Prayer Summary for Friday, February 20, 2015

Pastor Ray shared…

There were a bunch of different words that were spoken out during our meetings with Mark and Trina. The first on Wednesday evening, Trina had a word in tongues and Mark gave the interpretation. We knew of a couple that was there that he had just heard from his company that he lost his job. That can be traumatic. He had worked there a lot of years. They came into the sanctuary and the ushers put them in empty seats closer to the front. I knew who they were and we prayed for them. The word that Mark gave would be like he knew that he lost his job and he got up and prophesied to them. It was so right on target and right for them right now. Sandy said afterwards that this lady said it was the most encouraging word from the Holy Spirit to them personally. I love that.

Mark read a prophecy that made me look up something in brother Hagin’s book “Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room” about praying in other tongues. I wanted to go through it. In this chapter, brother Hagin was talking about pressing into new depths of prayer.

Excerpt from book entitled, “Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room”…

There is a moving out beyond time and beyond space into the realm of the Spirit that is beyond my ability to describe. Some have walked out into that realm of prayer only far enough to get their feet wet. Like children wading in the water, they talk about what they experienced, saying, “That was so wonderful! It was the ultimate in praying in the Spirit.” But in reality, their experience in prayer was barely the beginning!

These people have only touched the realm of the Spirit. They need to wade on out into the deep waters of the Spirit until it isn’t only knee deep or loin deep, but so deep they can’t possibly touch the ocean bottom. Then they can swim on out and enjoy the fullness of what God has for them in prayer (see Eze. 47).

However, it is important to understand that these things will not always come easy. For one thing, the flesh will do everything possible to hold us back. That’s the reason the Word of God teaches us to crucify the flesh. The mind will also hold us back, trying to make us focus on the realm of the physical senses and what can be seen. That’s one reason God tells us to get our minds renewed with His Word (Rom. 12:1–2). Once our minds are renewed, we’ll be able to move further into the realm of His Spirit through prayer.

But as more and more of us respond to God’s call to pray, there will begin to be greater and greater manifestations of His power and glory on this earth. The manifestation and demonstration of God’s Spirit will become as common and as real as everyday natural things are to us. This is what our hearts have longed for and what intercessors have prayed for so many years.

Give your spirit opportunity to feed upon the Word and to commune with the Heavenly Father. Build yourself up on your most holy faith by making a practice of praying in other tongues. It doesn’t take a lot of time. As you do that, your own life will be changed and empowered, and your prayer life will become a mighty force, helping to fulfill God’s purposes in these last days.

God wants us to move out further in the Spirit and learn how to maneuver in that greater realm of prayer. As we are faithful to obey His call to pray, the day will come when we move beyond the edge of space—further on out into the Spirit—and reach the fullness of God’s glory!

I’ll tell you this much: Jesus is coming. There is no use splitting hairs about that truth, because it will happen, whether you believe it or not! So let us commit ourselves to praying in the Spirit so a great harvest of souls can be reaped in these last days. People are dying, and the end is coming. The end of all things is at hand, and what we do, we must do quickly. The Lord is calling us to prayer, and I, for one, am determined to answer that call.

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Isn’t it blessed to have all these things that we can read of brother Hagin’s? We can read book after book on revelation that he had about heaven and the move of the Spirit and the glory of God. We read here how he answered the call to prayer and that was such a big part of his ministry. Remember when he’d come here? The morning meetings would always be prayer meetings, and it was the Holy Ghost ministry in the evenings. He asked us this question: Do you want to go with me? Yes we do! He said, “Just declare, Count me in” and then walk through the doorway of the supernatural and enter into a whole new realm of prayer in the Spirit. It’s a realm where revelation, direction, and supernatural communication with God are continually provided to help you fulfill all that He’s called you to do in this hour.

It’s said that the end is coming and the end of all things is at hand and what we do, we must do it quickly. Well, the time is now! Yesterday, I took the time… it wasn’t for this reason. I was looking something else up online and pulling up other ministries… not ministries around here, just ministries in the earth. Churches. I looked up what things they had going on, what they’re standing on, what they’re doing, what ministries they had operating in their ministry. The ones I looked up, I couldn’t find one that had anything to do with prayer. Obviously, they’re probably praying. I’m not saying they’re not praying but if you can’t find anything on their website about prayer, that’s not the best. I thank God that this ministry has a foundation of prayer… not patting ourselves on the back, for sure. But I’m so grateful and thankful for pastors that started up on the right side of prayer. I remember throughout the years, there would be times when Pastor Mac or Lynne would talk to us about churches that where maybe the prayer ministry got off into a ditch somehow and so they just canned the whole thing. Is that good? No. It’s bad to get off in a ditch, for sure. But to throw it all out because some people maybe made mistakes or thought they were doing the right thing, that’s a problem. I’m not coming against other ministries. I’m just making an observation.

Sandy and I go to France to a ministry that we’re very connected to there. I’ve talked about this before, but that ministry is so founded on prayer, you’d think that when we’re there, you would think that you’re here. It’s so much the same. They speak in another tongue. So when they’re speaking in French, it’s interesting that you can’t understand it. But you can get the gist sometimes, but then when we start praying in the Spirit, we’re so connected, it’s supernatural.

I like that brother Hagin emphasized over and over again the importance of praying in other tongues and I know there is all kinds of other prayers that we pray but I wanted to relate this one thing to you. The last couple days, I kept thinking about it and it helped me in praying here or wherever. One of the times when we were coming back from France, there was a Jewish couple behind us and we had seats where it was just two people. We had two people behind us and they were Jewish. They were not speaking in English; they were speaking in Hebrew. So she would speak for a while and there’s like silence. Then all of a sudden, he’d answer her still speaking in another tongue and they kept doing that for most of the flight. They never really spoke in English so we didn’t know what they were talking about. But what I got out of that was when we’re speaking in another tongue… Now there are so many different ways to how we pray and many different moves of the Spirit, but we’re open to it all. Sometimes it helps us when we’re praying in other tongues if we just kind of back off just a little and listen, the Holy Spirit will always speak back. The Word says He will.

I remember in some of our meetings before way back and we were in the other building. Jack and Rosa were over the prayer ministry at that time and every 5 o’clock on Sundays before the service, there would be a prayer teaching and prayer meeting. She was really over the prayer ministry, but he was always there. When she would start speaking in other tongues, we’d all start praying in the Holy Ghost, but he would have a piece of paper and would be in the corner. I would think, “What is he doing?” We’re like, “Okay, let’s go!” and we plead the blood and we’d pray in other tongues and he was listening. He’d pray in the Holy Ghost and then he’d stop and then write out what the Holy Ghost would tell him. And guess what? It was personal information about what he was called to do in his life. Right there on the spot! Those things help when we come together corporately, but the Holy Spirit is always ministering individually too. He’s ministering back on to us.

Not long ago, Sandy and I were in a prayer conference in Florida and she heard three things while we were praying in other tongues. We weren’t praying about our own deal. We were praying about some other deal. But she heard three things that we’re still hanging onto, holding to that the Holy Spirit said that we would do. She wrote them out. Three plans, things that we don’t know how we’d do, maybe we don’t have the finances yet to do it.

On Wednesday evening, we declared just like brother Mark was using brother Kenneth Hagin’s word on what to do as far as money. You probably heard it before but he brought it back up. Brother Hagin was in need. Car worn out. Kids were hungry. He needed money and he kept calling on the Lord, “Lord, please help me. I need money.” The Lord stopped him and said, “Stop praying for money.” What? The Lord instructed him to “get an amount and begin to declare it. Call the devil on it and say, “get your hands off my money,” then loose the ministering spirits to go get the money and bring it in. That evening, brother Mark waited on it until finally he said, Pastor Mac, what are you believing for? He said, 62 million. So then as a ministry, we all got in agreement and we declared that number and told the enemy to take his hands off the money and loose the ministering spirits to go get it and bring it in. It’s coming in! But he had us all individually make our own declarations. He said what number are you believing for? I hadn’t even thought about that. When he said that, he gave us opportunity to let the Holy Spirit give us a number if we didn’t have one. Sandy wasn’t able to be there. I had a large number come up in my spirit so that is what I declared. Called the devil down. Called his hands off it. Loosed the angels to go get it. So when I went home, Sandy watched it all online and she had declared the same number. I love that. That’s my point this morning. It’s not just a one-way deal when we pray. We’re speaking to some situations but we’re receiving from Him too.

Praying in other tongues, praying in the Spirit, calling the things that are not as though they were has been pre-designed and it is the plan that’s been given to the Church right now in this time, in this hour to get over, to get out, to get out from under, to get beyond where the Church is today and move out into the greater glory that’s coming the Church’s way. That’s what I hear in my spirit.


We move ourselves out of the known, out into the great unknown. But You know it and You said You would reveal unto each one of us the things that are to come, the plans, the purposes, the things that You predestined us to walk into. You’d show us the things that are to come. I’m reminded of what Kenneth Copeland declared this year—the year of the open door.

The doors are opened and it’s time for the Church to rise up and take its place and go through
There are many things we don’t know how to do or where to do
You are showing us and revealing it to us
We promise not to keep our heads under the rock but to keep our feet on the Rock and stand with You, Father
No, you’re not defeated!
The enemy will always try to condemn but I’m not the condemner—I’m the lifter and I’ve sent My Word your way
Through My love for you, I sent My Son so you can walk out My way
Going all the way to the finish line
Rolling off every care, knowing and being more aware
There’s a mandate for it, a call for it, the provision has already been sent
The ministry of the Spirit
We go into the enemy’s camp by the Holy Ghost and we take back what he stole
We command those things to be loosed in Jesus’ name
You take your hands off of it in Jesus’ name
We break your hold by the blood of the Lamb
Those things were stolen and they shall be restored many times greater in Jesus’ name
You are a liar, you are under our feet, you have no authority or power over us
We touch those things right now by the Holy Ghost
We’re calling it back in
It’ll be a good thing
Locate them and bring them in
It was stolen but it’ll come back in again
It’s coming back—mistakes were made, maybe wrong decisions were made
But the Word doesn’t put light on that—it puts light on the fact that it’ll be restored
We’re calling it back much more, many times great, a multiplied more—restored in Jesus’ name
The answer is in the bank, pray it out
Checking accounts are increasing, savings accounts are on the increase, transfers in Jesus’ name
Restoration in Jesus’ name
Some of that is coming right to our homes in Jesus’ name
You know where we live, Lord, You know our address
An abundant turn around, increase
Transfers, supernatural transfers
It was going in another way but it’s a paradigm shift and it’s turning, changing back to the right way in Jesus’ name
Come to the right, into the right way, make a way
Businesses, no it’s not over—no, they’re not going down—they’re on the increase
It’s on the way!
Every roadblock has to get out of the way
Every hindrance removed
Get down in Jesus’ name, get out, get out now
We will not let you come up again in the name of Jesus—you get down, get down
How dare you try to take it away
A road for success, decisions that have to be made, ways that must be shown
Down turns, turn up!
Things that look like they were shrinking, resources that have turned down, we declare today to turn up, turn out, show up
We call it forth
No, we’re not letting go of it, not one bit of it, not even one dollar
It’s time for restoration
The barns, be filled in Jesus’ name—it’s harvest time!
Money, come in!
It’s not just coming from Minnesota—it’s coming from other states, other nations
We speak it and declare it and receive it by faith
We declare some expansions in Jesus’ name
Answers are on the way, revelation has come to the glory of God
We hold the blood against that—you cannot operate there or in that way
That’s a fallacy, a lie, a hindrance
Hindrances, get out, be moved in Jesus’ name—take your bags and leave
Get out of the way, for the Church is coming through in a greater way
[At this point, there is much rejoicing and laughing and running in the Spirit]
It’s open! It’s open! It’s open!
That’s right, it’s over, that’s done, it’s finished
Open in Jesus’ name
It’s over and above and it’s open now!
Shocking! Startling! Wonderful! Beautiful!
So it’s time to cross on over and get into the fullness of it
(tongues) has come unto you (tongues) and the words will come out through you (tongues) so right the ship and move forward, saith the Lord, for the door has been opened and it’s the door of more!
Steady, we’ll stay steady
Stay on the foundation
There’s no stumbling or quitting there, no doubt, no lack
The storehouse is overflown
Come and see for the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!
Yesterday is over, it’s over, saith the Lord, the old days are gone, the bad ole days are gone and it’s time to walk in the new
Some things need to be ripped up and removed forever in Jesus’ name
The numbers will add up and multiply and greater and greater for that day has come, for the hour is here, for the glory of God has come near!
We receive Your glory and Your presence
You’ve called us up and to keep walking
Some things have come full circle—it was a big circle but now the way I’ve called you to walk and go, it’s been revealed today!

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