Morning Prayer Summary for  Friday, May 26, 2023

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Pastor Dustin…

Welcome to morning prayer, everyone. Are you excited to be here? Well, my name is Dustin. On behalf of our senior pastors, Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond, I want to welcome you to our Friday morning prayer.

Let’s just pray. Lord, we just thank you. We put ourselves in remembrance of all that you’ve done for us and your goodness and your faithfulness.

We thank you that you’ve placed us here and called us and given us an assignment and a purpose.

You’ve given us authority and power and you’ve delegated those things to us. And so we’re going to walk in the fullness of what you’ve given to us.

So we speak to our nation and our state, and we speak to our cities and we say, “Come under the authority of God’s Word.  Align yourself.”

We thank you, Father, for a shift in the culture of our nation.

We pray, Father, that the culture would return to Christ, to Jesus.

That the Word of God, the truth of who He is and His promises in His Word, would influence and affect every single area. The arts… and business… and educational systems… every single area.

We thank you for a shift… for a change… for a move.

We thank you that in the United States, we are one nation under God.

Our states would come into alignment with you and with your Word and with your promises.

I just pray against any compromise in people’s lives, or in the churches, that they would be strong.

You would strengthen and reinforce believers and churches all over the world… strengthen and reinforce them with mighty power in their innermost being.

They wouldn’t acclimate to the lowest common denominator, that they wouldn’t blend in. They would stand out. They would be a contrast. They would be a light in darkness. They would be the salt of the Earth. They would hold the standard of your Word.

Oh, Father, we know that it’s not just buildings all over the world doing it. It’s your people all over the world doing it. It’s your people that pursue you above all else. It’s your people spending time in the Word. It’s your people spending time in prayer being transformed by you. It’s your people meditating on and just continually thinking about your Word. Yes.

So we thank you for believers … in Minnesota… in the United States… believers beyond… Believers renewing their minds to the truth of your Word.

Living with great discernment… sensitive to your voice and led by your Spirit honoring you above all else… like Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego, refusing to bow to the pressures around them, refusing to bow to the culture around them, refusing to bow to whatever false god, false belief system that no matter how many people around you… make excuses for it or justify it, a strength on the inside of them by your Spirit to stand when everybody else bows…

Strength to endure… continue… to press… A strength that didn’t originate in you. A strength that’s supernatural. A strength that doesn’t expire… doesn’t quit.

There is a reservoir, a supply on the inside of you… a supernatural supply on the inside… to endure. A strength to remain, a strength to take ground. It’s not just self-preservation. It’s about fulfilling the plan and purpose that God has for your life… it’s about letting Him work through you to establish His kingdom in the earth. It’s about yielding to the Spirit of God.

So don’t be discouraged by what you see… because it was 120 in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, that changed everything.

How many believers are there in this state? … in this nation? … throughout the world?

I pray for boldness for the church… boldness for believers… and if they’ve been deceived into discouragement. Lord, I pray that you would clear their vision. You would give them a proper understanding.

Like Elijah, when he was suicidal and he said, “I’m the only one left!” And you reminded him of all of the other people who had not bowed their knee, that continued to remain faithful to you.

I thank you that you would encourage the hearts of every person here and online.

Remind them they’re not in this thing alone, that they’re not doing this by themselves in their own strength.

Oh, you have an army. And you’ve given us your Spirit.

And so I thank you, Lord, that believers all over would rise up in boldness and in confidence.

They would stretch forth their hands and open their mouths and declare your Word and your truth with boldness, with power and authority and with love…

Barb, do you have the next part of that?

Sister Barb…

Thank you, Father, for vision now by your Spirit, vision that comes, that propels in the name of Jesus.

It’s time, Father God, for those blockages and blinders to be removed so that they can see and have full reign over that vision in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now you cannot run with the vision, if you don’t have the vision!

It’s time to receive that vision on the inside… by the Holy Spirit.

You felt shackled and bound, but that’s because you don’t have the vision of the Lord.

It’s time, Father God, for vision to come into the church, into the leaders of the body, into the leaders of this state. Vision from the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.

More… and those that have a bit, a piece, Father God, it’s time to expand… Give them those next steps. Show them those next pieces, in the name of Jesus… they’re looking and seeking you. Show it now… reveal it now, Father, revealing the truth now…

It’s time for your people to be fueled with the fire of your Spirit… so they can walk in the fullness of what you have set before them.

Move in your people… shake them and wake them … those that have fallen asleep, those that have been distracted and fallen away.

Father, wake them up and shake them.

It’s time to get up…get moving. It’s time to start walking and stepping into the places God has called you to now.

You lead and direct us in the right way, in a straight path.

Let the light of God shine brightly in us and through us… we are a shining example of the glory of God that people see…

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