together, and be united
We are flowing out and taking that ground now!
The mission will be accomplished, we will use what You have given to us
Praying that the Master would orchestrate things now, openings are opening
Things are moving up higher, we will be intentional!
There is a higher place, we will come up out of depression and despair
Calling the Church up out of sickness and fear
We are coming up, there is a supernatural place to occupy and dwell
Pressing deeper, we will take another step into that place You are calling us to
Thank You for a holy-ordained orchestration of Your spirit, Father
Give us eyes to see, casting down those things that would try to blind us
There is a shaking from the North to the South, from the East to the West
Praying for a sweeping move of God to move all across this nation
The spirit is moving, and it is coming in these last days, Lord
You have set us up to receive, and to move forward in this new season
No, we will not just sit back, but we will continually move ahead
Draw our attention to the work of Your hand

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