Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Pastor Ken…

Well, good morning everyone! Good to see you. Happy Wednesday on this Wednesday after the midterm election day.

And we continue to see with the eyes of God’s Spirit this morning. We pray that He would just continue to infuse our perspective with His perspective, and that each day more and more our perspective would become His perspective, right? That our hearts more and more would become His heart in every way.

I did eat Your words…

Well, before we go any further, I just wanted to share a couple of passages of scripture as a point of reference and reflection. The Word of God is so precious and so dear to us, isn’t it? It’s life and breath. And it’s Spirit and it is part of who God is. And when you feed on it, like the prophet of old said, that thy words were found, he said. Jeremiah, I believe it was. And I did eat them. Your words in other words. For they were the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am called by your name, oh Lord, God of hosts.

Let’s be the harassers of hell..

So let’s just eat a little Word this morning. We’re just going to take another step today. It doesn’t matter if nothing has changed in your life or a particular situation in your community or your church, or your business, your family, or our nation, or the world today. It doesn’t matter. We’re taking another step today. If it harelips the devil, if it upsets him, then good. We are moving into an epic time where instead of us being harassed, we are going to be the harassers of hell and the harassers of the enemy of our soul. We’re going to harass him.

The best defense is a good offense…

The truth of the matter is that’s really how God designed things to function in His kingdom and in His house and in your life. We weren’t supposed to be the ones always back on our heels, caught off guards, surprised in playing defense. Instead, we have sufficient enough power and tools to always be on the offense. As the old sports adage goes, “The best defense is a good offense.” Keep your enemy on his heels. And so that’s how we’re to play. That’s how things are to roll in the kingdom of God.

And you may feel like you can’t do it, or you may feel like you’re a new believer and maybe you are. That doesn’t matter. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the Greater One is in you as much as in someone who’s been a follower of Jesus for 40 years. It doesn’t matter even how you feel or how things look. We live by believing. I’ve been quoting that verse all week. We live by believing and not by seeing. We don’t live by the filter of our five physical senses. We live by the lens of God’s Word. That’s why we go to His Word, why we go to our hearts. And we let that be our programming, our code that determines how we’re going to roll, how we’re going to operate, what we’re going to pray, what we’re going to say, how we’re going to engage with the world.

We are called to a higher order and standard of things. One, as I’ve said before that is counterintuitive to that of the world. When the world says, “hoard up and hold up.” God is saying, “Be generous. Give.” When the world says to get revenge, get justice on your own. God says, “Pray for those who abuse and spitefully use you.” It tells us to love instead of hate. It tells us to pray instead of freak out.

So the kingdom is a whole new way of doing life, a whole new way of thinking and speaking and conducting ourselves. And if we’ll operate according to kingdom principles and that includes in our prayer lives, right? We deploy many of the kingdom principles through our prayer lives. Through the exercise of our authority through worship.

“Spiritual laws have been set in motion…”

I was sharing with my daughter the other day… And I’ve heard a couple of stories through the years of a man who clearly employed kingdom principles or principles that do operate, whether you believe it or not. And it had to do with this man’s words many years ago. This young man grew up understanding from his grandpa and his dad that the men in their family died young, usually by the time they were 40. And so this young man just got it in his head and began to say, “I probably won’t live beyond 40 because all the men in my family died by the time they’re 40.” And he began to say that and say that. And it didn’t mean anything on day one or year 10 or year 20. But come about his late thirties, things started to happen with him physically. And sure enough, he passed away before he was 40.

I believe it was Brother Hagin that shared that story originally and talked about how he was going to pray for this man. But the Lord said, “Don’t pray for him, because spiritual laws had been set in motion for so long and were so entrenched that at this point they weren’t able to reverse them. Because this man chose day after day, year after year to engage his mouth with a spiritual law. And that happened to be death. And so it resulted in death.

Let scripture reprogram you each and every day…

So I just want to encourage us today, it doesn’t matter if you’re not seeing change. We live by believing and not by seeing. Just choose life. Choose love. Choose grace. Choose to step in today and be aggressive and put the enemy of your soul, whether that’s doubt or worry or division or divorce or betrayal or insufficiency or a problem or a symptom or an unknown set of circumstances, or something that happened to you and your family of origin when you were growing up… whatever the case is. There is light and love and power streaming to and toward you today to enable you. Let the narrative of scripture inform you on the inside and reprogram you each and every day. Watch what you say because your very voice is feeding into your soul and your belief patterns.

Your brain is like a supercomputer and your self-talk is a program you run…

Somebody once said this. I think it was actually something I jotted down from a podcast I listened to recently, and I don’t remember if it was a Christian or not. But it’s true nonetheless. Your brain is like a supercomputer, and your self-talk is a program you run. It’s important to keep it positive. In other words, keep it empowering and positive and faith filled. Keep it full of faith because your mind is always eavesdropping or listening, on your self-talk.

You’re the most important encourager in your life…

So you’re the most important preacher, self-help coach, encourager in your life. As I’ve said before, scientists now tell us that your speech center is directly connected to your central nervous system, which I like to say, gives new meaning to the verse in the scripture that says, “Let the weak say I am strong.”

We now can quantify that when you say, “I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might,” we can measure how your body has a response and that response as your body prepares at a cellular level, in all different ways, it begins to send the message out through your whole physical being, psychological being, “prepare to be strong, prepare to be healed, prepare for victory.”

What are you preparing for? That starts with what you have to say because your mind, your supercomputer, is eavesdropping. And your programming, your mind, to think and therefore eventually believe, which then produces your attitudes. And then your decisions and actions and therefore your experience of life.

We put boundaries around ourselves by what we say and pray…

So oftentimes the shift in the momentum of our life’s experience takes a little time because maybe we’ve been operating under a wrong understanding. Maybe we’ve been speaking death and limitation and mediocrity and “nothing really…” In other words, we put boundaries around ourselves by what we say and what we pray.

The children of Israel limited the Holy One of Israel…

Scripture says that the children of Israel limited the Holy One of Israel, and fundamentally, they limited Him because their perspective was not illuminated by the Word of God. Instead, they chose to focus back on their limitations in Egypt. “Well, at least we had bread in Egypt. Maybe we should go back there.” In other words, they reverted to their “stinking thinking” as Jessie Duplantis always says. And their stinking thinking and speaking eventually led them back to bondage, and a whole generation died out. They basically wandered in circles for 40 years in the wilderness. They weren’t meant to live in the wilderness. God’s intent was for them to navigate basically six weeks. It would’ve taken six weeks journey for the 2 million plus of them and their animals and all their stuff, and all the silver and the gold that they had been loaded up on coming out of Egypt that God blessed them with… it should have only taken six weeks to go from Egypt from the place that they weren’t supposed to be to the place that God had called them to be. It would only have taken six weeks to get to the Promised Land.

But because of what they were saying and thinking and the attitudes that persisted their stinking thinking, they died out. You know the story. And they did not see the Promised Land. It was their children and their grandchildren that saw the Promised Land.

Expect the goodness of God to drip from every pore of your being…

I woke up this morning and I said to myself, “Today’s not only going to be a really good day. But I’m expecting just the goodness of God is going to be dripping from every pore of my being today. You can get to a place in your journey where maybe the world’s still chaotic and crazy and not everything’s perfect, maybe in your life practically or naturally speaking, but you just feel like, “Life is just good. Because His goodness is resting on me. His favor is like dripping from me, from the top of my life to the bottom.” It’s like you have peace in your soul and all is well regardless of external circumstances.

I love that God has set things up in such a way that external circumstances can be far less than perfect, but it can just be well in your soul and you can have peace and hope and know that the Father of heaven is your Heavenly Father. That He is good and only wants to do good and is pouring and raining down His goodness into your life. Amen. Thank you, Father.

Psalm 118…

So I thought of this verse this morning. Psalm 118 says, “Open for me the gates where the righteous enter…” This is the New Living translation. “And I will go in and thank the Lord. These gates lead to the presence of the Lord.” Wow. I mean, come on now. We live so preoccupied by world and culture and personal need and drama and stuff that we got to just like check ourselves and recalibrate to the fact that, “Oh my goodness, we get to come into the presence of God.” Whether you’re here in the chapel, online, in your living room, in a car, God the creator of heaven and earth wants to be where you are. He chose to do what He did through Jesus, that He might indwell, sanctify first, but then indwell the tabernacle of your inner being. God is with us. Emmanuel.

We’re approaching Christmas, right? We sing about Emmanuel, God with you, God with me. And there are some things that we can do, turn our attention to that will manifest His presence and cause Him to become more real to you and to me in the days ahead.

That’s my prayer for you this morning… that for you and your family, God’s presence would become more and more real, tangible, personal.

A call to heaven is a local call…

I jotted this down the other day, that God intends for us to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit every day. After all, it’s a local call. Hahahaha… He is on the inside. He’s right there. So why do we rush off and rush to freaking out and worrying and wondering and trying to figure and process things on our own? He’s with us! If you give Him attention and time. If you’ll patiently wait on Him and let Him just rise from within you. The Holy Spirit is, after all, a consummate gentleman. He’s easily grieved. So you got to be just really aware of Him and just welcoming of Him.

You know, even just you getting distracted with other natural things while you’re trying to spend time with God will cause Him to kind of just stand aside. But He’s still there. But if you want Him to kind of merge with you and begin to speak and move, you need to woo Him. Just like a man woos a woman you know that he’s interested in. You buy flowers and you send nice texts and whatever. You do kind things to express love and interest and care and devotion, etcetera.

The Holy Spirit wants to be wooed and welcomed. He wants to be invited. He’ll just wait. But when you begin to just turn your heart to Him and make time for Him day by day, walking with Him, He will make Himself so real that you will wonder, “How did I ever live life without engaging with the beautiful one, God the Holy Spirit. Who is the one Jesus sent as the down payment on our salvation is a gift and the one to be in us and with us and for us, orchestrating all of the plan of God for you and the church.

But this verse in Psalm 118 goes on to say, “I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory. The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.” That’s Jesus. “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is wonderful to see. For this is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Please Lord, please save us. Please Lord, please give us success. Bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord. We bless you from the house of the Lord. The Lord is God shining upon us. Take the sacrifice.” That could be worship, that could be just your attention, your time, right? It doesn’t have to be a goat or a lamb or whatever. We don’t do that anymore. It’s our time and our attention and our expressions. And laying down something that is selfish and of ourselves to give more to Him.

“You are my God and I will praise you. You are my God and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His faithful love endures forever.”

Psalm 27…

Now, check this out. This is Psalm 27 in particular from the Passion translation. It says, “Don’t let them defeat me, Lord. You can’t let me fall into their clutches. They keep accusing me of things I’ve never done.” Of course, that’s what the enemy does, right? He’s the accuser of the brethren. He lies. He tries to manipulate. He hurls accusations. He tries to bring up our past and get us focused on what somebody said.

“So you can’t let me fall into their clutches. They keep accusing me of things I’ve never done. Breathing out violence against me.” Psalm 27:13 says, “Yet I believe with all of my heart that I will see again Your goodness.” Do you believe that this morning? Glory to God. “Your goodness, Yahweh, in the land of life eternal. Here’s what I’ve learned through it all. Don’t give up. Don’t be impatient.” Come on now! Can I get an amen in this house of prayer? Don’t be impatient. Just go another day today. Don’t get nervous. Jesus, everywhere He went in His earthly ministry, He just was in control. Patient. Calm. God’s going to have His way. You watch, you see. Just remind yourself. Coach yourself up today. That’s what the Word is supposed to be used for. Coach yourself up. Level up in your own understanding and perspective by reminding… Grab a hold of the precious Word of God and let it infuse your being. Change in your intellect, in your mind, in your heart is not a matter of just stopping something and trying to do something else. Change is a matter of replacing the old with the new. His Word is always new. It is always fresh. His presence as I mentioned, He desires us to have an encounter of His presence every day and every day it is fresh and new and inspirational and renewing. Glory to God.

Worship leader had a word of encouragement …

I hear the Holy Spirit telling us, “All those things that you’ve prayed for, all that trauma, all that stuff that you thought was going to take years. It’s not going to take years. Not anymore.” He needs His church whole and well. So all that stuff that we’ve been praying for, all that stuff that we’ve been searching for years and years and years, it’s going to happen and it’s going to happen one on top of the other. Because the church needs to be whole so that we can bring in the end time revival.

So keep asking. Look again. Look again. Because it will be there and it will be bigger and better, and you’ll be more whole and more healed than you ever have been in your life. So expect it. Believe for it. Watch your words to make sure that they align with His. And it will happen suddenly. Just like the boat went from the middle of the sea to the shore… suddenly. Suddenly that cancer will be gone. Suddenly that child will come home. Suddenly this church will be full. Suddenly America will come back. Suddenly. God is the God of suddenly. He’s the God of the impossible. And it is happening and it’s going to happen now. So we need to expect it and believe for it and contend for it.

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