Morning Prayer Summary for  Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Pastor Brandon…

I’m reminded of Moses stepping away from the presence of the Lord and the residue of His glory was so strong on His face that they had to veil it so that people could be around Him. And then Jesus came, and He removed the veil, not just from the temple but from us.

Word of the Lord…

I hear the Lord say, “Remove the veil and allow My glory to shine forth through your prayers this morning. Don’t hide behind these songs. Don’t hide behind the prayers you’ve always known. Remove the veil and allow what I have imparted into you to shine through because it’s not just for you. I’m taking your prayers this morning with my angels,” says the Lord. “I’m taking them to the highways and the byways and the places that you can’t physically reach, but spiritually, I am moving your prayers, your word, my Word into those places. This is so much bigger than you. It’s so much bigger than what you’ve prayed before and what you’ve experienced before. It’s so much bigger than why you’ve prayed before. And so, team with Me and partner with Me and all the saints that join with us in prayer this morning to take My Word where it belongs. Take My light where it belongs. And that’s not into this church, it’s into the darkness. So let My light with your words and your prayers go into the dark places. I did not send My Son into the light. I sent Him into the darkness of this world to be a light and to bring a light. And I did not bring you here this morning to be in the light. I brought you here to take My light into the darkness.”

So, Lord, send me… send these prayers, oh send your Spirit now…

Pastor Folu…

Pastor Brandon, when you started ministering about the blood… oh, oh, what a joy. What a joy. What a joy. The victory has come. Oh, it’s by the blood. It’s by the blood. It’s by the blood. It’s been done. It’s been won. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord, for that precious blood that is speaking even here right now.

So, saints, as my dear brother was ministering about the blood, here’s what I saw. And if you will receive it, it will be yours because of the blood. So if you’re in here today or if you’re watching online and the doctors have given you or your loved one a diagnosis, the blood is speaking.

That precious blood of the Lamb is flowing freely. So if that is you… if you’re in here or if you know somebody that this pertains to, somebody that is precious to you and the doctors have said, “No more, no more hope. It’s done. Go put your affairs in order and get ready to transition.”

If that is you or if you know somebody that is like that online too, just go ahead and raise up your hand wherever you are. I just want to make a connection with you. Anybody? I see one, two, three, four. Those of you that have your hands up, please go ahead and stand up.

Pastor Brandon, do you mind just ministering up on the blood to these folks that are standing right now.

Pastor Brandon…

What has washed away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus…

Pastor Folu…

So those of you that are standing, I know a lot of you are standing in proxy for others. If you can get them the link to this prayer meeting, it will be good. And not only to get it to them, but the words of the Lord that Pastor Brandon just said there… for them to take that in and listen to that and meditate on it and just let it wash over them… That blood is enough. He is enough. And what the doctors have said as a corporate body right now, we look death in the face. And we say, “Come to life. Be alive. Be alive to finish your call. Be alive to finish your destiny. You will not be taken out suddenly. No, no, no. There’s still a God that reverses situations. So we speak to your body right now, we speak to your soul, we speak to everything that pertains to you. Come alive! In the mighty matchless name of Jesus. So let it be said and so let it be done.”

Thank you Holy One. Since that was not planned, one of the things the Lord is teaching me more and more is that “Son, it’s good to be prepared.” And I’m prepared. God knows I’m prepared. Mr. Brandon back there can tell you I’m prepared because he has some verses that I gave him. But as I sat there and when my brother hit that about the blood, and it’s not just for the situation that we just talked about. That’s already a done situation. If those people that you’re standing for, if they will do what is being said here, if they will just let Jesus Himself be enough for them, they will live. They will live to His glory and they will finish their cause with joy.

Oh, what a joy! Oh, what a joy. Oh, what a joy. The victory has come. Oh, it’s by the blood. It’s by the blood. It’s by the blood. It’s been done. It’s been won. It’s been finished!

Even right now, my dear brothers and sisters, this blood is working mightily in Israel. So let’s just go there right now. This blood is working effectually, effectively in Israel right now. All the campaigns that are to come, the ground campaign, the air campaign, the water campaign, all the campaigns that is happening that will be happening. The blood goes before them… and the blood speaks victory, victory, victory. And the plan of the enemy has been crushed, has been crushed, hallelujah.

Prayer for Israel…

Saints, some of you have been to Israel. Some of you might even have been on that border. So for those of you who have been there, you can imagine it. You can see it. Just go right now in the spirit. Even for those of us that have not been to that border, let’s just go there in the spirit right now. And the angels, as we’re sending this word, as we’re going there right now, the angels are already on that campaign. They’re already making a way for the IDF soldiers. They’re already making a way for the Prime Minister. They’re making a way for the wisdom of God… is flowing freely. Thank you, Lord. Let’s just go there a little bit in prayer right now, praying in the Holy Ghost right now.

Some of you as we are praying in the Spirit, the Holy Ghost is illuminating your understanding right now. Some of you might even go into Gaza as you are praying right now. Some of you might even go right in there. All those tunnels. Some of you, you’re just going in there right now. By the Holy Ghost, you are uncovering things, you are opening things up. Even right now, the IDF, the leadership there… They know where to go to be precise, to be accurate. They know where to go. They know where the tunnels are. Ha, ha, ha, ha. They know, they know, they know, they know by the Spirit of the Living God. Because of our prayers right now. Working effectually. Working effectively. Hallelujah. Precision. Precision. Precision. In the mighty, matchless name of Jesus.

Let your heart pray…

Thank you for praying, saints. Let your heart pray. It doesn’t have to be loud, but let your heart pray because as you pray for the peace of Israel, you’re actually praying for your own peace. You are praying for your own shalom. You pray for your own everything working together. You are praying for your own completeness. You’re praying for your own wholeness. You’re praying for your own welfare. You are praying for your own peace. You are praying for your own safety. You are praying for your own health. You are praying for your own soundness. You’re praying for your own tranquility. You’re praying for your own prosperity… your own perfection… your own fullness… for situations where nothing is broken and nothing is missing. That’s what you are praying for! Even right now. Hallelujah.

Prayer for the enemy to Be crushed…

The plan of the enemy crushed… in the mighty name of Jesus… the lion, the lion, the lion of the tribe of Judah has risen and He’s a man of war. The Lord of Hosts is His name. Hallelujah.

Prayer for the innocents…

Lord, we thank you for revelation knowledge, for the innocent, Lord, like you have been revealing yourself to a lot of Muslims. Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for continuing to reveal yourself to those that are innocent in Gaza. Continue to reveal your goodness… so many have come into that marvelous light… So many Muslims over the years, and even now, so many are coming into this wonderful kingdom because the Lord Jesus Himself, He’s revealing Himself to them.

So saints, let us pray for them for courage for the innocent ones. And there’s a number of them that are innocent. Lord, we pray for them right now for strength to be able to renounce that and come into this marvelous light. And, Lord, help them to be strong because some of them have to pay. They have to pay with their very lives. We pray for them for strength for the innocent, Lord, the innocent ones. And we say thank you for that.

Supernatural campaign going forth. Lord, we thank you for that peace that passes all understanding for every Jewish person all over the world… the peace of God floods their hearts. Even right now, letting them know that everything is okay. Everything will be okay. God Almighty is on His throne.

If the Lord is giving you something very definite, you’re seeing something in the realm of the Spirit right now. You’re seeing it. The Lord is showing you some things about maybe some things that we need to pray out. Just come forward.

Pastor Susan…

I just saw in my heart those that have been taken hostage. And so, Father, we lift them up right now. We lift up the children. We lift up the young people. We lift up the fathers, the mothers. We lift up the IDF soldiers. Father, we lift up people from other nations. And, Father, we thank you that you’re a very present help. And Father, we pray for their deliverance. We pray for those being held, for those being tortured, for those being martyred. Father, we lift them up and we ask you for deliverance… deliverance for the captives now.

Father, intervene as only you can intervene and make a way.

Father, make a way where there seems to be no way. Make a way of escape.

Father, get them out and reveal their locations. We pray the light on where they are, the light on where they’re being held.

Father, make a way, make a way, make a way… Deliver, deliver them, deliver them from evil. We lift them up, deliver them from evil and… help, help, help, help. We call on you for help. Well-timed help, Father, help those that cannot help themselves. Help them, help them. We call upon you, Lord, to help them… intervene, intervene, intervene and make a way.

Open doors, open doors, open doors. Angels, angelic assistants … come to their aid. Under the shadow of the almighty. Hidden, hidden, hidden, hidden in the secret place of the most high.

Father, make a way of escape, escape, escape, escape. Put blinders on the eyes of those that held them. And so Father, make a way, make a way of escape… ways out, ways out. There’s a way out. There’s a way out. Illuminate the way. Illuminate the way.

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