Morning Prayer Summary for   Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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Pastor Heather…

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to everybody here and everyone watching online. Is everyone doing good this morning?

Word came forth…

And I would hear the Father say, “Let me Father you today. Let Me Father you today. Stop fighting Me. Stop running. Stop hiding in shame. Lay down your cares and let Me Father you today. Lay down your hurt. Lay down your unforgiveness. Lay down your bitterness. Lay down your pain. Lay down the obstacles that you feel are in your way. And let Me Father you today.

Because My ways are not your ways. My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. And I know the way, but you need to let Me Father you in that way. Let Me lead and you follow. Lay it down. Lay it down and let Me Father you today. Come to me like a child expecting that I have everything you need already taken care of today.

We come to the Father like little children…

Thank you, Jesus. So we do that. We come before you like children right now, and we say, “Show us how to be fathered.” Not all of us know. Show us how to be fathered by a good and perfect Father today. Show us what that looks like, Lord, to just have full abandon and trust in who you are and what you’re doing in our lives… to not doubt, to not be in fear, to not push against you, Father, but to trust… an innocent trust like a child that you will take care of every need that we have. And so we say today, we will let you Father us. Because we know that you will never drop us. We know that you’re always holding us, and you’ve never dropped us. And you never will. Never, never, never.

We are loved and we are safe in the arms of our Father…

And so today, we just are held in your presence, Father. We remind our souls that we are safe, we are secure in the arms of our Father, we are loved no matter the situation we’re in. We are loved right now. Right now, in whatever state we’re in, we are loved by our good, good Father.

He is breaking chains…

And so we say thank you, Father. I pray now you just wash over hearts with your love. You are just breaking blockages. You’re breaking past hurts. You’re breaking past trauma. You’re breaking chains that are holding people in bondage right now. Father, you’re breaking lies of the enemy that say you don’t care about us. You’re breaking those lies now. You are here. You are present. You are ever ready in our time of need.

We are never alone…

And so we remind our hearts today that we are never alone. We are never without help. That you saw the end from the beginning, and that you have a plan and you have a purpose for every heart within the sound of my voice, you have a plan. You have a purpose. You have a call for our lives, and you have equipped us for that call. And so now we remind our hearts, we remind our souls to rest in that today, to rest in the goodness of our Father.

That it’s not about what we do. It’s not about what we say. It’s about you, Father, all eyes on you, Father, all eyes on you now. Only you can break those things, Father, only you can bring healing. Only you can bring restoration. Only you can bring hope. Only you can bring unconditional love, the love that our hearts crave for… no person, no thing, no situation can fill that hole. Only you, Father.

We must allow Him to father us…

So I thank you, Holy Spirit, right now, you’re just ministering to the hearts of the hearers. You minister your love. You wash over them, wash over them with your peace in knowing that they are so secure in who you are, not who we are, but who you are and what you can do through us, just by simply surrendering and humbling ourselves. And so today we do that and we say, we allow you to Father us. We allow you to teach us, we allow you to love us. We even allow you to correct us because you do it in love and you guide us so tenderly and with patience and with mercy, you put us back on our path that you have set before us, Father.

See the Father fathering you…

And so now I just see Him picking up some people, wiping off some scraped-up knees, wiping away some tears from some rough seasons. Thank you, Father. You know their hearts, and you know what they need. And so now I thank you, Father, that you are ministering to that deep, deep need in every heart that is listening today. You know their stories. You know how many hairs there are on their heads. Why does that even matter to you? Because everything about us matters to you, Father. You called us by name. You formed us in our mother’s womb. You knew us before we even started one of our days. Thank you, Father. You are so good. No one and nothing compares to your love. And today we just say thank you. We lay our hearts down low. We lay them at your feet and we say, “have your way.” Have your way in our lives. Have your way in our hearts, and we purpose to allow our hearts to be Fathered today.

We thank you, Father.

Word came forth to “come to the altar…”

I feel like there’s some people in here who feel like you’re fighting your own fight and you feel like you’ve been fighting for a long time. But He is your defender. He is your defender, but you have to allow Him to fight your battles.

And that even when we forget who we are, you always know who we are and you remind us. I just know in my own personal life, God has done so much work in my heart at the altar. It’s not about the physical location, but it’s about an action that you take to something that is prompting you in your heart.

And so as Pastor Melanie ministers in song again, I just want to open up the altar for you to come and just receive whatever it is you need. And if we’re honest, we’re all in need. We all have pieces of things we’re working out and places we need God to touch and heal and brokenness we want Him to heal. And if we’re honest.

So I want to open the altar. Those of you that are watching online, make an altar in your home, against your bed, against your couch, whatever you need to do. Because there’s no distance in prayer. And God will meet you there too. But there’s something to be said about making that move toward Him and saying, “I need you. I thought I could do this on my own. I can’t. And I’m not supposed to.” And making that move forward and whatever it is, there might be some things you have to lay down with Him. There might be some things He wants to heal in you. There might be some things He wants to show you some next steps.

Mary stepped out in a room full of judgment…

And I think there’s so much that He does when we make that move. And I think of just Mary, when she came and was weeping at the feet of Jesus and wiping His feet with her hair and her tears. She had to step out in front of those Pharisees. She had to step out in a room of judgment where people were looking at her and completely judging her for her character and who she was. But she did it because she knew that she had to give everything to Him. She knew that only He had everything she needed, and that the thoughts of the other people in the room didn’t matter. And what people thought of her didn’t matter, and her past didn’t matter. But at that moment, all that mattered was that she’d get to the feet of Jesus and she worshiped Him because she knew in that moment she would experience His love. And something that seems so insignificant, one worshiper coming to the feet of Jesus is in every single gospel. And it says what she’s doing will never be forgotten. Because those moments are so important to His heart, as important as they are to our hearts.

And so now I just want to open the altar for those of you… just come up as she is ministering and lay some things down, get some things sorted out with Him. It’s between you and God, no one else. Those of you at home, make an altar in your family room and get something sorted out and just lay your heart before Him today.

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