Prayer Summary for August 3

We seek Your presence, today Father
You are our resting place, Lord
Thank You for the blood that was shed on the cross for us
By Your spirit we believe for Your will to be done in these last days
Access ways are being opened for new days, new seasons, and new plans
Yielding our hearts to You, Father
We will continue to press ahead to uncharted territories
Moving from one degree of glory to another!
Every step we take will be upward, following the plan You have for us
Our ears are being opened to the truth of Your word
Your spirit is leading and guiding us today!
Declaring for Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven
Calling for restoration, wholeness, health, and healing!
Reveal those mysteries to us, Lord
Every limitation be cast down, every hindrance be removed!
Casting all of our cares and anxieties on You, Father
The best is yet to come!
Taking strength from heaven today!
You are providing answers and solutions to those things that must be done
We call forth Your blessing on this earth
Continually watching over those plans and purposes You have for us, Lord
Momentum in Jesus’ name!
No, we will not allow Israel to go by the wayside!
We will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Staying strong in You, all the way through to the end!
Praying over the body of Christ, no weapon formed against them shall prosper!
The following prophecy was given by Pastor Lynne in 2003:
Chapel Prayer, May 21, 2003 – Lynne Hammond
You can look all around you,” saith the Lord, “and see many shrinking. Even those Christians, shrinking back, pulling back, drawing back from the move of God. Drawing back from that which does profit in these days. For that which I will do in these days will be supernatural. It shall be a work of the Spirit. For you cannot draw back now for you must press in. There is the fullness of the Spirit. There is truly the baptism of the Holy Spirit but there is a furtherance. There is a greater. There is a place to press into in this time and in this hour. There are many new doors. There are new things of Mine to spring forth. New dimensions new demonstrations and operations that have not been ever seen before.
So it is in My plan that you edify and build yourself. That you pray out mysteries. Continue on in. Don’t stop now where you are. Don’t stop and think that this is all there is and be satisfied in this place. For this is not a place to be satisfied. There is much work left to be done and the whole world is waiting. It is waiting for that work. So press in, pull out your best. Access the greatest. Saith the Lord.
Many are waiting for you. Many are waiting to see. Many are calling in their heart and this is not a place to stop, but it is a place to start. To reenter, to go into. Into the realm of the Spirit where more and more and more can be given. More and more can be had, saith the Lord.
Don’t even look back to that which you’ve had before as a thermostat to what you should have now. None can compare to what I will give you in this hour. There’s nothing that you even know, there’s nothing in your finite brain that could even match it. It is totally matchless. So look out into the realm of the Spirit for that which you do not know. Call for that which you’ve not had. Saith the Lord.
The following prophecy was given by Brother Kenneth Hagin in 1973:
Kenneth Hagin, 1973 – The Unseen Realm
And so it is, seeing into the realm of the Spirit ye shall see the work that evil spirits are doing. Ye shall dislodge them from where they are lodged. Ye shall remove them from the premises of God and from God’s property, and from the hearts and minds and lives and bodies of men. And the discerning of spirits shall hold a very prominent place in your ministry in the casting out of devils as well as the healing of the sick.
These things must come into prominence and ye must give more time unto the healing of the sick; for thereunto have ye been called and thereunto art thou called. Therefore, see to it that ye give more place unto the ministry to the sick.
And the unseen realm shall be manifested in the seen, and eventually the seen shall be swallowed up of the unseen and the work and the plan and the purpose of God shall unfolded be. And all that has hindered thee and all that has held thee back shall surely be removed. So thou shalt walk in the faith that has been ordained of thee from the foundation of the world and thou shalt fully obey the calling of the Lord, to stand in your place and call the people of God unto Him. And they that hear your voice shall hear the voice of God. And they that look shall see the works of God manifested unto them and done before their very eyes, and that which your heart has longed for and that which ye have earnestly sought shall surely into full fruition come to pass even as it was spoken unto thee.
Yea, listen ye, and train your spirits, and even in the minor details that shall arise tomorrow and the next day, and next week, and next month and in the process of time, if you will listen in your own spirit you will hear a yes, and you will hear a no, and you will know for the Spirit speaks unto thee, relating and giving the information unto your spirit, oftentimes; and your own spirit will tell you so. At other times, the Spirit within thee shall speak, and ye will hear and think someone spoke unto thee, for it is so real.
So, get your mind renewed thoroughly with the Word. And the Spirit within thee shall through your mind, dominate your body and your flesh; and you will find that the way of the Lord is pleasant and right, that the way of the Lord is good; and then, there in your life will be no blight, but all will be right. There will be goodness and there will be power and there will be fruit, and His will, His plan will be perfected within thee and for the good of the Church, His body. So, ye shall function in your place and perform His will, and your own heart shall be satisfied, and your own heart shall be fed, and your spirit shall be glad, for the Lord thy God shall visit thee, and thou shalt know Him in a way that thou hast not known Him, and walk in a closer fellowship with Him, so that His blessings and the reality of His person shall become more real to you than anything that you know even in this life.
Continued Praying…
We will walk in those ways You have called us to
Divine progress is being made today!
No, we will not miss it Father!
Supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your spirit, Lord God
Radical changes are taking place, Lord
Nothing missing and nothing broken, but we are made whole and new in You
We lean not on our own understanding but in all our ways we depend on You
Rivers, rivers, rivers are flowing!
Yearning for more and more of You, Father
Staying steady all the way through to the end
On bended knee we bow before You this day
Holy Spirit fall fresh on us, calling for the wind of the spirit to blow!
Keeping our eyes fixed and focused on You, Lord
You have a purpose and a plan for each and every one of us
Thank You for Your mercy and grace that is new every morning
We will continually watch as we pray, and we put all of our trust in You
It is a mandate and a call!
Receiving heaven sent strength today
Calling those things up and out, casting down every delay of the enemy!
In, by and through the blood of Jesus we are overcomers
Expectancy in Jesus’ name!
We will walk in these days above and not beneath
Signs, wonders, and supernatural happenings are happening today!
Thank You for the revealing of those things to us, Father
Restoration, wholeness, health, and healing are ours in Jesus’ name!
We love You, Lord

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