Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 05, 2015

Mary shared excerpts from book, The Nature and Dynamics of Revival Glory by Dr. John D. Shiver…

“Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence” Isaiah 64:1.

Revival is always rooted in human experience. It is a sovereign, holy, personal encounter that people have with the Spirit of the living God. It is not a movement or a religious fad. It is not a doctrine. It is not a theological concept that can be dissected, examined, or debated. No diversity of opinions about revival can be equally accepted and respected. Revival comes as a result of people who are having personal encounters with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Anything less than that is little more than just another religious exercise.

Revivals take place when the atmosphere of Heaven invades earth and people are touched by the tangible power of the Person of the Holy Spirit. The experience is totally supernatural in nature. In fact, when people attempt to interject their ways in to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in revival, they only succeed in aborting the work that God intended to do.

The first term we will need is the word “glory” as in “the glory of God.” References to glory are found throughout the scriptures. We use the word often in church. There are many songs that incorporate glory into their lyrics. Yet for the most part, most Christians really do not know what glory actually means. Before we will ever understand what revival is, we must understand what the glory of God is.

Glory is the omnipresence of God becoming the manifested presence of God. This brings us to our second term, omnipresence, which means that something is everywhere at all times and that there is nowhere one can go that this presence is not already there. Glory, therefore, is the ever present Spirit of God becoming the manifested presence of God in the natural realm, where people can actually experience Him using one or more of their five natural senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

It is important that we understand the following truth. Glory is not a deity, a power, or a force. Glory is the presence of a person—the Person of the Holy Spirit. Glory is the presence of the Holy Spirit moving from the spiritual realm into the physical realm where people encounter the power of His presence. It says in 1 Cor. 2:4–5, “And my speech and preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.”

Paul said that his ministry among the Corinthians had not been based upon just teaching and intellectualism but rather on the “demonstration of the Spirit.” It was his desire that their faith not be intellectual only. Paul wanted the Corinthian Church to have a faith based in personal experience with the power of God. The Holy Spirit is not a force or a power. He is the third Person of the Trinity. He is co-equal with the Father because He is the Spirit of the Father. All that the Father is, He is, for He is the essence of the Father. He is co-equal with Jesus, the Son of God, because He is the Spirit of Jesus. There is no attribute of the Father or of Jesus that is not found in the Person of the Holy Spirit. All the love, grace, mercy, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, and power of the God-head is invested in Him.

The third term that we must address in our pursuit of understanding revival is the word “anointing.” Literally translated, this word means “to smear with fat and oil,” as in to grease something. In Scripture, anointing is always somehow related to the work of the Holy Spirit. When we refer to the word anointing, what we are actually referring to is a type of measurement or description of what is happening because of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. Just as the pound is a measurement of weight, gallon is a measurement of a liquid, and foot is a measurement of length, so anointing is a measurement of the amount of glory, or the Holy Spirit’s manifested presence, that is flowing through a person’s life or ministry.

Let’s pull these concepts together. The anointing is the measure and description of what the Holy Spirit does through the manifestation of His presence and power which is actually the revelation of His glory. The manifestation of His glory, as it impacts people in the natural realm, forms the basis of our understanding of revival. Therefore, revival glory is the presence of the Holy Spirit becoming tangible, invading the natural realm of human existence, and changing people by touching them with the power of God.

There are three types of revival. The personal or individual revival. It is a visitation of the Holy Spirit’s presence that produces a deeper love and commitment to God on a personal, individual level. It is this work of the Holy Spirit that has kept faith alive in the hearts of believers across the centuries. Ultimately, it is this type of personal revival in individual hearts that forms the foundation for all the other types of revival. This type of personal revival in individual hearts is always taking place, regardless of what God is or is not doing in multitudes on a regional or global scale.

Then there is the corporate revival. This is what happens when the Holy Spirit’s presence impacts more than just one individual believer. It can involve a single church or it may span many churches across a wide spectrum of areas and even denominations. People will be saved in these types of revivals, but the majority of the work that God does in these times is directed toward renewing and refocusing the hearts of God’s people who have backslidden. Corporate revival is more renewal oriented in that its primary objective is to rekindle love and passion for Jesus in the hearts of God’s people.

This type of revival should never be considered a lesser work of the Holy Spirit. Every existing church building in the world today would be filled to overflowing if only those Christians who are backslidden could be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit through corporate revival! There are tens of millions of Christians whose walk with God has grown cold. Though saved, they walk in darkness outside the conscious awareness of God’s presence. If only those and more were touched by the glory of God, transformation of their nation would take place in a matter of weeks.

The third type of revival … is what we call atmospheric revival. When we refer to atmospheric revival, we are speaking of a type of revival in which the presence of God becomes tangible and hovers over a geographic region, impacting the lives of both Christians and non-Christians alike. It is a type of revival that renews the Church, but also draws multitudes of lost people to Jesus that they might be saved. This is the type of revival Isaiah was referring to when he said, “Oh that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence—As fire burns brushwood, as fire causes water to boil—to make Your name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence! (Isa. 64:1 –2).

Now imagine the wall that separates the two worlds being broken open. Suddenly, the world filled with life and blessing begins to pour through the breach and into the world consumed with death and barrenness. A world of darkness and despair would suddenly be filled with light and life and blessings from the presence of the Lord.

Atmospheric revival has always been a part of the history of the Church. It has come like waves of His glory at various times across the centuries. It has also been manifested at various times through individual revival ministries which God has used. When the person whose ministry God had anointed was present, revival fires were ignited. When that person moved on to another city or nation, the Church continued to live in the afterglow of what God did in that season of time. Sometimes, the afterglow lasted for decades.

The heart of revival was born on the day of Pentecost, with the coming of the Holy Spirit. Atmospheric revival broke out everywhere the testimony of Jesus Christ went! It was all presence-based.

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Mary’s comments…

We’ll never be satisfied. He’s put it in our hearts to continuously call for it. We’ve been praying and praying and praying. God hears our prayers and we will continue and we will see it, amen?


Thank You, Father, for what You have done and where You have taken us
We are moving from glory to glory
Thank You for the churches, for the body of Christ responding to the Spirit’s draw to pray more earnestly
With fervent hearts, Father, we must have more
We must move into a greater place in You
Come! Come the way You want to
Help us, Lord
Busting out of the old ways into the new
You are working by Your Spirit and we thank You, Holy Spirit.
Come in a greater way
Touching the multitudes, changing the hearts, rearranging our thoughts
A revelation of Your glory, Father, in the hearts of the believers
You are a holy God
Open eyes that they may see clearly
Single minded to Your purpose in these days
The body must see, must change by Your Spirit, Lord
Shaking, You are shaking the body of Christ, shaking the nations
Marching on in the Spirit we do go
Taking up the assignments in the Spirit; we respond to those assignments
Calling, calling, You’re calling
Shaking all the debris off
The body of Christ standing up
See, see, the eyes… See!
The mandates
Vacillating back and forth, but firmly planted in the Word of the Lord
No longer a slave to the devil but coming up
Be easily entreated by the Holy Spirit
The alarm! Awake, O Sleeper, and arise!
Now is the time!
Be ready now, be ready now
The clock is ticking
The Spirit of God into that place, turn down the works of the enemy
Doors… unlock… the keys… those keys…
The combination
A demonstration… let them see
The boldness, boldness… it’s a broad place
Solidify… we break that thing… take hold…
Proceed in it…
Shekinah! Shekinah! Shekinah!

Pastor Paul exhorted…

When you were talking about the glory, there’s a verse in Romans I believe chapter 8:18 and it says, “For I reckon the sufferings of this present time cannot be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.” That word glory is God’s view, God’s judgment, God’s revelation of who we are in Him and who He is in us. For revival to rise in the nation and in the people of God and in the communities and across the world, the body of Christ must come to the realization of how God sees them. God does not see them in a decrepit state. God does not see them as people full of sin or people who do not make the mark or people who are struggling. God sees them the way He sees Jesus Christ. He sees them in the fullness of Himself. He sees them in the power of His might. He sees them in the unction of His Spirit. He sees them in the authority of the Word. He sees them in the strength of His glory. He sees them in the power of His might. He sees them walking in the glory. He sees them walking in the power. He sees them walking in completeness. He sees them as ambassadors who are exchanging the power of the kingdom of God for this world. This glory God is calling for is the glory that is already revealed in His children. And His children are opening their eyes to see what Jesus is in them, what they are in Jesus and what Jesus is to the world. So when they open their mouths, they’re opening their mouths as children of God who are children of the most High who have the conversation in heaven. Hallelujah! Our conversation is in heaven. That means our citizenship is in heaven. The way we look at ourselves is that we are looking at ourselves as people born from above! Hallelujah. So this revival that is coming into the world is coming to the world by a people who do know their God and are strong and who do exploits. No longer shall the church of God look at themselves by the way the world describes them or by the way circumstances have befallen them, by the way they were born whether they were born on the right side or the left side, they will see themselves as citizens of the most high God. For now are we the sons of God. Hallelujah! Now! It’s not in the future. It’s not from your past. It’s not from natural descent. It’s not from natural man. It’s not from the heart of man. It’s not by the blood of man. It’s from God… being born again. So this glory that the Lord is talking about is a view of yourself in Him and we all with open face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are transformed and changed into that same image from glory to glory, even by the Spirit of God!

Worshiped and sang song…

The cloud of glory is moving, move with the cloud. Let your spirit arise, your strength be renewed. Come let us move all together. As we follow where He leads, new heights we will receive. Move with the cloud. The cloud of glory is moving, move with the cloud, move with the cloud.

Mary shared…

He’s taking us from glory to glory, from strength to strength. Amen? We do hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and our Father’s voice we follow every day. We purpose in our hearts every day to be obedient to the Spirit, to pray or to do whatever He asks of us. We will see what He has said would come to pass. Amen!

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