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Pastor Ken…

The world is filled with signs…

Somebody not long ago on a national radio program, an author, speaker, researcher… I don’t know that this person was a Christian, but he got on this radio program and coast to coast, across the nation and around the world and said almost like an announcement. They weren’t meaning it that way, but that’s how it came across to me and to my spirit. He said, “We live in a world literally filled with signs.” And I would add to that this morning, that the signs point to the fact that we are in that period of time that Jesus described as the birth pangs before the great tribulation, before things really get unhinged.

And I was just so aware in my spirit this morning that God has called the church in this generation in this particular hour—that’s you, that’s me—to be very aware of the times and the seasons of the dealings and preparations of almighty God.

The Bible goes on to say in one passage that it’s actually a noble thing to be aware of the times and seasons of what He’s doing in our individual lives, in our individual churches, but holistically across the body of Christ.

Watchers on the wall…

I’m reminded that in ancient times when the enemy was approaching, there were watchers. Watchmen on the walls, aware of what was happening, aware of enemy activity.

Of course, in New Testament times, watchmen are pray-ers, right? So that’s a reminder that our position is to be, a people that are to be positioned on the walls of the outpouring, as the Word says. Vigilant and aware of the times and the seasons that we’re in.

And there’s something I shared with you on Monday, and I feel like I need to share it again. It was a prophetic word and it goes in this vein.

It says, Over the next three months, the seeds of faith planted by God’s people through their decrees will accelerate. You could say their prayers will accelerate to fullness. They will produce the fruit of the seeds that were sown, and God’s people will enter into a new time or a new season. June, July, August. Which if you haven’t noticed are already almost up.

This is a period of time some have prophesied that we are to prepare, to get in position, to ready ourselves, make adjustments, set our spiritual house in order and be prepared to go at a moment’s notice at the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

To go where, Ken?

I’m glad you asked. Go up! Maybe. But for sure go with God. We’re in a seasonal shift right now, not just because it’s Minnesota and we’re going from summer to fall. I’m not trying to alarm anybody, but it’s true. It’s almost September. But we’re in a seasonal shift in the plan of God, and it’s incumbent upon us to be very aware of the movement, even the slightest touch of God’s Spirit on the inside of us. In fact, Ezekiel prophesied that that would be one of the great reasons why Jesus would go through and do what He did so that He could make a space and a place on the inside of us so that the Holy Spirit would tabernacle in us. So that we would become a people no longer hardened to the effects of sin and the curse and the law, but instead sensitive, the Amplified Bible says, and responsive to even the slightest touch of God the Holy Spirit.

From my personal notes…

I wrote the other day, “Through us, the church that is, God wants to reveal the reality of Jesus’s demonstrated power to this generation. The prophets have spoken of a great shaking in our time and a great awakening. This is that time. The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing.”

Book, “The Walk of the Spirit, the Walk of Power…”

Now let me just share something else here with you. I found this in Dave Roberson’s book, “The Walk of the Spirit, the Walk of Power.” He shares about the Holy Spirit’s operation and how the Holy Spirit prays for us. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

You have one onboard in your life who is praying for you. He is your divine assistant. And while the days that are before us, it appears ominous and uncertain from a worldly, natural perspective that there could be even more unprecedented times. Am I prophesying? No. But Jesus said there will come tribulations, there will come difficulties. We are entering into a birth pang period where there’s going to be an ebbing and a flowing of craziness and chaotic-ness. But remember Jesus said, “Be of good cheer for I am with you.” And I have overcome that. And I will help you navigate through that, whether it’s a personal, individual situation or a circumstance or something as a nation or on a world level again, if there should come another pandemic, kind of thing. God is able to take us… take you… from where you are to where He’s called you to be. You and your children. And His intent in the midst of chaos, in the midst of confusion, in the midst of surrounding darkness, He’s able to cause your experience in life, your fruitfulness, your blessing to increase that the latter end of you would be greater than the previous however many years you’ve been on this earth.

What will you believe…

So what will you believe? What will you choose to process in your mind today? Speak with your mouth today? I just said that God wants to perform rapidly the decrees that we make out of our mouths. He is wanting, in fact, is pressing down on the accelerator of His purposes. And one of the ways He does that is through us, through the partnership with His church. That as we open our mouths and make known the wonderful works of God in the spirit and in our under understanding, in song and in so many other ways, God is able to follow in the wake of your words and perform what you’ve decreed to establish it.

God watches over His Word to perform it…

The Bible says that He works to establish and perform what you’ve decreed… that He watches intently over His Word to perform it, in Isaiah it says. We’re not to be the beat up, broke, busted, and disgusted church. God is leading us in a moment of time, despite and contrary to what the world has to say and what maybe religious voices have to say. He’s leading us from where we’ve been to a place of gloriousness, to a place where He can put Himself on full display. Not you. Not me in our weakness and limitation. But He wants to put Jesus and His demonstrated power on full display to a generation and a time that is increasingly looking for something that is different than what the world has to offer. And that is Jesus.

Dave Roberson writes in his book, “The Walk of the Spirit, the Walk of Power”…

So somewhere, somehow in God’s great and marvelous plan for His creation, your name came up. And God and His eternal wisdom and counsel laid out a perfect plan for your personal life. Then the Holy Spirit did a wonderful thing. He listened intently to every detail of your life as the Father planned your birth, your ministry, your prosperity, and every aspect of your redemption and personal life.

You know that by the way, in eons past, the Godhead had a meeting. They got together to discuss the wonderfulness and the beautifulness and the redemption that would be performed and put on display in your life personally before you were ever breathed out of the essence of God and into your mother’s womb. God planned and discussed and created your life and what it would be.

So God is prompting and wanting to lead us up. He’s wanting to give us, as I say, a level up in our experience of life. Good days are before us. Not bad days, good days! The Bible says we’re to be in an upward incline into God, that the lot of the righteous is that we would grow brighter and brighter with each passing day. There are no limitations in Him.

He writes, In fact, the Holy Spirit is the one who has been put in charge of overseeing God’s plan for you, your personal life. No one can represent that plan better than He can. He was there. He heard the Father plan every minute and every detail of your life.

And that’s not all. The third person of the Godhead stands face-to-face and absolutely co-equal in every way with the other two members of the Godhead. The great Jehovah, the mighty Logos Jesus. But upon your regeneration as a child of God, the Holy Spirit actually consented to take up residence within your spirit to offer His services to you. That’s why the Bible says He is the great standby. He’s just standing by. He’s right there with you today. Take hope in that. Be encouraged in that. Let your face smile today knowing that the third person of the Godhead, if you profess Jesus, lives in you. Just think about that.

And one of the main reasons He came was to pray for you. Why did God send the Holy Spirit to live inside of you so He could change you into the image of His Son. Whoa! Yeah, that’s true. That’s really one of the great intents of the Father’s heart in this hour and in this particular generation and in the church and in you and me is that we would increasingly be conformed to the image of the Son of God, not just in spirit on the inside, but on the outside as well.

He’s working a masterful plan inside of you and through your mouth and in your thoughts and in your body and every aspect of your life that you would reflect Him more and more and more. So that His glory could be put on full display.

Dave writes, so He could change you into the image of His Son in order to accomplish that goal, the Holy Spirit brought His own prayer language with Him so He could pray for all that concerns you. With that prayer language, He gets involved directly with you in a one-on-one relationship that is independent of anyone else, even your own mind. Praise the Lord.

When the Holy Spirit prays for you, He takes the plan He hears the Father utter and pours it through your spirit. In other words, when you pray, you are processing the plan of God. You are becoming a funnel from heaven to earth and God is able to pour not only the plans and the purposes of God, but the power and provision and sustenance and creativity and answers and solutions and initiatives of heaven through you into the earth realm, into your life and business and church and family. He wants it to come through you. That’s how He set it up, that He would collaboratively work with human vessel and agency to pour His plan through us into our spirit, through our spirit.

You’re in the messy middle…

You are the one that’s been sent into the messy middle of circumstance and chaos and craziness that’s happening in whatever arena you want to point to. Not to sit back and just kind of not draw attention to yourself. But God wants us to stand up and be activated now as pray-ers, as believers, as leaders and insert ourselves spiritually and naturally as He directs into the affairs of this world that we would reroute destinies and lives and situations and elections and nations. Come on now!

The first century Christianity…

There’s so many more believers on this earth than there were in the first century. Yet in the first century, they turned the known world upside down. A small ragtag, many of them uneducated group of “the way” it was called, believers… brought the Roman Empire to its knees in many ways. Don’t tell me that the church, even just in America with the freedoms and the technologies and the prosperity, if you have a car in your garage, you are prosperous. You have clothes, you have food enough to eat to sustain yourself well, you are prosperous. You have light bulbs in a smartphone, you are prosperous. We are way more prosperous than we realize, and that was meant not so that we can just sit back on our laurels and say, praise you, Jesus. It was meant so that we could go and be the true sent ones on a mission in the spirit through prayer on a mission with our natural legs, preaching the Gospel, bringing hope, raising the banner of Jesus to a world that needs to hear His name, the name Jehovah.

Okay, I don’t mean to preach. Let me finish reading and then we’ll pray. That’s for my own sake.

Quote continues…

When the Holy Spirit prays for you, He takes the plan He hears the Father utter and pours it through your spirit. And the language He uses to express that plan as it flows through you is the supernatural language of tongues. Every time you give the Holy Spirit opportunity, He will use that language to pray for your calling, to pray out the plan of God, to edify you and to charge you with His holy power. He will lend Himself to you as your faith allows Him to be activated within your spirit. He will pull you out of everything Jesus set you free from.

I pray that for you today that the Holy Spirit pulls you out from that place you’re in, out from that perspective, out from that trauma, out… Come out, in Jesus’ name, from that former lifestyle, out in Jesus’ name from that illness and that diagnosis, out of the old and into the new, in Jesus’ name.

He will pull you out of everything Jesus has set you free from and into everything Jesus says that you are in Him. If you want to go into your room and pray in that supernatural language for two, four, or even 12 hours, and God, the Holy Spirit will create every single word that comes out of your mouth.

It is your choice to pray or not to pray, but every time you do choose to pray, you will come out of that time of prayer more edified in His plan and purpose for you then if you hadn’t done so. God’s plan for you is in the Spirit and the Holy Spirit is in you. The Holy Spirit is armed with the knowledge of everything He heard about God’s plan of redemption for you before the foundation of the earth.

In other words, before you had a problem, the Holy Spirit knew and knows the solution. And every time He searches your heart, He does it with the intention to pray that plan, the mind of God concerning you in other words, into existence for your life.

Man, that’s really good. That’s so clear and articulate, isn’t it? Love that. Thank you, Father.

He goes on to write, When we spend any amount of time at all praying in the Holy Ghost, we are uttering divine secrets or spiritual laws. The Holy Spirit then employs those laws to see that circumstances, in other words, the natural law, the natural circumstances, line up with the purpose and plan of God for our lives.

In other words, that’s how He causes all things to work together for our good. Even the negative the enemy tries to precipitate. Romans 8:26, when you pray in the Spirit. We cannot pray consistently for very long before the things that don’t belong in God’s plan for us begin to fall away.

In other words, there’s a pruning process that is initiated when we pray in the spirit, pruning in us emotionally, pruning in us spiritually, pruning us on the inside and pruning us on the outside. Sometimes there’s some things He wants to subtract from our lives, from our thoughts, from our perspective.

God loans us His language…

He said, Once I asked the Lord, “Why do you give us such a peculiar language to use in prayer?” This is what He said to my spirit. The Lord said, “Among men, a language has never come into existence that carries the vocabulary to express everything that I am in you through Christ Jesus. Since there was no language with such vocabulary, I had to create My own and loan it to you while you were on the earth.”


I just loan it to you. In other words, tongues or your prayer language.

I loan it to you till you come up to heaven. Then it will cease. Meanwhile, you know in part and I know everything. My entire redemption.

Don’t you love how the Lord… He’s just so matter of fact and like, just so you don’t get it mixed up, I know everything.

So just settle down, be at rest and receive My peace, He would say. My entire redemption plan for all eternity. Whenever the devil comes against you, don’t worry about it. Because of your infirmities, I will start making intercession. In other words, the Holy Spirit is in you, right? He is praying for you. And when you pray in the Spirit, He’s interceding for you according to that plan. And even though you only know in part, I will pray the part you need.

Okay, somebody put up the mind-blown emoji in the chat this morning, right?

The Holy Spirit will pray the part you need…

He will pray the part you need. He will pray through you as you cooperate with Him in the spirit, praying in other tongues. He will pray the part of His power you need, the idea you need, the relationship you need, the favor you need, the alignment of circumstances that needs to come into place for your business. He will pray that so that it lines up and people fall in line, even those far from Jesus and sync up today in Jesus’ name. Business deals, opportunities for ministry, as well as money making are lining up when you pray in the Spirit.

Glory to God. Thank you, Lord.

The Bible says in Romans 8, which I just referenced in verse 27 and 28, and He the Holy Spirit that searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are called according to His purpose.

What does this mean? What does it mean when it says He that searches the hearts? It means that the Holy Spirit continually searches your heart with the intent… It’s almost like a radar. I envision a radar, you know, like a radar sweeping round and round till it suddenly blip, blip, blip. The Holy Spirit is searching, scanning your heart. Back in the old days, maybe 20, 30 years ago, I used to do like a defrag on your hard drive on your computer. And it would like go through and scan, scan through all your files and folders in your computer, and then it would delete what needs to be deleted. It would reorganize and resynchronize everything so that your computer can work much more efficiently and you’ve got more space to do what you need to do and to process and run a program, et cetera, et cetera.

The Spirit defrags your soul…

That’s what praying in the spirit does. It defrags your soul. It defrags and reorganizes and resynchronizes and refreshes and if need be, recreates and recharges as Jude 20 says, your heart, your inner life. You were not meant to keep going and going into exhaustion. In fact, one of the weapons and the tools of the enemy to attack the church is exhaustion. He wants to get us exhausted. He wants to separate us from our sources of power. Prayer and the Word are two of our primary sources of power. So the Holy Spirit searches your heart with the intention of removing everything that is contrary to the will of God.

Oh, let it be so, Lord. Remove from us today, right? Is that your desire to consecrate yourself to Him so much so that whatever needs to be surgically removed, taken out, even maybe some good things. Not just bad things, but even good things at times. Maybe it was good for a season, but it’s a new season. We’re in a transition period right now. We’re entering into a new day. We’re stepping into it. God is preparing. He’s announcing even now, September is going to be a September to remember for you and for the church and America.

But not just because of more chaos and craziness going on, but because of the advancement of the church. And the bright and shining and lit up ones that are going to come to the forefront in I declare and prophesy in politics and in business and economics, and in the church, and in our cities and in our civic arenas. God is calling up His people now. It’s time to stand up and be accounted for in the ranks of God.

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