Prayer Summary for February 23

Praying over the pieces, that every piece would be lined up, Father
Opening up the eyes that they would see clearly
Eyes to see the way and to see the plan; we will continue to move forward and ahead
Doors be opened in Jesus name!
We call those things forth and in line—not just in the natural but in the supernatural!
Expose those things, Lord and uncover those plans of the enemy!
Calling for each and every part and position to come together now!
Reveal Your purpose and plan You have for us, Father
Give us eyes to see it, wisdom to know it, and strength to go through it!
By the spirit we push out and ahead; we will not stay status quo!
No, in the name of Jesus, no!
We take those things by faith today!
Spreading the blood of the lamb over those things in Jesus’ name!
Calling those things out of the shadows and into the light!
You, Lord are the way, the truth, and the life!
By the precious blood of Jesus we are overcomers, and we walk in victory!
The doors are being opened up even wider, and the crooked ways are being made straight
We take authority over every touch of fear in the name of Jesus!
Fear you are not going to operate in or through the Church
By the power of the blood we cast you down in Jesus’ name!
We boldly declare that no weapon formed against us shall prosper!
No, you cannot operate here; it has already been finished on the cross
Calling for the peace of God to be in and on us, and we cast out all fear and anxiety today!
It is a race, and these steps have to be walked out
By the blood of the lamb we shut that down and out!
We are overcomers by and through the blood of Jesus!
The best is yet to come!
Speaking to those things and calling them forth in these last days
Every limitation be removed, and every path be made straight
Jesus—Your name is above every other name!
The weights have been removed and we will not be held in bondage anymore
Give us eyes of faith to see those things the way they should be
Casting down every plot of the enemy and we say stop in your maneuvers in Jesus’ name!
Those things that You said in Your word are coming to pass!
We call for a greater momentum, answers, and solutions in the body of Christ today
Lifting up and magnifying that precious name of Jesus
There is power, freedom, and restoration in Your name
Every captive is being set free by and through that name of Jesus
There is no greater name than the name of Jesus
We will keep our eyes fixed and focused on You, Lord
Holy Spirit rain fall from heaven and new living waters flow forth
Calling for unity in our homes, in the church and at our workplaces
New fire, burn inside of us, we receive that fire today!
Holy Spirit we ask for your fire to consume us and stir up those things from the spirit
You are making a way where there seems to be no way!
We cast down every hindrance in Jesus’ name!
It’s a place, it’s a position, it’s a condition but it’s a way to go through
This is a new day and a new hour and those things will never be the same again!
There is so much more in store, and our hearts are open, Father
No, not one left behind!
Standing strong and pressing ahead to the higher calling of Christ Jesus
Calling for supernatural strength in the body of Christ, today!
We will stand strong and go farther than we have ever gone before!
There is comfort, peace, and rest in Your presence, Father
Abiding and trusting in You all the way through to the end
Loosing the ministering spirits to go out and bring in those lost souls
Declaring that the lost would be found!
We lean not on our own understanding, but our hope is in You alone, Father
The blood of the lamb is over us, over our land, and over the United States of America
Giving You all of the glory, honor, and praise today, Lord
This is the day that You have made and we will rejoice in it
A Word of the Lord came forth:
Rest in Me, rest, rest, rest, lean, lean, lean on Me now, and I will carry you, I will carry you, I will carry your family, I will carry your home, I will carry your church and I will carry you as you rest. And I will do things that to man are unthinkable, absolutely impossible!
Scripture Focus…
(19) Then they cry to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivers them out of their distresses. (20) He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit and destruction.
(Psalms 107:19-20 Amp.)

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