Prayer Summary for August 15

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Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Lord, not my will but Your will be done
Not my way but Yours, Lord, not my thought but Your thoughts
Thank You that You manifest wherever two or more are gathered in Your name
We open the door to Your Holy Spirit and to the God of heaven
Come and have Your way in this place, Father
Thank You that You are so faithful and so good
Praying for the peaceful presence of God to saturate every heart and soul
Your peace is washing over us and is renewing us today
We want more of You, Lord, and more of your presence
Yes, we turn our hearts and our attention to You, Lord


Word of the Lord given through Kenneth E. Hagin, Prayer Seminar, April 28, 1983:

Being conscious of a mighty move in your spirit wanting and desiring to do the will of God. But don’t do it yourself. Just learn to relax and to flow with the Spirit. Don’t try to figure it out in your head: “What does He want me to do?” Just learn to relax and flow with the Spirit, and it’ll take care of itself. You don’t have to worry. I just wonder, I know there’s something, I know there is something He wants me to do. Fine, just keep on praying. And just flow with the Spirit. You’ll not come into the full potential of what is for you next week. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you next month. Some will not even come into the full potential of what God has for them the next year. Some will not for quite a period of time. But, as you’re faithful, and as you’re trained, and as you learn to yield, you’ll move eventually into that place, hallelujah, and that He had for you all along. Glory to God! Glory to God! Did you hear me? Did you hear me? Praise His holy name! But you see moving into that place of ministry or whatever it is, whether it’s full-time ministry, or pulpit ministry, or personal ministry, or whatever your place is in the body of Christ.

Moving into that place is fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, and ignited with His glory. Hallelujah to Jesus. Glory to God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I said glory to God! But you see, if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to ignite. Notice the Spirit said (I never thought of that; it came out of the inside of me) fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. You have to stop and analyze that. There’s a difference between firing and igniting. Yes! You see it’s like the furnace you see. There’s a pilot light there that fires the thing. And then when the whole thing has become ignited, then the heat flows out. Ha, ha, ha… Can you see what He’s saying? Fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory! Hallelujah. I never thought of that. I mean it just flowed up out of my Spirit. But you see if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to fire. If there’s no fuel, there’s nothing to fire. Fueled by prayer, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Continued Praying…

We lift our hearts to You, Lord
Yes, we are hungry for more of You
Opening up the doors of our hearts to You, opening up those places to You
Open up, open up, open up
I pray for eyes to be opened and for ears to be unstopped
Praying for revelation knowledge to flow to hearts and lives today
Grant unto them a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You
You are flowing to the church now like never before
Lord, we will not rest, but we will step up and into what You have for us
We pray for an advancement and a furtherance of a spirit of wisdom
Calling for greater insights and understandings to be delivered to us in these days
Help us to see that this is the hour of visitation
Up, up, up!
Praying that the way would be opened up, Father
Yes, we will step up and we will advance in the purposes of God
We contend for miracles, signs, and wonders
Calling for greater works to be done in these last days
You are redeeming those things to us, and we put the goodness of God on full display
We pray for holy fire to be sent to our land and to ignite the church
Calling for a greater awakening in these days and in these hours
Yes, we will rise and stand up and we will continually move in Your ways
Praying for those doors to be opened, that we would step through in Jesus’ name
Lifting up those elections, Father, and we pray for a turning point!
Casting down every evil plot of the enemy in the name of Jesus
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper
We call for a releasing of those ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf
Yes, we are moving up; we stand in agreement for a way to be made for the church
The hand of God is reaching out to this generation, and we will extend back our arm!
Praying for movement today, transition today, and changes today!
Yes, all of the pieces are falling into place, there is an aligning taking place, Lord
We contend for families, children, and friends, that they would come back to You
Declaring mercy over our loved ones that have been resistant to the plan of God
Speaking mercy and grace unto them today!
Calling for eyes to be opened, that they would see You, Father
Yes, the light is piercing the darkness
You are moving through that now, praying for those doors to be opened
No, we will not give up but we will continually move more and more in Your plan
Father, we will keep moving, and we will not get stuck or stay status quo
Praying those things through to the other side, into the new promise and plan
No, we are not staying here, we will move through to that place
America is going through that God-ordained passage way
There is a new, abundant, and blessed place
Calling for breakthroughs of every kind!
The mercy and grace of God is upon each and every believer
Yes, we are going through and we will make it to the other side
Thank You for the purposes of God today!
We are coming into fullness; we pray for openings to open!
Opportunities are being presented to us
Restorations are at hand, healings are beginning to spark and ignite
The goodness and greatness of God is dawning in a new way
We marshal the forces and the plan of God
It is coming forth now; we will keep with it!
God is with us, He is in us, and He is taking us all the way through to the new
Hallelujah, glory be to God
Thank You for Your faithfulness and Your goodness
We set our face on You, Lord
America, we declare that You are moving more in the will of God
Speaking resources to those that are in need, Lord
You are bringing those forth that are to lead this nation
Thank You that the purpose of God is taking place in America

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