Morning Prayer Notes for Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Peg led worship and had a word…

The Holy Spirit is longing for expression through His people. And He longs to be expressed through you and through me. That’s His desire so that others can see who He is and what He’s like. So let yourself be an expression of the glory of God so that others will be attracted to you because they’ll see something that they don’t get, but it’ll be the Holy Spirit. It will be the glory of God shining through you to a world that can’t see because they’re engulfed in darkness. So be the light. Be the light that’s bright. So that they can finally see that it’s Jesus that they need.

Pastor Ken shared…

Good morning. Welcome everybody who’s logged on and joined us across America around the world. I’m so glad to have you with us.

This morning, I want to do a little something here. A couple of things. One, I just want to remind you of a passage that is probably familiar to you found in Romans 10:17. It says, “So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” It’s so simple, right? The Passion translation of this verse says, “Faith then is birthed in a heart that responds to the anointed entrance of the anointed one.” I don’t know, that just kind of came up out of my heart this morning as we were worshiping just to put ourselves in remembrance that faith comes by hearing. And that as pray-ers, we’re not to be exclusively just pray-ers. We’re to be studiers and meditators on the Holy Scripture. Because your Word life feeds into your prayer life and your prayer life energizes and feeds into your Word life.

And I was reminded, too, that one of the keys to experiencing God’s grace and strength in His supernaturalness in your life and circumstances is making that decision daily to be one who hears the Word of Christ, the words of Jesus, the Anointed One. Because you can get to a place as a believer, as a pray-er where the Word starts to carry you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had times in my life where I had enough of God to be miserable. Enough of God where I was just kind of being religious and going through the motions and probably relying on my own strength too much. But there is a place that God is leading and prompting us daily that we can get to, that we can live in, where you’re so focused and captivated by the law of liberty, by the words of God, by the promises of God that it starts to carry you. And you’re no longer trying to hold on like grim death in your circumstances or in your life or against temptation or in a situation or while you stand for an answer to prayer, but you don’t see change. God intends His Word to be our glasses.

My kids and I were at Best Buy last weekend and we were checking out some things and they have these smart glasses now that have microphones in them and Bluetooth and all kinds of technology built into these glasses. It’s probably like one step away from technology being integrated into our physicality. I’m sure that’s coming. But it just comes with so many things, advantages.

And the Word of God is meant to help us to see. God has called us not to live according to the reality of this age, this world, or what we see through our five physical senses exclusively or only. But, instead, He wants us to live and move and breathe and have our being and pray and do our day and do our weeks and do our lives through the lens of His Word. And the Word is uniquely and powerfully chock full of Dunamus power. Chock full of anointing. Chock full of heavenly DNA. In other words, DNA that comes directly from God Himself. And that DNA will produce something in your life. That DNA will get on you and get in you and birth forth the promises of God and bring forth an ability that will carry you. Amen?

And so as pray-ers, let’s not get too far where we’re just exclusively praying. We’ve got to be the most studious people in the world. I mean, for 30 years the Bible says, Jesus studied the Word and was found in the temple asking questions and studying to show Himself approved before He ever stepped into ministry. So there was lots of preparation that went into His life. But then for the next three and a half years, He performed and accomplished so many miracles that His disciples couldn’t keep up with recording them.

So I just encourage you in that today. If you’re standing in the midst of something, you’re in the messy middle of a situation, whatever’s going on, God wants to carry you.

The parable of the dirigible…

I’ve shared this here before of a situation back in the 1930s, when this large blimp or dirigible was… I guess it was landing somewhere in Ohio. I don’t remember where it was exactly, but it was just this large dirigible back in the days when dirigibles and blimps were all the rage and the cutting edge of technology as far as aeronautics is concerned. And they had this one dirigible that was being held to the ground by ropes held by like 40 or 50 men.

People were boarding it. They were fueling it. They were preparing it for flight when a large gust of wind, I think a storm front blew up and caused that dirigible to be taken up from the ground. And it began to rise 10 feet, 20 feet, 50 feet into the air. And almost all of the men held onto the rope, because they thought for sure, they’re going to get it back down. But they weren’t able to. It just kept rising higher, higher into the atmosphere until it was hundreds of feet up in the sky. And after 5 or 10 minutes, the strength of the men began to fail. They couldn’t hold onto it any longer. And they began to fall to the earth, to their deaths.

And that went on for a half an hour to 45 minutes. And, finally, there was just one man who held onto the rope as that dirigible continued to sail higher into the sky. And after about an hour or so, I think it was this… this is a true story. They were able to get that dirigible back down to the ground. And, of course, by the time they got it there, the news reporters were ready to interview the one man who was able to survive an hour in the air, hanging from a rope. And when they interviewed him, they discovered something quite remarkable. They asked him, “How were you able to stay up there so long when so many other men fell to their deaths?” And this man said simply, “Well, it was easy actually.” He said, “Instead of me trying to hold onto the rope with my own strength, instead, I wrapped that rope around my body and I just swung free. And I let the rope carry me.” He was recorded to have said, “I could have stayed up there all day and just enjoyed the view.” [end]

And I’ve shared that so many times, but I love that word picture and that imagery. Because, once again, that’s what God is calling us to do. Just to get all wrapped up, tangled up in God. Just become all intertwined with the Word of God. So no longer we’re just trying to hold onto a random scripture in an emergency situation when they arise. Instead daily, we are practicing the habit of meditating on His Word, practicing the habit of speaking His Word softly. That’s what meditation means in the original Hebrew.

“This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but thou shalt meditate on it day and night that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein. For then you will make your way prosperous.” I love that. The promise, even under the Old Covenant, you’ll make your way prosperous and then you have good success if you become one who meditates on the scriptures.

In fact in the Old Testament, too, I can’t remember which reference this is where it talks about waiting on God. Oftentimes in the Hebrew, the word “wait” is literally translated “to be intertwined or bound with God.” When you wait on Him, wait on His Word, you become intertwined with Him. You become woven as one with Him and His strength and His ability carries you. And you can hang out in the midst of the circumstances as long as you need to.

And guess what? When you get to that place, the enemy realizes his battle, his attempts are futile. And he leaves and he goes, and the answer swiftly shows up in your life—in your bank account, in your relationships, in your ministry, in your circumstances. Amen.

I’m reminded that that’s one of the most important things we need to stay cognizant of. We need to feed ourselves and stay strong in the spirit. We don’t defeat the enemy in our souls or in our minds. Instead in the spirit. And the Word is heavenly DNA and it will birth the strength of God in you. Amen?

So faith is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One. I like that. And I was just thinking too, this morning, how powerful prayer is. In fact, a lady came up to me earlier. Her name is Sarah. She wanted to testify. She couldn’t stay, but she wanted to let me know that God had healed her mind and her soul and her emotions. And is working in her family. She just wanted to stop in and let us know that.

And I just want to share, too, many people online… I have received phone calls in recent weeks, emails. Some people have come up to me in person and are saying, “Prayer is making a remarkable difference in my life. I can sense the change. I’ve just been joining online. I’ve been coming to the chapel when I can, and it’s caused a shift in my life. And this situation is changing and I’ve received healing.”

So the Word works. Prayer works. Amen? It makes a remarkable change and shift in our lives. And so I say all that cause the one thing I want to do is I want to pause for a moment. And I wanted us just to pray for a few needs in our prayer community. In fact, those of you online, if you have specific needs that we can stand in agreement with you about, post those in the chat, let us know about those. And then let’s just take a moment and pray for a few things that come up in my spirit. You guys can just agree with me. If this resonates with you, whatever we pray about, then just connect with it and just receive it. If there’s something specific, post that in the chat or come up afterwards and let me know. Because when we pray, God moves. Again, the Bible over and over implores us to ask that we may receive. He already knows what we need. That’s true. But He makes it really clear we’re to ask.


Father, thank you that your power and your anointing is flowing to bring about change in our lives. We stand in agreement with those in particular today that are facing some challenges, some needs. I just see some that are in situations that they feel hopeless and helpless and they don’t really know what to do about it. Father, we just pray and agree that your anointing would minister to them right now… that your holy fire would descend upon their hearts and their lives. And that Lord, you would just birth in them a new hope and the help that is needed in that set of circumstances, in that relationship, in that marriage.

Prayer for marriages

We lift up marriages today, Father, and we just surround marriages here and online and in our church body. We just surround marriages with the blood of Jesus today. We declare that no weapon formed against that union will prosper. We declare no weapon formed against those families will cause harm or ultimately succeed. No it won’t. We declare in Jesus’ name, grace to marriages. We declare light and truth to the heart of families and homes and the situations, individually in Jesus’ name.

Prayer for those who are hurting…

We pray for answers, resources, supernatural help to show up into the lives of those who are hurting today. Those who are searching for help today, those who don’t know what their next step or their next move should be in life, because the struggle has become so great, or the fear has become so strong, or they can’t even think straight because of the panic that grips them. Lord, we just speak peace over them today. We speak peace over you today… grace and mercy over you today in the name of Jesus. And we pray, Lord, that angels would be sent. We dispatch ministering spirits and angels on assignment to those who are hopeless, to those who are in darkness, to those who just feel like they’ve been walking around with the cloud and struggling with depression and even suicidal thoughts. In Jesus’ name, we pray for a breaking off of that darkness, a breaking and a severing of that demonically inspired assignment today. You’ll not go another day, no more, no more! Today, it’s broken off of you. Today the new is dawning. Today your breakthrough comes through. Today, God shows forth His goodness and His glory and His power in your life. And His love for you personally.

Prayer for people with physical symptoms i.e. cancer

Today in the name of Jesus, we lift up people, Lord, who are struggling with circumstances and in particular physical circumstances and symptoms and issues in their body. We declare healing and wholeness over them today. We declare the healer is released to bring about restoration and deliverance and wholeness in them. From the top of their head to the soles of their feet, we call out cancer. We expose and we embarrass cancer. And we say in the name of Jesus, you must bow your knee in that person’s life… prostate cancer, breast cancer… cervical cancer… intestinal cancer… stomach cancer. Cancers on the brain … We curse cancer at the root in Jesus’ name.  And we pray for a release of healing power and anointing.

Prayer for bodies

We pray for a release of anointing now to people’s backs, to their necks, to shoulders, to strained legs … to broken limbs… broken bones. Maybe it’s a big bone. Maybe it’s a small bone. It doesn’t matter. We speak healing over broken bones. Broken hearts in Jesus’ name today. And we just pray for a sweeping move of the healing power of God, and that it would just descend and flow on those wherever they’ve joined us this morning.

Prayer for depression and the like…

Father, we pray for just the lifting off of burdens. Just a heaviness, just a melancholy on some people. We speak to that and say, how dare you, devil! How dare you, depression? How dare you, melancholy! We command you to go. We command you to cease and desist and go. We say the blood of Jesus is against you. That you are broken, that your assignment is thwarted, that you may not have any more room in those people’s lives in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for those who are stagnant…

Open up, open up … We agree together for those who are stuck and stagnant. I just see people just stuck and stagnant and frustrated and disgusted maybe with themselves or their circumstances. I just pray, Lord, that you would just move in. Holy Spirit, move in and flood their souls and their hearts. And even their bodies. We pray for a release of fire to burn out all of that, all of the status quo, all of the frustrations, all that seems immovable and impossible in their lives. All that hasn’t changed day after day, year after year, maybe even decade after decade. We declare today that there comes a breaking through of God and the Spirit of God to shift them forward today.

If that’s you, we declare a shift over your life. We declare breakthrough over your life. We declare change with your circumstances. Change in your job. Change in your relationships. Change just in the state of your emotional experience. A change … we declare change in Jesus’ name. Light be! Breakthrough be! Truth be! In Jesus’ name.

Prayer for supernatural surgery in hearts…

Open up, open up. In some other situations, here online, those in the chapel, in our churches, our church congregations today, , if you know someone just claim this for them. There are people that need a supernatural surgery in their hearts.  I mean, the kind of surgery where the Holy Spirit shows up and interrupts your day, interrupts your night, interrupts whatever you’re doing, and just arrests you and says, “Hey, I need you to still wait on Me. Right here, I need you to lay on the floor. I need you to weep before Me. I need you to just to sit and just let Me work. And so, Father, we pray that the Holy Spirit would be released to do divine surgery in people’s emotions and people’s hearts and even the deepest recesses of their hearts today.

That you would stitch up brokenness, that you would heal and mend those places in people’s souls that are out of joint that are hurting, that there’s tangible pain in their emotions, in their soul. We just speak comfort. We speak wholeness and we pray for a release of the supernatural and divine psychologists, the Holy Spirit to minister, to council, to remove.

I see the Holy Spirit just taking things out, just like a natural surgeon would remove a cancer off of a brain or out of a body. I see the Holy Spirit surgically removing cancerous emotions, cancerous thoughts, cancerous regrets, cancerous experiences that have attached themselves to you in some way to your soul and they weigh you down and they trip you up and they slow you and keep you from being what should be and could be in your life. And so, Holy Spirit, we just pray that you would just do that right now in this moment, in our hearts, in our lives, in our families, in our churches. Just remove and operate and transplant in other situations. Take out old burdensome sin-hardened, broken cancerous toxic hearts for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter. Take that out, Lord, and put in a heart of God, a heart of flesh, a heart renewed, a heart made whole, a heart filled with hope, a heart healed, a heart integrated and put back together and made strong and fully functioning and filled with fire and inspiration and purpose for God and for this life. in the name of Jesus, just receive that.

Prayer for people to welcome the Father into their lives…

We just welcome you, Father, into our lives, into those places that no one else sees, that no one else knows about. We just welcome you today… even into the closet where there’s dirty laundry, where there are skeletons perhaps … come on now, church. I don’t care if you’re online in Asia somewhere, open your heart and welcome Him where you’re at. The Holy Spirit wants to work. He’s at work. He’s on the move. Invite him. Reverence and honor Him. Respect Him. Welcome Him once again into those places of your life.

Prayer for an impartation of peace into people’s souls…

We just pray and agree for just an impartation of your perspective, Father. Where we’ve been worrying and wondering and stressing and striving and laboring in our own efforts… where we’ve been going through the motions, perhaps, automatically out of memory… We just declare peace over people’s souls… peace like a river. We pray for a release of that river to flow to minister peace to minister “It is well with my soul.”

It is well, it is well, it is well… be still, my soul, take hope in God. I trust in Him. He is my strength, and He is my strong tower. He is my help in times of trouble. He’s my joy, my peace, my healer, and my perspective. He is our everything. Thank you, Father, glory to God.

We’re just in the river. There’s a river, right? There is a river. God wants you to drench yourself and be baptized in the river. His presence is here. It’s here. It’s here. He’s here. He’s where you are. To God be the glory.

Peg led group in singing “To God be the glory…”

Pastor Ken shared quote from book…

There’s something I wanted to read and that I feel we’re supposed to read. It fits with some of the things I’ve been sharing here. It’s out of a book called “Processing the Plan of God Through Prayer” by Mark Breeze. It’s an old book that’s been around for a long time. But it’s one of those books, I perennially go back to processing the plan of God through prayer.

But it’s just a really good kind of like “where the rubber meets the road.” It’s a good book for prayer. It always seems to rekindle prayer and the Word in my life. And in the first chapter, he said this:

“Throughout history, there have been many revivals or times of God manifesting His power and presence among mankind. These times and seasons of God’s glory have been for the purpose of bringing forth His plans on the Earth. Every time, without fail, as God prepares for one of these outpourings, there first comes from heaven a cry of the Spirit. As this generation is rapidly approaching its destiny-the greatest move of God this planet has ever seen or experienced-the cry of God’s Spirit is going forth again. It is the same cry that has brought forth every move of God since the beginning-the call to pray. It is the call for God’s people to join hands in partnership with Him, doing what we can, which enables God to do what He can. Prayer is always the catalyst which brings forth God’s ability on Earth. As we approach this subject, it will not be simply as a religious activity with no real purpose. Instead, we will be doing business with God-doing our part to bring forth His final plans on Earth.”

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