Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ms. Annie led us singing No Longer Do I Call You Servant, I Call You Friend

Pastor Ray…

Ms. Annie would you share what you told me yesterday about Brother Copeland?

Ms. Annie shared…

The Holy Spirit was reminding me of something Brother Copeland had shared in a message some time back. He was talking about how God renews our youth like the eagle. You know he will be 82 in December. Well, he talked about how his mother died in her seventies and his father I think lived into his nineties. But physically, in the natural he said he took after his mother’s side. Everybody on his mother’s side when they hit seventy, their physical bodies started to rapidly decline and they all died in their seventies. There are all kinds of biological things that go along with that. I used to be a molecular biologist so there is this whole area of study concerning DNA and telomeres. Telomeres are like tails on the end of our DNA and when they start to shorten, that’s when we start aging. It’s a physical thing. So now scientists are trying to figure out how they can keep those telomeres from shortening. That is a rabbit trial though.

When he hit seventy years old, all that started happening to him in his natural, physical body. You know we live in a natural, physical world. We are not in denial; it has an impact on our physical being. Well, he started noticing all of that genetic stuff in his own body which he inherited physically through his mother’s side. It started affecting him and he started seeing his own physical body following that pattern of decline. But he shared how the DNA of God is in the Word of God. And all of the physical laws of the universe are just reflections of all the spiritual laws because God created the universe with all of its laws out of the DNA of His Word. So, the DNA of God is in His Words. And our entire DNA is patterned after the DNA of God, our entire physical DNA which came under the curse because of Adam’s sin… But in Jesus we are redeemed.

So, he was describing how his physical DNA had started going down but the DNA of God’s Word came up under and intersected with his DNA interrupting and lifting his DNA and setting it on an upward trajectory.

And the DNA of God is coming under whatever is attacking my physical body and it’s carrying me and us to the end of our call. We are not leaving this planet before our time! None of these things move me, that I may finish my course in the ministry! Right? Right!

So, it doesn’t matter what the Devil is doing to our physical DNA, dragging us down and so on. The DNA of God is bringing us up and renewing our DNA until we cross over into glory! Hallelujah!

Pastor Ray…

I love that. I used that for someone yesterday. I had someone in my office who had been given a really bad report. But he was telling me how he was standing on the Word in the face of whatever the doctor said. And a lot of times they start out with the worst case scenario. He said at one point, the doctor came in the room and he literally erased two major things he said he was going to have to do to him. One of the things the doctor said was he would have to be in the hospital for four weeks. He walked out in five days! And he is walking through it now but I used that example of the DNA of the Word lifting us up.

I want Cindy to testify about a trip she was just on.

Cindy shared…

I was on vacation for just under a month. My son is in the Navy and stationed in Guam. He has been wanting me to visit him for quite a while. But I kept putting it off because it involved a lot of money and planning. But God has His perfect timing and I did come into some money supernaturally this year so I purchased my ticket and got everything ready to see him and meet his girlfriend.

Just going back a little, my son has been in Guam for a little over two and a half years and this is his second girlfriend over there. With the first girlfriend I would see things on Facebook that made me know they were “in love.” And I just said to the Lord “I don’t have a feeling one way or the other about this girl but if she is the right one, wonderful. But if she is not, I just thank You, Father, for the right one.”

You know I give my children to God. I don’t worry about them. I don’t hyper pray over them. I just rejoice over the fact that He was able to get me where I needed to be when it didn’t seem like anybody was praying for me. But that, of course, isn’t true because we are all products of somebody praying. If somebody didn’t pray then we wouldn’t be where we are. But I am a woman who loves to pray. I just pray and do whatever He has me to do and I believe He is watching over my children. And so I said “If this isn’t the right one, I know there is a perfect one. One that loves You and is going to be that help meet that brings him to a place in You he couldn’t go to without her.” So, right after that the first girlfriend got out of the picture (ha, ha, ha). And after a while a new girlfriend came into the picture. I was like “oh, there is a new one.”

Her name is Precious. I didn’t know anything about her but just saying “Okay, thank You, Lord.” And now I am going to get to meet her. And just shortly before the trip he told me “by the way, we are getting you tickets to the Philippines too.” The plan was to be in Guam for a little over a week and then my son, his girlfriend, and her mother and I would fly to a couple different places in the Philippines. Then he said “and you will be preaching in their family church.” And I just thought, “huh?” I didn’t react or ask any questions. I just said “Okay.” I am thinking to myself “Wow, this is God. Why would they ask me to preach? They don’t know me. They don’t know anything about me.” The only thing I could think was that my son must have been telling Precious that I preach all the time to him? So, obviously I am a preacher (ha, ha, ha). I’ve never been asked to preach at a church before, and it was amazing because I was never nervous about it at all.

So, anyway a few days before I left, he gives me a call and tells me the Philippine trip is canceled and we will be staying in Guam the whole time. He and his girlfriend have broken up. I said, “oh, I am so sorry. Are you okay?” He said he was fine and he would see me at the airport.

I thought “Okay we will just stay in Guam and maybe I will cut my vacation a little short.” The only reason for staying that long was the extra trip to the Philippines. So, I now I didn’t have to take all that time off and I just left it at that.

The Friday before I left, I was here at Morning Prayer and the Spirit of God came on me and He does this periodically where I am really demanding that things come forth. And I kept saying “Bring forth! Bring forth!” And then I got the release and whatever it was, I believe was finished in the Spirit. So Monday morning I am at the airport waiting for my flight and my son calls me. He said “Plans have changed. We are going to the Philippines. I am back together with my girlfriend.” I am like “Okay.”

Then the Lord impressed it on me that the Devil had tried to stop this trip from happening and that Friday morning I was praying for it to be brought forth. And then I thought about something that happened a year ago at a prayer directors meeting. Pastor Ray had a call for anyone who had a desire to go to another nation. I came up to the front and he laid hands on me and declared that I would go to not just a nation but many nations. It will just be the beginning. So, He reminded me of that. I thought “Yes, I am going to the Philippines. I am going on a mission’s trip.” I have never gone on a mission’s trip but God put that in my heart a year ago. This was an unplanned mission’s trip but it was planned by the Lord.

So, I didn’t know the background or anything about of these people. I didn’t feel led to inquire. I thought, “Well, I am just showing up.” And so I got there and soon realized that this family was amazing. I thought “They could teach me things.” They are grounded in the Word of God and prayer and honor God in everything they do.

So, we went to Manilla first for 3 days. One of the things we did was attend a debut for a cousin who was turning 18 years old. It was at a beautiful venue where family and friends came together to celebrate this young lady. I had to buy a formal dress and it had to be the right colors and all. I thought on some level “That’s nice.” But it was so much more than that. Everything was so beautiful and a lot of expense was involved. So, externally it was fun but it was more than that because they blessed this young lady in everything they did. They showered her with gifts but with every gift they were telling her who she was and God’s plan for her and praying over her. Whether it was the pastors, the relatives, or friends from the church or the 18 young men from her high school who came up and spoke words over her, I thought this is amazing. If every young woman had this kind of launch into adulthood, they wouldn’t be confused about who they were. I was just so amazing with these people and their love for God and each other.

Then we took another flight to another part of the Philippines where I met a whole different part of the family. There were so many and they were all so close. Most of them didn’t have a lot of money but they were all rich in love for God and enjoying their life.

Precious’ mother, her name is Grace. She and I quickly became close friends. God has given her such a grace for giving which was imparted to her from her mother. She packs hundreds of pounds of gifts every two months and travels from Guam to the Philippines to make sure her family is blessed with new clothes and necessities. There are tears and hugs and so much love.

Well I didn’t know what I was going to preach on and at different times I saw myself going in different directions. I just said, “God, I am in the river. I am showing up. I am stepping forward and whatever You have for me to share, it is going to come out.” So, I preached on the glory of God and that we all have His glory in our earthen vessels but it needs to come out. And it will change everything because it is His very presence.

English is a second language in the Philippines. So they were prepared ahead of time that I would be speaking English. And I was hoping that they understood what I shared. When I was done preaching, they were all very gracious and nice. I just did what was on my heart to do. Later there were several family gatherings and I was mostly surrounded by a lot of people but around me there were a few different times when I would be sitting alone and someone would come and sit down next to me. And they would start to open up. And then what God was doing was pouring into them. I didn’t know what I was going to say but God had things that He wanted to say to them and then pray over them, declare over them and lift them out of whatever they were in. On a couple occasions I had someone say “this isn’t an accident that you are here. This is God’s doing.” And I said “Yes, because they had been praying and I had been praying. And those prayers are a call. I am called to give of from my supply to the body of Christ and the body of Christ are people who have supplies and receive supplies. And in doing that we are all built up. We couldn’t go as far without each other. Connecting with different parts of the body catapults us into where we need to be when we need to be there. But maybe we wouldn’t be able to get that far had we not opened ourselves up for somebody to come alongside. I don’t know all that God did through the connections but I now have new friends in my heart and some people that I am keeping in contact with and praying over.

It was just so much fun!

Pastor Ray…

Cindy shared yesterday at 3:30 prayer and there were just a few people in here. One thing that she had said too was that the anointing that is on someone else… You know when we say I want you to lay hands on me and I want that anointing. I like the point that you made yesterday that we all have Him but we all have individual calls and anointings and then we receive from other members of the body and it stirs up the anointing that is within us and we receive from someone else a lifting and an enablement to give forth and it’s all mixed together though. I mean it’s more.

There is always more. That’s the things that I am so blessed about in the body of Christ, that we are all members of the same body. We all have that individual gifting but… I remember Mark Hankins saying “You’ll never go as far as you need to go just alone. You need the body.” And it works that way in prayer.

Corporate prayer… people may say “what is corporate prayer? Are you praying for corporations?” Well, we could be but it’s not called corporate because of corporations. It’s called corporate because we are connecting together, we are uniting together.

The following excerpt was taken from The Welsh Revival by James A Steward:

“During the Welsh Revival of 1904, a newspaper reporter was sent to do a story on this movement that was causing such a stir. Upon arriving at the train station in Cardiff, he excitedly asked a railway attendant, “Where is the Revival, please? Where can I find it?”
“In here, sir.” The man smiled as he pointed to his heart.

This was a simple but profound statement. Revival is located in the individual hearts of the redeemed and in the mystical supernatural body of Christ collectively. I am astounded when I think that in my ministry of over 40 years on different continents, I’ve rarely every heard a message given on the location of revival.

The silence on this subject no doubt explains why so many believers are looking for revival in the wrong place. Many expect the awakening to take place in a large auditorium which has been hired for an evangelistic campaign. They do not know that God’s revivals can only take place in the body of Christ.

If I heard that revival had broken out in your town or city, I would not look for the evidence of it so much in the great public buildings but rather in the assemblies of the Lord’s people.

Any surface reading of the New Testament epistles would lead one soon to discover the mystical supernatural body of Christ is the true location of revival. Thus a scripture taught believer always prays, “Oh, God, send revival to the body of Christ.”

Pastor Ray…

I like how Cindy said that those people, the people in the Philippines, they had such a love for God but that was manifest through them, the love of God. And that is something that when she saw that or when she sensed that she thought “Well, they have more to give me than I have to give them.” But we all have something to give each other.

By the new birth we are incorporated into Christ and then by the Spirits baptism, we are incorporated into the body of Christ which is His whole body. By this baptism of the Spirit, we’ve been first of all united to Christ the head and then united to each other member of the body of Christ. For just as the body is a unity and yet has many parts and all the parts though many form only one body so it is with Christ the Messiah, the anointed one.

Pastor Ray…

There is a lot more but the basic gist of this is unity in the body. Who is the body? It’s believers that believe on Him.

I know we do this and it’s our responsibility to lift up our own church, our pastors, the call and the vision that he is called to for us but would we be so blessed that something broke out in another denominational kind of setting and not in our own church?

Remember the Azusa Revival. There was a church just across the street from where the revival broke out that absolutely came against it, stood against it, spoke against it and they were right across the street. They wouldn’t enter in and so eventually that church disappeared.

I like it when we first came in this morning and Ms. Annie was playing and there is an anointing on that. There are anointings that we don’t even know about, things that we need that we don’t know that we need. I want it all. Don’t you?

I want the full load. If the Holy Spirit just wants to knock me under the pew or whatever, I want that. I want what He wants. You don’t know what second, when He will come in a way that will strike your heart, move on your heart, and bring change in your life that will be everlasting and it will switch you or turn you or change you, really we could say into another man or into another woman and you will never be the same.

But is that all there is? No. That’s how we go from one degree of glory to another because there is always more. Amen.


Thank You for the anointing, for the move of Your Spirit
Thank You for the body of Christ, the whole body
We love the body of Christ, we love every member, all the parts
You love every one
We will declare it today “The body is coming together!”
Glory to God! There is more unity in the body than ever before
Suddenlies, sudden alterations, sudden changes
All the walls that have tried to divide up the body we declare “Come down! Move out! Get away! In Jesus’ name”
Oh, Lord God Almighty, King of kings, Lord of lords, Healer, Provider, the Great I AM
Hallelujah, oh, hallelujah!

Ms. Annie led us in singing Hallellujah

Pastor Ray…

Sunday evening when we joined together in the sanctuary there was singing and worship. Pastor Lynne got up and started thanking the Lord for what He’s done. It was kind of more specifically for things that have happened already in our nation, miraculous changes. She just kept thanking the Lord “thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.” We just lift up our voices and thank Him now.

A Word of the Lord Came Forth:

But I heard this. He started saying “Thank you.” It just came right back to us from heaven. “Thank you.”

“Thank you for lifting your voices in one accord. Thank you for joining your hearts together and continually contending for more and more and greater and further and beyond even the things that you could have imagined.” I am just hearting this right now “For I have heard, continually heard your prayers, your sounds, your songs, your words. They have come on up. I have given you these calls. I have given you these anointings in you. I have created you! Thank you for your obedience to contend for more of Me! For there is more, for there is greater, for there is, there are steps further than you can see, directions that you don’t know about, plans that I have for your future which is bright, light, hallelujah! (ha, ha, ha).

Continued praying…

Eyes to see, ears to hear
For those boundaries, the ones that seems like they have been a wall, seems like they have tried to hold you into one place and stop you from moving from that one degree to another and to another
Boundaries, be moved out, be expanded in the name of Jesus
We use our words this morning and pull up the stakes, our tent stakes so to speak
And push them way out there
Just waiting on us to get out there and pull them up and move them out beyond there
For there is an ever increasing expansion I have called My Church to operate in
It is the destiny of the Church, the body, to be ever increasing in every degree
Anointings, moving through the body like rivers, like streams
Connections – we declare it, we speak it, we believe it, we receive it, we expect it
It’s higher, it’s greater, it’s further
There is momentum in the house of God in the body of Christ
It seems like those scales on our eyes that have limited our vision are leaving
For some that’s natural, that’s in your natural eye, beginning to see more clearly
Restoration, wholeness, wellness
But for all of us, an enablement to see God’s plan and His will and His purpose
Not just individually and always contending just individually for us for me for my house for my relatives, for my plan but interceding, calling and calling for other that they might enter into the fullness of the plan that God has for them and then they too shall intercede for others and it will move and create great momentum in the body of Christ and it will not be the way it was. It will never be the way it was for these are the new times, new days, new operations of the body of Christ getting it to the right destination. That’s wholeness, that’s wellness, thank You Father.

We pray for all of the Churches in the Twin Cities – we lift them up
We want Your will for them, we want Your plan for them
We hold up these pastors all over the cities, around them, suburbs
Hallelujah – we pray the blood over them
We cover each one of the plans You have given unto them – corporate plans, body plans, heaven’s plans
Lord God we come, we get with them, we stand with them in Jesus’ name
Oh, that they might overcome, that they might walk further, go beyond
That Your Word, the DNA of Your Word, would begin to lift them up higher and higher and further beyond what they could ever do on their own!
In their own strength, in their own plans
Openings, openings, doors, opportunities
Buildings in Jesus’ name – we stand together in harmony and unity for one another
We lift up Your plan! Hey! Ho!
Out of your boundaries so to speak, we lift you!
Let your Wind just blow, like in the natural we sense it, we feel it, we see the trees move
Your wind, the power of Your precious Holy Spirit blow through these ministries, these churches
Blow through them – wind blow, wind blow, wind blow
Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit blow, Spirit blow
Changes, openings, opportunities
For unity Lord we hold that blood and declare unity in the body of Christ all over the earth
Our hearts yearn for it, we call for it, we purpose to do our part
To watch over our hearts, to contend, to expect, to believe
Thank You, Father, that this is one nation under God
We lift up our president, all of the leaders
We are calling for revivals to break out all across the states and that last day great awakening!
We call for it, we believe for it, we yearn for it – hallelujah
The strength of You Word, the power of Your Spirit, the power of Your blood that was shed for us
Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord

Ms. Annie led us out in thanking the Lord

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