Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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Good morning, everybody. How’s everyone doing? Happy Tuesday! Another beautiful day. Get to just come together as staff and church family and pray together…

Let’s just pray and invite Holy Spirit to come and fill us afresh this morning and come and speak to our hearts. His Word is everything. His Word is bread. It’s life. Father, come and speak to us from your Word this morning.

Pastor Jim…

I’ll usually do this unless the Lord tells me not to. But the Bible has numerous examples of what we’re doing today. Acts 1:14, “These all continued with one accord in prayer.” Verse 14, that was the mother of Jesus, His brethren, the women all together. You can see in the next verse, there were 120 of them together.

In Acts 1:15, Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples and said the number of names together were about 120. And then in the same instance in Acts 2:1, “When the day of Pentecost was fully come…” There it is again. They were all with one accord. One accord! This is the same kind of prayer that we’re praying right now.

Acts 4:24, “And when they heard that, they lifted up their voices.” There it is again—one accord. A whole different instance. But you see the church constantly getting together in a group.

Even Acts 16:25, Paul and Silas at midnight. You see they’re praying together out loud so that the other prisoners can hear them. And it says at midnight… and that’s just not the time of day. That’s signifying what was going on in their lives. And notice they were singing praises with prayer.

Example from Kenneth E. Hagin’s book, “The Bible Prayer Study Coarse”

This book, “The Bible Prayer Study Course,” by Kenneth Hagin. He talks about this instance in the book when these people that prayed themselves into a revival. Isn’t that what we’re trying to do? And out of the book, he said “One couple in the church had a son who was grown and married. He’d come to visit his parents. He was attending the church while he was visiting. During the day, his son driving his car past the church, heard the people praying in the church. Later, he said to his father, “We have to go tonight because they’re going to have a big one.” His Father said, “Why do you say that?” The son answered, “Because they’re already in church praying about it. They’ve already started to practice in the middle of the afternoon.”

Kenneth Hagin says, “I believe sometimes that’s a reason we don’t have a big one.” We haven’t practiced for it through prayer and praise.

He also says we need that kind of praying today… how desperately we need that kind of praying. And when things begin to be shaken, some people are going to be shaken. He says the shaking will cause some people to come into the church and others who are not sincere to leave the church.

Folks who do not want to change, won’t stay around if things are shaken. In some churches, there are some people who need to be shaken. Those people will go when the shaking begins, but others will come into the church and stay.

So you’re going to see that this prayer today follows almost an outline of Colossians 1:9–14. Paul praying for a specific church. He’s also telling them, “This is how you pray.”

And so online, please bear with me because we’re covering things that absolutely have to be covered in this ministry today, that need to be spoken out loud and need to be called in, need to be bound and loosed. If you don’t ask for it, you don’t get it.

And so I want to start out, but I think it’s powerful if we all can see this at the same time, that what your version is of Jesus on the cross, on Golgotha, looking how He looked. And He’s breathing up there. Or maybe it’s His view, what He’s seeing. And you would almost picture like a sporting event. The way they’re heckling Him. The Bible says what they were saying. And just breathing and bleeding and suffering as long as it needed to take to finish the work. Just picture that! I think there’s power in a hundred people picturing that in one accord.

We do not cease to pray…

We say it before we even start: Everything that we do and say today is in the name of Jesus Christ. And we do not cease to pray. Some of us pray every day for these things… we pray all the time. But today for Living Word,  Maranatha Christian Academy, Living Word staff, congregation, every single person watching online, every single member here joining us in prayer, their businesses… we pray that we be filled with the full, deep, and clear. You’re going to hear those words a lot today. Full, deep, and clear knowledge of your will.

What’s that?

That’s His plan. That means we can know His plan, that we can pray to know His plan. Full, deep, and clear knowledge of your will is your plan. We can pray for that. We’re told to pray for that. In other words, if we don’t pray for that, we don’t get it. The Amplified Bible calls it “full, deep and clear.” That’s details of the plan.

Lord, your plan for this church, for this congregation, for Living Word, for this staff, for the Living Word Northwest, Living Word Iglesia Espanol, Living Word online church. We’re asking for exactly the knowledge of your will to be filled with it. The only way that can happen is by receiving wisdom from you. That’s knowledge. When you get knowledge of His will, that’s wisdom.

A reverence for the Lord…

What causes wisdom? What leads to wisdom? We ask you for the fear of the Lord, a revived fear of the Lord, a reverence for you. I believe there is a spirit that is the fear of the Lord. Just like there’s a spirit of wisdom. Just like the devil has an actual spirit of fear. He’s not a big one. He’s a little guy. The devil’s fear. We ask for that Spirit of the fear of the Lord will come into Living Word all services, children’s services, youth services, MCA chapels, the services of the people watching online. A respect and true reverence, a revised reverence for you, Lord.

Possession of deep knowledge of the plan…

Grant unto us in the name of Jesus Christ, a possession… that we would possess a fuller, deeper, and clearer knowledge of that plan… full. That we possess full knowledge. We need clear knowledge, deep, deep knowledge, which only can come through true spiritual wisdom and insight. Make us wise about spiritual things on a second-by-second basis.

Give us discernment. I’m not talking about seeing spirits. A discernment all day, every day… a discerning, a knowing, a connection… clear connection. No disconnect. Not one day of disconnect, not a half day of disconnect. A bridge over that disconnect… a bridge.

Give Mac and Lynne Hammond a discerning, a knowing, a connection. Put their hands on the pulse of this church in the spirit. We thank you for great health for them, great rest for them, great wisdom and revelation for them. We thank you, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, that through what you did on the cross being pierced through your hands and feet with the nails was for our sanctification. The nails were to deal with our sins. The Bible says He was pierced for our iniquities.

We present our bodies to God as living sacrifices. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost. We pray from the spirit man… not out of our heads. We open that lid to be open. You said for us to carry our cross daily because we’ve been crucified with you. But we can ask for strength to do that effectively. Strength from the crucifixion, strength from the resurrection, strength from your Word to literally carry that cross in our actions.

We pray that we would walk and live and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of you. Desiring to please you in all things. Give us the desire… a stronger desire, a more awareness that you are there … an awareness that you’re with us in our jobs.

We pray that we would walk and live and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of you to your full satisfaction. That we would continually wait on your pleasure… that each and every person in here and watching online would bring you joy…

A call for loneliness…

I’m supposed to call for loneliness. If you’re lonely, you need to come up here and let me lay hands on you. And that’s your call. That’s a normal thing. The world today is lonelier than it’s ever been. It hit me hard. So just come on up here and let’s do this. And then we’ll continue with prayer. Whoever that is, if that’s multiple people… It’s not a strike to your spouse. There’s a loneliness… that means there’s something missing with God. There’s no human that is ever going to replace that. It doesn’t matter how great your spouse is. It’s not a cut to your spouse if you’re lonely. So you just need to come up here.

Praying for those who came forward…


Lord, as we are praying for our lives to be fruitful, that we would bear perfect fruit in every action, that Living Word, that this organization and our congregation would bear perfect fruit in every action. MCA would bear perfect fruit in every child in that school… that the Living Word staff and congregation and our online pray-ers would bear perfect fruit in their jobs, in their marriages, in raising their children.

We bind any spirit of loneliness, rejection, confusion, deception in the name of Jesus Christ.

We bind it, we rebuke it, we resist it, and we curse it with the blood of Jesus Christ.

We pray that you would give Living Word as a whole, more souls as a fruit… not just win souls, but the wisdom, the wherewithal, the motivation, the right people to disciple the souls … make us better at training that we would steadily grow and increase in the knowledge of you.

We’re asking in the name of Jesus Christ that we grow continually in this wisdom with a fuller and deeper and clearer insight in this word, acquaintance… and recognition of you.

Lord, we’re asking you for a hunger and the discipline and the desire for a fuller, deeper, and clearer acquaintance.

For those of us that don’t know how to be still, show us how to be still and just know that you are God.

We’re asking for a deeper relationship that we would not be shallow. Lord, that you would give us a depth.

We ask that you would invigorate the finances of this church, the congregation, the staff, Living Word northwest.

We call the debt on this building paid in the name of Jesus Christ. We call the debts of the congregation, the debts of businesses, everyone watching online, personal debts paid in the name of Jesus.

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