Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, September 25, 2020

Peg led group in worship…

Pastor Ray…

We keep our eyes on You, Jesus. No matter what the situation might be, no matter how it looks in the natural, we keep our eyes on You. You are the way maker. You’ve made a way and Your blood is working for us today. We know there is power, authority, healing… through that precious blood. Thank You for the blood, for what You did for us. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… Every knee will bow to the name of Jesus.

Peg, sing that song a little bit more.

Peg led group in song…

Pastor Ray…

There is such encouragement in looking to Him and not looking to ourselves. Being faithful to do or speak or pray and keeping our eyes on Him from where our help comes. Jesus, just be Jesus through us. Thank You, Lord.

I want to read something this morning. As soon as I woke this morning, this is what I saw. It was like diving boards that went out. I wasn’t sure what it meant. I got ready and came here. A book on my bookshelf stood out to me. It’s called “Contact With God.” It’s all about Jeanne Wilkerson. She had a huge part to play in Kenneth Hagin’s ministry. He’d call her up and she had many different prophecies that she gave throughout those years. But the forward in this book was written by Billye Brim. This was in 1986 and her husband was very ill at the time. She had been so busy taking care of him that she wasn’t really focused on the Middle East or all of the different things that were happening in the earth. She said lots of things were going on in the Middle East, Tel Aviv, sabre rattling against the US ally Israel.

Billye: Abu Nidal, an international terrorist, vowed to take revenge on American or British tourists in Israel. I did not know all this when Sister Wilkerson asked me to meet her at a fine restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the end of the meal over the white, candlelit tablecloth she spoke these words: “Satan is trying to push things into happening before the time. God is sending you to say two words: Tone down. When you say them in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit, they will have the same effect as when Jesus said to the storm, ‘Peace, be still.’ But if you say them in the flesh, then they will mean nothing.”

As we moved through Israel during the last few weeks of April 1986, we saw no other tourists—even at the popular sites. We were always aware of an Israeli military presence close by. And we were aware of another One, the Holy Spirit, who accompanied us to three holy but potentially dangerous sites. A white dove was with us inside the Upper Room, inside the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, and was perched in a tree above, facing us as we took communion inside the Garden Tomb.

Two Britains were shot in the walkway to the Garden Tomb a day after we were there. My daughter, Shelli Oaks, was with me when word came to us in Jerusalem that my husband had taken a turn for the worse. We went out onto the balcony of our hotel room to pray. We had not yet been prompted to utter the words we were sent to speak, so I did not feel released to leave. As I prayed, the Lord spoke to me from a Scripture that the words were to be spoken in

the north. So I continued on with the group. When we visited Katzerin in the Golan, Lynne Hammond was amazed at the Israeli jets swooping low over our heads just before making a 90-degree turn straight upward at the Syrian border. She said, “I can see the pilots’ eyes. I wish Mac could see this.” Pastor Mac Hammond, her husband, had been a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.

As we stood on the border between Israel and Syria, with two mountains bearing the electronic eyes and cars of Israel pointed toward Damascus behind us and Syria before us, we knew in our spirits this was the place. In one loud voice, the forty of us, called by God to deliver the word, shouted “Tone down! Tone down! Tone down!” The late April skies were unseasonably dark, and ominous clouds boiled overhead. As soon as we shouted, “Tone down!” the clouds parted and the sun broke through. Our Israeli guide was astonished! Just after we returned to the United States on April 30,

one of the members of our group heard a network news reporter say, “Sources don’t really know how it happen

but the Middle East just seemed to “tone down.” I saw very clearly through instances like these that Sister Wilkerson heard and followed God’s voice. Her ministry indelibly marked my spirit and my own call to the Lord’s service. And although she has departed from the earth, what she prophesied is still a living part of our work today.

Billye Brim

What stood out to me is what Billye said what Sister Wilkerson prophesied is still a living part of our work today. What Jeanne prophesied then is still part of our work, even though she’s long gone home to heaven. Okay, back to what I saw this morning, something like a diving board that just kept going. What came to my heart was all the different cities across America that are not toned down. They’re stirred up with riots and nasty things happening. On Wednesday evening and a couple weeks ago, I read the word that Pastor Lynne had when she did the Wednesday service a few weeks ago. I want to read the last part of that and then there’s something I want to do. The Holy Spirit said through her, “You’re on an assignment to rescue this nation and revitalize it with the power of God. You will see the glory and the fire across this land. It’s not just political. It’s for the sake of our nation.” That’s why we’re so “on it” for godly men and women to be elected. So our country be, really, be saved, if you want to put it like that. It’s serious. “You will receive clarity and an endowment of power to walk out this assignment.” What’s the assignment? To rescue this nation and revitalize it with the power of God. “This is a watershed moment for you.” What does that mean? It’s a turning point. “The election is a turning point where things could have gone one way but because of your obedience to stand in the gap and make up a hedge, things will go God’s way.” Selah! “Because of the faithfulness of the believers, speaking and standing in the gap, the Devil picked a fight. He jumped the fence over into our yard, ordering us to violate our conscience, telling us to preach this… you can’t have church. You can’t sing. Trying to control and manipulate or trying to make the church disobey the principles of God. This has never been about a virus. This is about disobedience to God and His Word. But the church has been equipped with fire and with glory, in us and on us. That power is now going to be used to bring forth the will and plan of God. He’s made us co-laborers with Him. Through your intercessory hours, God will expose deception, wickedness, and lies. And we can see it with our natural eyes. But we can see what’s happening int eh realm of the spirit. Deceiving spirits will be rendered paralyzed and the Holy Spirit and many that have fallen prey to darkness and perversion, your prayers simple as they may seem to you … your prayer will loose angelic armies. The angel of the republic will be loosed in assistance and angel armies shall be loosed on assignment. Supernatural truth walls are being built. That’s speaking forth the Word of God. It puts up a truth wall. This is what the Word says. This is what the enemy has tried to say. This is what the enemy has tried to do. We build a wall of the truth of the Word of God by speaking it. You’ve seen me manifest my love, my peace, my grace, the manifestation and the revelation of the Lamb has been heralded in your midst year after year. But now when you see her, the church, she will manifest as a roaring lion. Enough is enough. That’s the place we have to get to if we’re not there yet. I believe we are there. No more! Enough is enough. Christ has a duel temperament: lamb and lion. And then the last paragraph. Church leaders will not just preach subjects or different topics but they will speak arrows to dispel darkness, a new era is being born for didn’t the Word say for this purpose was the son of God manifest to destroy the works of the devil? And the church is getting up. We declare the church is getting up. We speak over the church and say, “Get up. Rise up.” Speak what the Word of God says. That’s what Billye did in Israel. For didn’t the word say for this purpose was the son of God manifest? To destroy the works of the devil and the church is getting up and is seated in heavenly places with Christ to rule and reign as kings in this life.

So on Wednesday, I saw this. There are a lot of enemies that are trying to work against the President. But one of them said a week or so ago, they have all kinds of arrows and they’re going to use every one they have in their quiver to come against the President. Excuse me! The blood of Jesus covers our President. So get a clue. I know they don’t have a clue. You know what that is called? Deception. So when I heard that and saw that, then this word says speak arrows of the Word to dispel all darkness. So on Wednesday, we just used the Word. I put together a bunch of words like “resist the devil and he will flee.” That was one of our arrows of the Word. “Resist the devil and he will flee.”

I tied this all together with the diving boards that I saw to out. I saw us to do this. I’m going to go down a list of the top cities in America where all of this junk has been happening. And I want to mention these cities. There may be more. One of the top ones right now is Louisville, Kentucky. But I’m going to mention these cities and then we’re going to speak over the cities and we’re going to say it three times. What are we going to say? This is not a game. The words we speak out of our mouths are powerful, based on the written Word. These are the ones when I did a search. Louisville, of course, LA, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, the District of Columbia. Then in Louisville, someone rented a truck and loaded it up for the protesters. They’re actually rioters, trying to come against our country. They’re working their plan. That truck was full of things like you would need for war. Had the signs. It was all set up. They’re not peaceful protestors. All of these cities and more… when we speak these two words, I want us to by faith just believe it’ll go forth on these… they’re almost like pathways. These cities go from the east all the way across the US to the west. Cities where the riots have been happening. I want us to see it that we’re putting a stop to other cities having problems too. Not just to… I know we’ve spoken a lot of times to America to the problems and say, “Calm down.” But today, we’re going to say like Billye said, “Tone down.” In a few minutes.

We love Your Word, Father, and we turn toward heaven. Things are getting better by the power of the Holy Spirit and words that have been spoken all over the earth. Not just in the US. People in other countries are praying for the United States! They’re praying about this election, for godly leaders, for us. So lots of men and women of God are standing up and speaking over America for godly leaders. We need leaders that line up with the written Word.

Father, we worship you. When we speak Your Word, we take it seriously. Revelation says “they overcame by the blood and the word of their testimony.” So today our words are “Tone down.” I’m going to count to three and we’re going to say it three times. Make sure you mean it. One. Two. Three. “TONE DOWN, TONE DOWN, TONE DOWN! In Jesus’ name.” The name that is above every other name. We’re on the road of recovery and bringing forth those that need to bring forth godly leaders in our nation. And those that will not line up to the will of God in our country, if they refuse to line up, then they’re out. Removed and replaced. In Jesus’ name, the blood of Jesus is against every single arrow that the enemy might shoot! We stand on Psalm 91. Our country is protected. Our President is protected.

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