Morning Prayer Notes for Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Peg led in worship and then prayed…

Any sickness, any illness that our children have gotten that has stayed with them, Lord, we just take authority over that. We break the power over them. We command healing and health and deliverance and freedom to come to their bodies right now in Jesus’ name. And for any disaster that’s come to our families, we speak victory! Because we know you want to turn that around and bring victory to our lives. The Devil meant it for evil. That’s what he wanted. But God’s going to turn that thing around in your life and He’s going to use it for His glory. So we continue to rejoice and thank you, Lord, that you’re turning things around. You’re using that horrible thing that happened to us and turning it around for your glory, Lord. So take us to the people. Take us to the places that need us where your glory can be revealed through the evil that was done to us. We thank you for turning that around.

Jesus wants to deliver you so reach out and take it by faith…

He wants to deliver you right now. He wants to set you free… freedom is the word of the day. So just reach up and receive whatever you need. If it’s healing, if it’s finances, if it’s freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, freedom from depression, deliverance in your back, deliverance in your body, in your organs, just reach up and receive it all.

Lord, we receive that healing touch from you today. Not just a touch right now, but complete healing. We receive that. We receive that because Jesus is here. He’s here to do it. He’s here to deliver. He’s here to set you free today. Hallelujah.

It’s a new day. So take what He has for you today. Take what He has for you. Take it and run with it. He wants you to run your race. He wants you to finish it. He doesn’t want you to give up. The Devil wants you to give up, but God wants you to go forth and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

God is showing you the steps to take…

Go forth, go forth and do great and mighty things because God is on your side. God is on your side. He’s not leaving you alone. He hasn’t forsaken you. He hasn’t given up on you. He’s right there. He’s holding your hand. He’s taking you. He’s guiding you. He’s leading you. He’s showing you the steps to take. So take the steps today. Take the steps. Don’t be afraid. It’s going to be great. So take the steps you need today. Take the steps.

The joy of the Lord is your strength…

Joy is with you. Walk in that joy. The joy of the Lord is your strength. It’s your strength. It’s going to see you through. His joy is going to see you through. It’s making a way for you. He’s not gonna let you down. He’s gonna see you through … so don’t be blue. Don’t be sad. He’s making a way for you. Thank you, Lord.

Cindy had a word …

Thank you, Father, for your presence… I hear the Lord saying:

“Fear not, for I am with you always, even to the end of the age. I’m with you always. I never leave you nor forsake you. I’m ever with you … a source of help in time of trouble. So fear not and walk with Me. I will show you how to live and be free for everything you need is in Me. So come away with Me, for in My presence, you will see and experience My joy, My peace, My right ways of being … in the secret place, in the secret place and the secret place. I’ve reserved a place for you. A sure place… a secure place … a place of calm contentedness… where everything is right…. a settling down into My knowledge where nothing can be shaken.

“No fear, no anxiety, no fretting, despair, no downcast… in My presence is fullness of joy and pleasures evermore … come away with Me… into the secret place… where you will be able to go in and out. And always find rest in this world… where every step has been ordered and every appointment has been supplied fully … where your confidence is drawn from that place where you hear My voice in the midst of every moment … because you make your dwelling place with Me… come see the difference it will make in your life… when you make your life a living sacrifice unto Me … taking those steps… of obedience unto faith … for those are steps that are sure, steps that are solid, steps that bring forth fruit unto Me… so we taste and see, we taste and see … that you are good, Lord.”


You’re the God that’s always with us and strengthening us… and through our union with you through our living contact with you, our living communion with you, you speak to our souls, Father, and our souls respond… the giving God, the giving God… you give to us liberally, Father, without limits… we receive from you… we stretch out our hearts to receive even more every day, every day, leaning into you, Father… the One who fills us and keeps filling us… It never ends. David said, “How can I thank the Lord for all that He has done?” And he lifted his cup of blessing and said, “More please.” Thank you, Lord. I will receive more because it gives you great pleasure when we just received from you.

I thank you for your Word unto us every day, strengthening us and causing the soil of our heart to be conditioned even more and more to receive your words, Lord, that we might bring forth unto you a beautiful garden, fruitful, and we would just fill the earth, fill the earth, fill the earth with your goodness and your glory … Hallelujah.

Prayed that the Lord would give us eyes to see…

Lord, give us eyes to see you more and more … in every detail… we wouldn’t just pass by you and fail to consider that that was you … you’ve appointed us every day with good things to do and see and to experience you in every way…

Father, more and more, we thank you that you reduced us to living prayer… we would be read by every man and bring things to a point of decision in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Thank you, Father, for your mercy and that you have such grace that when we turn to you, it’s abounding and that we really are never at a loss. If we just come to you and spend time with you in the secret place … you make yourself known to us… you make yourself so real to us, it’s like more real than the world around us…

Cindy shared…

I’m reading this book called “Practicing the Principles of Prayer” by David Pawson. It’s so good because it’s simple and it’s for people just beginning in prayer. He talks about how there’s a progression in prayer. You start out praying and you are touched by God and you know that God’s Word is true and that you want to know God. You’re not feeling Him so much. But you keep doing it out of a sense of duty and love to God.

And then you get to a place where you start to experience answers to prayer. So you’re praying and then there becomes this big collection of coincidences, so to speak, of things happening around you. And you can tell that because you prayed to God, things are changing. And that’s kind of like a hindsight. But then you get to a place where you’re in living communion with Him and you’re hearing His word in real time. And you’re responding to Him in real time. And you’re seeing change occur quickly.

I used to hear His voice, but not really be conscious of it at the time. But then like maybe a day later, I would hear it again. And I go, “Lord, you were speaking to me.” And like I said, I went right past it and failed to consider that it was Him speaking to me. But I said, “Lord, if you can give me presence of mind to know when you’re speaking to me back then,” you know 24 hours later. I would pray, “Lord, can you give me presence of mind to know you’re speaking to me when you’re speaking to me so that it becomes a dialogue with you?”

We’re walking with Him and He’s helping us all along the way to perfect our walk with Him. He gives me the questions to ask Him, that help him help me to walk even closer with Him. I just thank you, Father, for your faithfulness to never leave us or forsake us.

I want to read this because it really touched my heart.

“I think from persisting in duty of praying we come to the second stage where we know He was there through hindsight. This, I would say is stage number two. Stage number one, you are praying and wondering if He is listening. But you’re doing it because you know you have to learn, and you are doing it because He has given you the strength to do it. Stage two, you have done it without feeling His presence. But what happens afterwards proves that He was there. My mind goes back to what occurred when the disciples first met Jesus, following His resurrection, when they are aware of His presence. And they could touch Him. They could see Him. They could hear Him. And He said, ‘Peace be to you.’ And it was great. They had Jesus with them.

“Thomas came into the room shortly afterwards and they told Thomas that Jesus had been there. Thomas did not know what he had missed. But Thomas said he did not believe it. He wanted to see for himself. He looked all around the room and did not see a soul. His Jesus had holes right through His hands and a great gash through His side. So until he could put his fingers through that hole and until he could put his hand through that gash, you would not catch him believing what they said. A week later in the same room, Jesus said, ‘Thomas, come and put your finger through My hands and put your hand down My by my side.’ And Thomas said, ‘My God, you are here!’

“Do you get the message between the resurrection and the ascension? Jesus was teaching those disciples to have an awareness of His presence, even without any of the senses. That is why it took six weeks between the resurrection and the ascension. And for six weeks, Jesus was coming and going until they did not know whether He was coming or going. Until finally, they knew that when He went, He had not gone.

This is what the Bible teaches. On the day Jesus went back to heaven and they saw the body disappear beyond the clouds, they knew that they would not be able to touch it or hear it anymore. His last words at the point were, ‘Lo I am with you always.’ From now on, they would not need any of the senses to know His presence. They had been weaned and Jesus said, ‘Blessed are those who won’t even have the chance to see Me that they have had, but who believe in My presence.’ The ascension means that He is beyond the reach of our senses. People say, ‘I could believe in Him if you produced Him.’ If you walked into church, preached one Sunday night, that would be great. But without any of my senses, I know that Jesus is here now. Maybe I can’t hear Him. Can’t see Him. Can’t touch Him. But He is right here. The ascension means that ‘Lo, I am here with you always, even to the end of the world.’”


Father, I thank you, Lord, that we disconnect from the world and the five physical senses. And we come down into our heart in these places. We’re not prisoners of our senses. “For lo, you are with us always, even to the ends of the ages years.”

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