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Testimony by UPS man…

I want to share something with you guys. I had back pain not too long ago, and I put all my trust and faith in God. And it came back. And I was like, at that point I had a decision. Do I put my trust and faith in God? Or do I listen to the flesh and say, “You know what, forget it. You don’t need God. You can just do it. You can go and do whatever you need to do. You’ll get better.” And I said, “No! We serve a God way too high for that.” So I just remember putting my hand there, just praying over my back and saying, “You know what, God, You’re my provider. You take care of everything. No matter what it is, You’ve gotten me this far. So why would You stop?”

And the funny thing is, I’m working at UPS and my back acted up. And I remember my supervisor asking me, “Hey, so your back messed up the first time. There’s a guy here that has the same thing. What did you do?” I said, “Well, I prayed.” And of course, he gives me the whole, you know, kind of like that [eye roll]. And I’m just like… So he asked me again. It was almost as if he was challenging the fact that I prayed. He said, “No, man, no, no, no. What’d you do?” I said, “I prayed. That’s exactly what I did.” But it was funny how God was working in that because he was throwing out, “F bombs” left and right. He was like “this and this and this…” And I remember going into his office and his whole conversation changed as if God was like moving in him at that point. And he would substitute a word like, “the heck,” you know, or something like that. And it was just funny to me.

But the enemy would try to do anything to destroy you. That’s what I’ve learned from that experience. That he would do any and everything because he knows his days are numbered and he would try to do anything to attack my family, attack me. But I stand strong in my faith, knowing that He’s always taking care of us, me and my family, my beautiful wife over there… our kids. He tried to take out my older daughter, but that didn’t work. Of course, God is the Most High. He tried to do a lot of things. I just wanted to share with you guys this morning.

I stand here before you guys and let you know that God is good. That stands with me so much. It’s like, God is good because He’s gotten me to where I’m at. There was a lot of people along my journey who said I wouldn’t make it. God had bigger and better plans for me.

So if anything, just take that with you. Just know He has bigger and better things for us. It’s crazy because, you know, you start to allow God to move in you and you start to talk different, think different, just so many things about you is different. I’m not saying that I’m still this fun guy and whatever. But just a lot of things that my situations I be in, just like I don’t have to overthink them or get overwhelmed about them. It’s just that He provides me with the right answers to be able to help out that situation.

So I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you for allowing me share that. I appreciate you guys.

Pastor Folu…

Thank you, Lord, for your presence in this place. And thank you for our dear brother, for how you’re moving in his life and in his wife’s life and their family. Thank you that You began a good work in them. You will perfect it, complete it, and finish it. Hallelujah.

Church planting testimonies…

Saints, I want to start with some testimonies about what the Lord is doing in this wonderful church. When I read the Global Church Planting Update, I was like, “Wow! Look what the Lord is doing all over the world.” And some of you might not have heard about this, but I just want to read some of this.

That in El Salvador, the Lord just gave us the opportunity to have a groundbreaking ceremony for one of our future church plants. Isn’t that exciting? What the Lord is doing all over the world and He is using you and I to do these things.

In Guatemala, they had a women’s outreach that was attended by a 100 to 110 women where they heard the Word of God and received prayer and a cooked meal to take home to their families. Hallelujah!

I mean these things that look like little things, but they’re not. They’re big deals of what the Lord is doing through this church right here.

How about this one? Many people received salvation and were baptized with the Holy Spirit in Colombia. They had an event in the community of Socha with 120 children participating, who are trained on how to report domestic or sexual abuse and how to stay away from drugs. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord for this.

Thank you for Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond. And for the vision to take this Gospel all over the world, the heart of God… that we’re not selfish with this Word that we share it.

So we lift up our dear pastors right now, Father. Saints, let’s just pray for them in the Spirit.

Thank you, Lord, for wisdom for them, continuous wisdom… and that goes for you that are online. If your church is believing God to do something in your neighborhood, doing something in your state. We join up with you now. If God is doing it here at Living Wood, He’s no respecter of persons. He will do it for you too.

And we just come against every hindrance of the enemy.

Saints, let’s call in the finances that are needed, not just for the global church planting, but for right here at this church. All the finances, Lord, we call it in.

We come against every plan of the enemy. We say no, your plan does not work, will not work, has never worked. The plan of God goes forward and as God Almighty is speaking to people’s hearts, the money is being released more and more and more and more.

Thank you, Lord, that people are obeying your Word right now… Your Word of releasing those funds… it’s actually for your own betterment, dear brother, dear sister, because that money goes into your future. Hallelujah.

Giving testimony…

Saints, more and more, I’m getting more and more persuaded that God really doesn’t need our money. He just needs our obedience. He needs our cooperation because it’s for our own good.

Recently talking about finances, I did something that was for a dear family member who was having some challenges. And all I did was give a thousand dollars over the next few months. And as soon as I put that thing in the ground just two weeks ago, that very weekend, somebody came to me in the main lobby and handed me a check for 9,000 bucks! Not for my own personal use, but for the ministry that I’m in charge of… in terms of we’re getting ready for the tent revival now. It just blew me away.

And the Lord said, “Son, this is not personally for you. Yes, it’s for the ministry that you head over. And this is just an indicator of what is to come.” I mean, before you even put it in the ground, it’s coming. I did that thing on Thursday, and Saturday she walked up to me. She had her checkbook and wrote the check, “Living Word, tent revival, $9,000.” I said, “Wow.”

So, Saints, if the Lord is speaking to you to do something, just go ahead and do it. It’s for your own betterment. It really is. He sees the challenge. When the lady did that, I said, “Good for you.” She came to me in the main lobby two Saturdays ago and said, “Hey, I just want you to agree with me. I’m going to be sowing a seed to Living Word. I’m believing to buy my own house debt free. And I’m going to be sowing a seed toward that.” I said, “Good for you.”

So if you’re here or you’re watching online and God has been speaking to your heart about releasing that money, just go ahead and obey God. He is going to surprise you. What I did was an instrumental thing. It was like, I don’t know, $125 for next eight months. And it wasn’t even the whole thing, not even the whole one grand at once and $9,000 just came in like that.

Prayer for Senate bill…

Saints, I want us to pray a little bit about this Senate bill. Some of you might know about this, it’s going to be voted on tomorrow. The Senate bill, 4292. And for those of you that already know about this, please, if you have not yet contacted your state representative, please contact them. And they need to vote “no” on that bill, which takes away our religious freedoms. We’re not going to have that.

So, Father, according to your Word, if two of us shall agree on earth as touching anything that we shall ask, He said, it shall be done. He said whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. So we bind this agenda of the enemy to try to infringe on our religious freedom. And we come against it now in the mighty name of Jesus. It will not pass in the name of Jesus. We curse it. And we say you have no room right here in Minnesota to try to infringe on our religious freedom.

Saints, I want to read this. This has been strong on my heart of late. It’s the word of the Lord. You know, how Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the enemy for God was with Him. So this is the word of the Lord saying, “I’m looking for the remnant of My people. That their motivation is to cause healing, to come into this earth and deliverance to be in the land of My people and deliverance to be in the body of Christ. And deliverance to be in the streets and are willing to go do what I tell them to do.”

So I want to quickly do this. Last week at Healing School, we had a gentleman that had been dealing with chewing tobacco for 33 years. He heard that by the grace of the Lord, that we were going to have a special ministry for people that were dealing with that last Monday. So on Sunday, he came to me and said, “Folu, I’m coming to Healing School tomorrow.” He’s a newer member here. He says, “This thing has had me bound for 33 years and I want to be free of this thing.”

And so on Monday night, when the call was made, he brought the can and put it on the altar. And my wife and I laid hands on everybody that came forward. And then two days later, I saw him and his wife in the main lobby getting ready for the service. I said, “Hey, brother, how you doing? How’s it been? It’s been couple days.”

He said, “Whew. It’s been a fight.” He said, “The enemy is trying to bring that thing back on me. But I have stood strong.” And I feel like ministering on that front this morning that if you’re here, it was the whole gamut of tobacco, marijuana, smoking, any of those kinds of illicit drugs or anything on that front. This does not necessarily have to be for you personally. But there’s something very powerful about standing in the gap for others. And so if you have a family member… because God did it for a guy that had been bound for 33 years. I mean 33 years! And so if you’re here, if you’re online, it’s the Lord that is going to do it.

And if you’re standing in the gap for somebody, I want you to come forward. This is the time for prayer. And the Lord just reminded me, “I want deliverance in My house.” And it’s the power of God that is doing it. It’s not any man. So if that is you, please come forward. We’ll make it real quick if you’re standing in the gap for somebody or if it’s you and just want to break that thing off of your life, just come up front and we’re going to believe God… that He will do it quickly.

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