Prayer Summary for February 26


The following excerpt is taken from Jesus, The Open Door by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Open Doors of Service And Utterance

Jesus opens wonderful doors of service for us! When we are obedient to walk through the doors of service the Lord opens to us, we will be amazed at the rich spiritual growth that will take place in our own personal lives. God abundantly rewards those who are obedient to do His will.

However, it is amazing to me how many believers want to do something for God, yet they are waiting until they can do something big for Him. But if they won’t do something little for God, they won’t ever do anything big for Him.

That’s why it is so important to start out serving God wherever you are. Whatever small door He opens for you, walk through it, so He can open bigger doors of service for you.

It’s disappointing to see people who could really do something for God just sitting around doing nothing. For example, instead of serving God right where they are in their spiritual growth, some people who are called to the ministry will say, “Oh, I can’t do that! Why, I’m called to be a prophet. I can’t work in the church. God’s got greater things for me than that!”

Well, in the first place, even if someone was called by God to stand in the office of the prophet, it would probably be many years before he would be mature enough ministerially to stand in that office. God doesn’t put novices into ministry offices.

God wants believers to grow up spiritually before He gives them that kind of ministerial responsibility.

God Rewards Faithfulness

Sometimes people say, “God didn’t call me to preach, so there’s nothing I can do for Him.” But there are doors of service to be opened for every person in God’s Kingdom.

Whatever doors of service God opens for you, if you serve Him faithfully, you will be rewarded just as richly as those who are called to serve in a pulpit ministry.

We need to realize that God will reward people for faithfully attending church and working in their local church body if that’s what He’s called them to do, because God rewards faithfulness.

Therefore, even though some believers just “stay by the stuff” and don’t serve God on the mission field, God will reward their prayers, their financial support, and their work in their own local church body.

Some Christians say, “But there is nothing I can do.” But, you know, there’s some kind of service to the Lord that each one of us can do.

When some people get to Heaven and the rewards are given out, I am certain that many folks will step forward to get a certain reward, but Jesus will call someone else’s name.

Prayer Is a Service Unto the Lord

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Many people don’t think about prayer as an open door of service to the Lord. But much good is wrought in the Kingdom of God by the faithful prayers of God’s people.

For example, at the Pentecostal church I pastored when I first came over into the Full Gospel Movement, there was a little lady who lived in a nearby town who was about eighty-two years old. Folks called her Mother H_______.

Mother H_______ was not a member of my church, but she would visit my church quite frequently because it wasn’t too far from where she lived.

I pastored in a little country town with a population of only a few hundred. Most of my congregation consisted of farmers who lived in the farming area round about, and some lived in town. Well, we’d have a fellowship meeting every Sunday, and forty to seventy people would attend.

We’d go to someone’s home to have a potluck dinner and a time of fellowship. It was harvest time in the fall of the year, so we only had services on the weekends. We dismissed our Wednesday night service because people were out harvesting their crops and picking cotton.

Mother H_______ would come to these Sunday fellowship meetings that were held in someone’s home. As soon as the dinner was over, Mother H_______ would fellowship a little bit, but then she would find a bedroom where she could pray.

Many of those old farm homes back in the ‘30s didn’t have rugs on the floor; some of them didn’t even have linoleum. Many of them just simply had old, rough, bare wooden floors.

Mother H_______ would ask for a magazine or a newspaper or something she could spread on the floor, and then she would get on her knees and pray the rest of the afternoon.

While the rest of us were visiting, fellowshipping, and enjoying one another’s company, Mother H_______ was praying. I learned that she had lived in Dallas, Texas, and had received the baptism of the Holy Ghost way back at the turn of the century.

After Mother H_______ was filled with the Spirit, she just took it upon her heart to pray a Full Gospel church into every town and city in north Texas. She made a business of prayer. In other words, she made it her business to live a life of prayer to God.

One of the neighboring pastors didn’t have a parsonage, so Mother H________ told this pastor and his wife, “If you want to, you can live in my house.” So they built a partition and made an apartment on one side of her house so the pastor and his wife could live there.

This pastor said that Mother H_______ would always arise at eight o’clock every morning and pray from eight o’clock until ten o’clock in the morning.

Then at ten o’clock she’d have something to eat and sometimes would fellowship with the pastor and his wife. But by two o’clock, she was back on her knees; praying. She would pray until six o’clock in the evening.

Then maybe she would eat dinner, but by seven o’clock or so, she would be right back at prayer again and pray nearly all night long.

She did that night after night, day after day, month after month. That was her service unto the Lord. No one else knew what she was doing because she prayed in the privacy of her own home. But God saw it.

So town by town, city by city, Mother H_______ prayed until a Full Gospel church was established in every one of those towns and in every one of those cities. She prayed until it happened.

I’m well satisfied that when some of those pastors who established churches in those early days finally get up to Heaven, they are going to get all ready to step up for their reward. Then the Lord is going to call Mother H_______ forward for the reward instead. You see, Mother H_______ served the Lord by praying! Maybe she couldn’t preach a sermon or go visit the sick. But there was something she could do — she could pray!

This should be a lesson to all of us, especially those who say, “But I don’t know what to do to serve the Lord.” God is not negligent in opening doors of service for each one of us, but many have been negligent in walking through the doors He opens!


Lord, we worship and magnify You today
Thank You for greater opportunities and for the doors You have opened before us
We follow Your leading in every opportunity and door that is set before us
Pleading the blood over every ministry leader and director in the body of Christ!
Calling for greater clarity in following after You, Father!
Thank You for the bridges, connections, and relationships You have given us
We know there is strength in numbers, so we see the Church united free of fear, strife, and doubt!
Seeing her walk out in faith and power
Father, we ask for an increase of faith!
Calling for accuracy of and by Your Spirit
There are plans and ideas that have not been walked out yet
Calling for the right decisions to be lined up in Jesus’ name!
We give You glory, Father!
Lord, we come up under the positions of authority You have set us under
We get up beside them and lift their arms
Declaring they will walk through those ways in the right time!
That they would speak what they have been called to speak
Always standing strong in You, Father!
Details of their plans being aligned now
They will stay on that path for they are covered in the blood!
We lift those who are in a critical position and don’t know what to do
Calling for wisdom and revelation
Praying for strength and an enablement
We praise You for the breakthrough and increase that is coming today!
This is a glorious day!
There are steps to take and decisions to make even in the waiting and watching
Father, thank You for the blood of Jesus that was shed for the leaders who are called to lead Your people
You gave them a great responsibility, so let them continually contend for more of You and require You as their greatest necessity
We believe they will not miss even one part of Your plan
Praying for a supernatural and God creativity—new ideas and ways never known to man before
Let Your glory fall all over this earth today!
We believe to walk in Your will and way!

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