Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pastor Ken…

 Good morning, everyone. Happy Wednesday! Good to see y’all.

I wanted to just take a moment before we jump into some worship here in just a little bit. We are blessed to have Melanie with us, the one and only Melanie with us this morning. So it’s going to be good.

Upcoming Prayer and Presence Conference…

I want to let everyone know that registration is now live and open for our second Prayer and Presence Conference on March 24–26. Once again, it’s a free three-day conference that will be hosted by our very own Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond, with guest speakers Leif Hetland, Heidi Baker, and Pastor Joseph Harris. So, if you recall last year, it was truly a seminal moment in our church. An epic moment, where God just put on a display of His presence and so many people were impacted and just touched and changed. And so I believe He’s going to do that to another level this year. Whether you’re going to be here in person or online, I encourage you to visit There’s a link there on the page for you to register. It’s free. You can join online. You can join in person. I encourage you to check that out.


Let your glory fall upon us… upon those of us in this place… upon those online this morning… upon our nation, Lord, and on the nations.

Lord, your Word says in Second Chronicle 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now my eyes will be open, and my ears attentive to prayer made in this place.”

Father, we open our hearts and our faith to you this morning that you would pour forth your glory in this nation and in the nations in the world to heal, to deliver, to set captives free, to minister the miraculous in hearts and lives and emotions, in homes, in cities and rural regions.

We invite you and ask you Holy Spirit to reposition our hearts and minister life and light and illumination where needed in our hearts, in the hearts of our leaders, and at the heart and center of our churches this morning, at the heart and center of our nations’ governments.

That offices of the Holy Spirit would be open for business like never before. Offices being set up of the Spirit by the Spirit to transact the will of God, to pour forth glory into a generation and into geographic places, and into a time and space that we call the 21st century in America and around the world.

Opening now… sparks of fire, sparks of glory… igniting now … being set in motion now … running freely now among people … among the church, among nations …  spreading, spreading, spreading.

We pray for fuel to be poured on your glory.

We pray for an outpouring… an outpouring of God.  Coming… at this time.

It’s time for ignition. It’s time for it to be set in motion, Father.

So we contend for it this morning. In other words, we intercede this morning… we agree that your hand would be extended, that your glory would be deployed. That there would be an outpouring, Lord

Lord, your Word says that your people would know their God… and that they would do great exploits. So, Lord, we just lift that up to you this morning. Exploits, achievements of and by the Spirit … assignments, divine appointments, prayers that are being granted that must be prayed.

Now we lift those up to you… declarations, announcements.

I hear the word “announcements,” Spirit-inspired announcements for a time and a place and a people and specific situations.

We pray, Father, that you would just pull us in to your closeness. Your Word says if we’ll draw near to you, you’ll draw near to us. And so we pray, Lord, that there would be a very real sense of you drawing us.

We pray, Lord, that hearts and wills across our nation and in your land would be tenderized by the love of God. That the grace of God would fall and go to work, to draw, to convict, to convince, to supernaturally invite and announce to a generation that it’s time to come up, to come in, to respond.

Lord, we pray for a divine and holy migration just like animals migrate in masses on various continents in different ways and among different species. So we pray, Lord, for a divine orchestration by your Holy Spirit to cause the church, to cause people to migrate now in the right direction…

Jesus, you said that we would do the works that you did and even greater works. So, Lord, we pray for those works.

We hear you, Lord. We hear the announcement of heaven. It’s time to migrate, to go, to rise up and to get in the heavenly flow… all across America… bring a shift. Bring a change, Lord.

We declare that over our White House today, over offices of authority in our land, over Washington DC a change. We declare a shift. We declare it over political offices of authority. We declare it over local and civic arenas of authority.

Today we declare a shift and change and a release of God’s glory over the church today, over cities in America, over every quarter of society, over every people group, and family, and household.

Today we declare breakthroughs… today we declare God-ordained alterations and transformations and a shifting of gears out of the ruts of the enemy, out of darkness, and into light, out of deception and into revelation and illumination and the cascading presence and purpose for a generation and for the church.

In this hour, Lord, we declare a shifting into a new God-prepared gear, a new speed, a new cadence, a new rhythm now in the Spirit through the church now in the earth.

We pray out ahead of our nation in the coming weeks and months… I just sense right now, guys, we need to pray a path out here for America. Join with us wherever you are around the world. Pray over your nation.

Lord, we come together once again as one… we echo your prayer that we would be one this morning, even as you are one with your Father, that we would be one in the Spirit with you this morning, echoing the call and the cry of the Spirit for not only this very moment today, but also Lord, that as we navigate in the spirit into the future, we pray out a way for America.

We declare and decree a way forward for our land, a way forward in our nation’s capital, away forward in our economy, a way forward for the church now and every facet of society.

Lord, we pray that there would be a percolation and a saturation point in our society, Lord, making a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way… opening hearts, opening lives, breaking down barriers, bulldozing obstacles… making a way for the coming of the Lord.

We pray for a way to be made for glorious habitation to fall on America, to invade and come into our churches and not leave to come into hearts that the presence and the glory of God would set up resonance on a whole new level of dimensionality we have not witnessed in our time.

In the same vein, we stand against every evil and diabolical work that the enemy is trying to plant or to establish or get a foothold. Your Word says, Lord, in Ephesians, give the enemy no foothold.

And so, Lord, we stand against the diabolical plot of secular humanism. We stand against the diabolical of new age … We stand against that in our land today, whether it be in entertainment or in the political process, whether it be in someone’s home or in the church for that matter, whether it be in our economics.

Father, we pray and declare, in fact a release of your Spirit to be raised up and to pushed back. We push that back today. We push it out of our land, off of our shores, off and out of our cities, out of our children, out of our schools today. We will not stand for it. We will not allow it.

Sister Jeannie…

This morning I woke up and I don’t normally deal with fear, but I woke up with ridiculous fear. The kind of fear that puts pressure on a person. And along with those fears, we already know everything that can go along with that. And so on my way here, I reached out to someone to pray with me and still it didn’t lift. But you know what made it lift? Surrender. The spirit of adoption that casts out fear.

So, Father, I declare right now over the church in America, a full surrender to you that if we perish, we perish. And even in my prayer, I was like, “God, are we going to win?” And I’d hear God say, “Yeah, but you’re fighting from the win.” And it still didn’t lift because all I cared about was the win. It wasn’t about surrender. But then when I surrendered… right back in the flow there! There I went!

And so, Father, we surrender the win to you. We surrender the way to you. And we just surrender right now. And, Father, if we perish, we perish. And at the same time, we know it’s already finished. And you are the waymaker. You are the miracle worker. And I thank you for a full surrender in the church, in the leadership of the church and in the body of Christ that we come to that place of “It’s all about you, Jesus. What would you have me do today?”

Father, we thank you for it right now.

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