Prayer Summary for December 21


The following article is taken from Herald of His Coming Publications:

It Is Time to Seek the Lord

“…Till He come and rain righteousness upon you” (Hos. 10:12).

“Wilt Thou not revive us again…?” (Psa. 85:6).

Let us seek God for revival—let us center on revival—and desperately, definitely ask God for rain in the time of the latter rain (Zech. 10:1).

Let us avoid side issues, for we need God; we need His Spirit to flow freely to us in these days. Without the Lord we can do nothing! (John 15:5).

Let us believe Him to help us to be sober, vigilant, watchful, humble, extremely earnest and persistent and importunate (Luke 11:8, 13), in desperately seeking God for revival – definitely for His Spirit to move among us in revival power for Jesus’ sake.

Let us avoid things and people that divert and side-track us from our supreme need of desperately seeking God in these awful days of appalling sin and iniquity! Let us avoid even the conventionalities of etiquette that take our mind off God and His work and off the extreme need in our own lives.

Let us seek God till the rivers of living water are flowing from us (John 7:37–39). Let us believe God to help us set our faces to seek Him for revival (Isa. 50:7). “And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes: and I prayed unto the Lord my God, and made my confession, and said, O Lord, the great and dreadful God, keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love Him, and to them that keep His commandments; we have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from Thy precepts and from Thy judgments” (See Daniel 9:1–19).

“…The Lord saith…them that honor Me I will honor” (1 Sam. 2:30). Let us honor God by seeking Him for an outpouring of His Spirit. Let us spend as much time as we can in prayer, and in seeking God definitely for revival! Let us avoid lightness of spirit, or talkativeness, or censoriousness. Let us center desperately on prayer for revival. Let us agree in the prayer meetings for revival, in Jesus’ name!

“Gather My saints together unto Me; those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice” (Psa. 50:5).

It is time to seek the Lord, till He come and rain righteousness upon us!

—W.C. Moore


Father, You are so worthy to be praised; we seek You, trust You, and honor You
We believe for the former rain and the latter rain to come together in these last days
Yearning for more and more of Your presence today, Lord
Opening our hearts to a greater expression of You through us, Father
None of us, and all of You!
We pray that Your presence would surround us this day
Asking for an increase of Your peace, love, and joy
Taking steps of faith today, for we know that the blood is going before us and preparing a way
Thank You, Father, for what was done on the cross for us
You came; You did the will of the Father, went to the cross, to the grave, and exited to Your heavenly home
By faith, we take our seat in heavenly places, with You, Lord
We put all of our hope and trust in You
Help us be the light that You have called us to be, Father
Illuminate us, lead and guide every step we take
No, we will not take on any cares, but we will walk freely in victory through the blood of Jesus!
Not in the mental realm but in the realm of the spirit!
Yielding to more of You and Your presence, Father
We lift up the name of Jesus, today!
Ministering spirits, go forth and work on our behalf
Praying for an abundant increase of revelation, understanding, and of Your love, Lord
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every step that we take
Calling for healing, wellness, wholeness, and restoration today, Father
We pray over all of those who are in positions of authority
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every one of them
That they would walk out the plan and destiny that You have set before them
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in Jesus’ name!
We lean not on our own understanding, but we put all of our hope and trust in You
Calling those things that be not as though they were
Walking in Your ways, not in our ways
Lifting up our voices in one accord!
Declaring that each and every believer would be washed and covered in the blood of Jesus!
Calling for assistance from heaven!
Praying over the sheep, that they would know Your voice, and no other voice they would follow!
Open their eyes, eyes to see the truth of Your Word
Change, change, change for the body, restoration for the body
Rain, rain, rain!
Praying for doors to be opened, and for ways to be prepared today
Father, we want to be eyes and ears for the Church!
No, the Church will not be ignorant!
We ask that You will give us wisdom and knowledge for the times we are living in
That we would know, and discern, and walk in the plans You have called us to
Father, we ask that our hearts would beat with the rhythm of heaven
No, we will not go in that way, but we will walk in the ways of the Lord
Fill us with Your Spirit; we need more of Your presence, Father
We call upon the name of Jesus!
Holding onto those things that are true, lovely, and of a good report
No, we will not allow ourselves to be desensitized to the things of the Spirit
We thank You for the grace to press on to the higher calling in Christ Jesus
Church, be awakened to the things of the Spirit!
Quicken us and strengthen us; keep us focused and diligent
No, we will not compromise, but we will be steadfast and unmovable
We will not walk in fear, but we will walk in the peace of God
Walking by faith and not by sight!
Calling for help from heaven, today
Thank You for transforming us and renewing our minds
Glory be to God!

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