Prayer Summary for April 29

Thursday LIVE Prayer

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Father, we know that as we are filled with Your power, we are made Your witnesses
We trust You to be dispensers of Your love and power
Thank You for what the precious blood of the Lamb is doing for us
Lord, we lift up our eyes and hearts—all of our help comes from You!
Thank You for Your grace, mercy, kindness, and love
We need and want You!
Lord, we want to be so near You
Hearing words from Heaven that we are to speak
Pushing out ahead and calling those things forth
We know You have given us authority
Restore and make everything that was broken new again
We will not be defeated
Father, we believe to move in the way You have called us to go
Speaking to the left and right, ahead and behind, declaring momentum is rising in the Church!
Who said we have no victory?
Our victory comes from the Lord—the healer, provide, and way maker!
Calling for alignment in Jesus’ name!
Wrong motives will be exposed for what they are!
Hidden things being brought to light and mysteries being uncovered
Speaking balance to the situations
Clearing up that path and gaining new ground and access
We are calling for the outpouring of Your anointing
A daily plan, advance and increase by the Spirit
Angels and ministering spirits go and work on our behalf, bring encouragement everywhere you go
Words from heaven bringing great change on the earth
Now is the time for the utterance to come forth like never before
Opening some things and shutting down others
These are the days for the Holy Ghost ways and plans to be carried out
One door leading to another—increase from one level of glory to another
We have been called, and we are moving ahead
Pleading the blood over tithing businesses and declaring increase and favor over you!
By the Spirit, keep on the go and move through that door—it is increase
Stepping out further than you have ever been before
Increase and multiplication over and over again bringing great increase to the body of Christ!
Father, thank You for opening this way to us
We know there are so many changes that are yet to come, and we bring them before You
We know the angels and ministering spirits are doing what they have been called to do
By faith, we believe to expect and see change
Souls coming in from every direction, a great increase in the body of Christ
Father, we know there is still so much that is to be poured out upon Your Church and this earth
You deserve all the glory, honor, and thanksgiving
We thank You for the wind, rain, and oil of Your Spirit
Jesus, be Jesus in and through us today!

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