Morning Prayer Summary for  Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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Pastor Ken…

God is calling people to awaken to the eternal realm…

Last night I was talking with someone about the reality of the spirit dimension and how so many things are at least more understandable in culture and in the world today and maybe in our personal lives even when you juxtapose that or set that at the backdrop of the spirit dimension, that there is a spirit realm that is all around us. Just across a veil of some sorts.

And, in fact, this just rose up in my heart this morning. And I jotted it down as we were worshiping that we live in an hour when God is calling people everywhere to awaken to the reality of the spiritual or the eternal realm. That’s what awakening is—the reality of God’s realm. And the more we do so, the more we can cooperate and see, first of all, identify and cooperate with the resources that God has set in place for us, the church, and for us as individuals.

Pastor Mark Hankins reminded us of our identity in Christ…

I think that’s maybe one of the great points of Pastor Mark Hankins this weekend, just reminding us of the essentialness of our identity in Christ. Ephesians 1:3 says that we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm or in heavenly places in Christ. One of the secrets or mysteries of redemption is that God took you out of your old self and put you inside Christ, your new self. Old self is out. New self in Christ is in. Old things have passed away. The new has become. And as long as we’re on this earth and as long as we are in a corruptible body and live in a cursed world, there will be a need each and every day… in fact, as pray-ers, as believers, one of our most important needs or spiritual habits that we must practice is that of reminding ourselves of our real and new self. Amen? Who we are in Christ.

But as well, what we have received from Him, that identical possession that we have in Jesus. God is wanting to awaken us to the reality of what is spiritually ours. Because at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to get the job done for your calling. That’s what’s going to get the job done in and through the church.

It’s not by man’s might and intellect…

The Old Testament rings true when it says it’s not to be by a man’s might or the might of a human intellect, but it’s to be by and of the Spirit… not by might, not by power, but by the Holy Ghost. His power, His ability, His resources. And just like we talk about military ranks amassing on a border to face off with an enemy and have a decisive point of conflict, you better believe that God is amassing heavenly angel ranks and troops, resources on the front lines of what He’s doing in the earth for the church, for us to cooperate with, for us to march in rank and in file with. Not on our own, going our own way.

There seems a way that is right to a man…

There seems to be a way that is right unto a man or a person. But the end is not so good. But God has another way. He has a greater way. He has the successful way in His mind to get things done. And so it’s time for us individually, collectively, to awaken to the spiritual realities of the Word of God that He’s called us to live by faith and not by sight. Or as the New Living Translation says, we’re called to live by believing and not by seeing exclusively. Or filtering everything through our five physical senses.

Do you recognize who you are in Christ…

That’s important because the enemy recognizes who you are in Christ. But do you regularly recognize who you are in Christ? That you are, in fact, the true giant in the earth. That’s the church. That you are marked with the blood of Jesus. That, as I’ve said before, you are literally a lit-up one in the earth. You are lit up with the brightness of the glory of God. And if you didn’t know, that’s one of the things God is doing now. He is turning up the glorification process in the saints and in the church. He wants us to be the bright and shining ones as we navigate forward in time and space in this hour. That we would be literally bright and shining even before His appearing. Caught up eventually to be with Him.

So it’s important. That’s one of the most important ways that you prepare yourself for prayer… is by regularly schooling yourself in dominion, in what you are, what you have received, and what you can do in Him. That is your course and pathway to daily victory. And it’s not something that you accomplish, you ever arrive to. It’s something we must do daily, to follow Him! When it says pick up your cross and follow Him, it means pick up your Bible, pick up the Word of God and become a student, once again, of the Word. Don’t back off that.

The Beast Mode…

I was reminding my daughter the other day, “Katie, you need to get back to your full-on “Beast Mode,” she calls it. Katie Beast Mode. When she went for tryouts for volleyball, she would enter Beast Mode. She was going after every ball. She was leaving it all on the court. We have the saying, “All fight, no quit.” And I said, “You backed off a little bit in some ways. Now it’s time to get back to Beast Mode. All fight, no quit. Stay. Keep at it. Keep the accelerator pressed.”

The Holy Spirit is saying to us not to quit…

And that’s what the Holy Spirit’s saying this morning. Don’t back off. Don’t relent. Don’t withdraw. Lean in. You can do it. It may seem hard, but that’s where we rest and trust and lean into the resources God has made available through His Word. Through praying in the Spirit. Oh my goodness! There is a literal energy and power that’s released from within you when you become aware that God does everything from the Spirit dimension and toward the natural realm… In other words, what He does, He does first from the Spirit and then it is revealed or it is accomplished or it becomes reality in the natural realm.

That’s why every problem in our life first has its root in a spiritual problem. But when you plant into your spirit, when you address the spiritual root of the problem, then things change in the spirit that you can’t see with your eyes, but you can know in your heart. And in time, that will then produce natural solutions and natural change and a shift in momentum in your life. That’s good, isn’t it?

That’s why the Bible says that God desires that we would prosper and be in health, even as our soul or our inner life prospers and is in health. We address what’s going on inside of us. We let the Holy Spirit have access to us on the inside to deal with us. We respond to what He’s saying inside of us. We strengthen ourselves on the inside through the Word, through prayer, through worship, through connection in divine relationships. Then that will produce an outward working of the will of God.

As your soul goes, so goes your life…

3rd John 2, right? “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers and is in health.” So as your soul goes, so goes your life. The answer isn’t out there. The answer is in here. Because He is in here. He is the divine mentor and divine coach. In here is where you can choose today to adopt a fresh attitude of mind, as the Word says. Today is the day you can reject the old stinkin’ thinkin’ and you can adopt a new way of seeing and a new way of thinking that is aligned with the Word! That is the Word in the first place. That the future is bright. That God is on my side. That I can change anything with the cooperation of the Holy Spirit through prayer.

Awaken spiritual realities to us…

So it’s time. The Holy Spirit is wanting to awaken spiritual realities to us like no other generation in time. He wants us to see, in fact, I believe, in the spirit realm in the coming days. More and more. Prayer is your ability to see. When you give Him attention, then He will show you things you’ve not seen before. He’ll pull back the curtain on what He wants you to know, and what He wants to reveal to you. Even the secrets to His kingdom and how He rolls.

But in Jeanne Wilkerson’s book, “Contact With God,” she talks about some of these things. I thought I’d share this, and then I’ve got an excerpt from Autumn Assembly down in Branson, Missouri, that occurred just this last week with Billye Brim and Pastor Lynne and others. There’s a couple of thoughts I want to share from both those places.

Excerpt from Jeannie Wilkerson’s book, “Contact With God…”

Jeannie writes in her book, Contact With God: “But intercessors are holding back judgment. Praise God. Through prayer, we can extend time. We can anoint ministries. We can release finances. Prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. God told our prayer group that prayer is one of the greatest weapons in His arsenal. But so often, it has been ignored. Nobody had come to call for it.

Probably because we have this problem of “spiritual drift,” I call it. Or spiritual amnesia. If we don’t daily remind ourselves of who we are, what we have, and what we can do in Him, we tend to drift toward our human default, which is just natural concerns, just a low-level living… going through the motions of life.

When that’s not what Jesus came to draw our attention to. He came to start a revolution, I like to say. When He died and was raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of His Father, He came to start a revolution in the way we see, the way we live, the way we do life.

“Well, it is time we call for it (for prayer that is). We must call for the power of prayer to be released into this world. We must be aware of our current needs, just as Daniel knew of his generation’s need. Did you know that the Jews kept such detailed records that they knew exactly when to the day the Messiah Jesus Christ would arrive on the earth? Well, now is the time to look for His return. Of course, that is a huge reason why God is awakening us to the reality of the spiritual realm. We must read the signs of the times, keeping accurate records and flowing with the moves of the Holy Spirit. We must pray to understand the times and the seasons of God so we can perform mighty signs and wonders in Jesus’ name.

“Let me share with you a prophecy the Lord gave me about increasing our spiritual senses. [That’s what I’m talking about. Another way of putting it.] She says, “Awake, O church of God. Put on your beautiful garments of light and life. Get the shoes on your feet because there will be music in this great celebration. There will be dancing in my house. Ha! And when the prodigal returns, there will be a celebration like you have never seen before. Your eyes cannot yet fathom it, and you cannot yet believe what your ears are hearing. If only now you were not so dull spiritually, the Holy Spirit would unveil to you the things that are beyond human comprehension. When you have grown just a little more, I will draw back the curtain on some beautiful things. Things that are coming onto the scene from God. Things the church will enter into. But first, I had to arouse you and awaken you and cause you to stand at spiritual attention for you to hear again what My Spirit wants to speak to you. I have things to say to you. I’m longing to visit you with great visitations. I will be seen again in your midst as John saw Me on the Isle of Patmos when I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. He was caught away in My presence. And one of these days, there will be such a drawing of the people of God by the magnitude of My presence that you will literally see Me and I will appear to you.

“Let us look for that great move of God, but let us not look passively. It is time to act. It is time to come together to pray, to perform mighty works on the earth. It is time for us to change the hearts and the destiny of the lost. Together, we can give new life to those who live a life without prayer. Making intercessors out of every believer to meet the needs of this generation.”

Word through Billye Brim at Autumn Assembly…

Isn’t that good? At Autumn Assembly, this was Billye Brim on October 12, so just last week. She shared under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit…

“Praying in the Spirit is its own reward. It’s really the only way you could pray in one accord, for your minds differ. They go here and they go there. They run. They go run here. They run there. But when you pray together in the spirit, the Spirit takes over from there and disseminates blessings, wins wars, brings judgments, and so much more… all out of praying in the Holy Spirit. When you know the Spirit, for He definitely knows you, and you pray the prayer of agreement, you two, you and the Holy Spirit, the spirit of prayer, right there in your house, in your very prayer chair. But oh, what the Spirit can do when there’s all of you, and the power is turned up because you supped from the cup of love, and you live above petty things.

Power to this earth will bring earth shaking, nation-quaking power. It’s available to the body of Christ in this hour. I’m pleased with you. I’ve looked inside where love abides, and you’ve made some choices, and you’ve lifted your voices. You cannot see what has happened. But I do. What has happened just when you’ve been here? Did you think I did not know what would be going on in the earth? So I chose you. I chose these dates. And now nothing will stop Me. You’ve given Me a mandate.

What’s that mandate? It’s our prayers. It’s our intercessions. It’s our supplications. It’s our worship. It’s our praise. And I must fulfill what you have prayed in concordance with the Father’s will. There’s more for you to do. Yes, there’s a great power when just the two, the Spirit and you, but there’s so much more in the temple gathered.”

In other words, in collective prayer.

“It shall be explored. It shall be manifested. It shall be exhibited in many ways. In the days you have left on the earth, the Father knows how many they are, but even you can know it’s not very far in the future. (In other words, His return.) The signs of the times just sense inside you’re about to fulfill your role as a glorious bride. The change is here. It’s here. Can I get an amen? There are many in this place in whom He is pleased. You’ve bowed the knees of your heart. You’ve lived for others, and you’ve lived for Him. And you’re going to start to glow and show the glory of God in every way. Individually, He’s brought you, He’s taught you, even to this place today. Your inner ear will be amplified. You’ll just be walking in your house and you’ll hear, ‘Do this, say this, say that.’ Always in such a way that you draw attention to Me, and others will see the glory of God in you. So rejoice and be exceedingly glad. These are the end of days. And oh the walk you’ve been chosen to walk, the time you’ve been chosen to be is all in God’s plan. It came from Me. Your path, your way, revealed to you this day. Don’t go from here saying, ‘What shall I do? Where shall I go? And what shall I be?’ Go from here saying, ‘The Lord speaks to me. I hear Him. I hear His Word. I hear in my heart. I walk in love, and I shall not depart.’ In Jesus’ name.

Hebrews 11…

Let me read one passage of scripture. In Hebrews 11 from the Passion Translation, it states, “Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. For it is the evidence required to prove what is unseen.” Verse three says, “Faith empowers us to see the universe was created and beautifully coordinated by the power of God’s words. He spoke and the invisible realm gave birth to all that is seen.

So in other words, His words, therefore our words must carry power, must be creative in their ability. That’s why we pray. We’re releasing the creative ability of God when we pray.

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