Prayer Summary for August 28

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Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we will be observant and watchful
Calling for a shift and a reset in these days
There are new things before us, and we thank You for it, Lord
It will be a September to remember
All things are possible to those who believe

Scripture Focus…

Jesus said, “Take away the stone.” Martha, the sister of him who was dead, said to Him, “Lord, by this time there is a stench, for he has been dead four days.” (40) Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”
(John 11:39–40 NKJV)

Continued Praying…

Our desire is to set our eyes on things above
We will see Your goodness, Your glory, and Your power in these days
Father, we set our focus and our attention on You
You are the God of all goodness, You are the God of victory
Yes, we will walk in the fullness of Your purpose
Your desire is that we are perfect, entire, and wanting nothing in every way
Everything that we set our hands onto will prosper in the name of Jesus
Lord, Your Word says that we will prosper and be in health as our soul prospers
We give You glory, honor, and praise today, Lord
No we are not going under, but we will continue to push through all the way to the very end
Declaring that God is on the rise, Your presence is rising in America and in the church
We are going all the way through, and we will not be pacified by the things of this world
Yes, we will take all that You have provided to us!
You have blessed us to be a blessing
Declaring that this is the year that the Lord has ordained for us to walk in His favor
We will succeed, and rise and thrive in a new level of fullness and blessing
Speaking grace over our kids and we plead the blood of Jesus over schools today
The blood is being applied to every believer, and the favor is going before us and is making a way
Today is the day, and we pray for a shifting to take place in this nation, Father
New opportunities are being opened up, we thank You for Your provision in these days, Lord
We declare that there is a supernatural supply that is upon us
Calling for doors to be open and for the new opportunities that are before us
Casting down every evil plot of the enemy and we hold the blood against every evil spirit
No devil, we cast you down in Jesus’ name!
We will not relent, but we will continue to push ahead to the things of God
Yes, we are taking ground and we will receive our healing and our harvest
Calling for breakthrough in the name of Jesus
No, we will not be denied as Your people, as a church or as individuals
We will have all that You have said, and we declare that we will thrive in a new place!
Those things are being shaken up, shaken in a new God-ordained way, Lord
Limitations are being cast down in the name of Jesus
No, we will not put up with status quo, but we know the fullness of God
Glory be to God!
Jesus has eyes filled with fire, and He is our greatest cheerleader
Father, You are cheering us on to fulfill Your call and plan for our lives
We long to walk in the fullness of Your glory
You are giving us strength to live in these days, Lord
Thank You for a change in those situations, we will fight the good fight of faith
Yes, we have already won!
We praise and worship You, Father
No, we will not relent or back off, but we will hold tight and stand up to be accounted for
Words of faith are being spoken in these last days
Give us eyes to see the goodness of God, praise be to God
Thank You, Father, we worship You and we call for victory in every area of our lives
There is a shifting of the winds of God now!
Winds of healing, winds of Your Spirit, winds are being released in Jesus’ name
We pray for a fanning of the flame of the fire of God, we pray for a stirring up now
No, we will not stay the same but we take hold of the altar today!
Thank You for Your outstretched hand, Lord
Declaring for the church to rise up, we shake off lethargy and status quo
Calling for the impossible to be made possible
Have Your way, do Your will, and change us to be more like You
It is the darkest right before the dawn
We will fight the good fight of faith, and we will continue to fight all the way to the end
The fight has already been won, for we have the victory
Yes, we are overcomers in, by, and through the blood of Jesus
Father, we thank You for the privilege to know You
Calling for a stirring in our hearts, and we break up every religious spirit of the enemy
You are intervening on our behalf today, Lord
We pray for a refiner’s fire to burn up anything that is not of You
Convict us in our souls and in our hearts, Father
Be exposed and be revealed in Jesus’ name!
Praying for all impurities to be cast down, we call for course corrections now
Reveal to us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You
The Spirit of God is sweeping across our hearts today!
Praying for a greater level of freedom and purpose
Thank You for prosperity of every kind, Father
We are blessed and empowered to prosper in the name of Jesus
Speaking a release, let every bondage be cast down!
Calling those things out of darkness and into the light
Every limitation is being cast down, and we speak grace and peace around every believer
We are stepping out and into a greater place that You have for us, Lord
Release, release!
A greater breakthrough is on the horizon
Yes, we will move higher and higher
No, we will not let go, we will hold on to those things You have for us, Father
The promise is ours, the breakthrough is ours!
Thank You for the beautiful work You are doing in our lives, we honor and praise You 
Good things are ahead for us

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