GPAN 8-9-16

The following excerpt was taken from “What about 2012?” prophecy by Kenneth Copeland on November 10, 2011.

Lord, according to Mark 11:23, if we will speak in faith, believing, and not doubting that what we say will come to pass, we will have what we say. According to 1 Timothy 1:18, we are aided for spiritual warfare by prophetic words. So we take our stand on behalf of America with the words You have spoken to us through one of Your prophets and speak the word of the Lord in faith.

We take our stand without fear about the United States of America or over the failure of this republic. This is not the time for this nation to fail. You are not done with it yet. And the people of this nation are not done with You! The Church will not fall short of the job You have set for us or for this nation to do.

In Jesus’ name, the Church has her trust in You over every detail for the success of this nation. We say that the Church delights in You, so, according to Your Word, we expect You to give us the desires of our heart for this nation. Our ways are committed to You, and we say America’s ways are committed to You so You will make us shine as bright as the noonday sun.

We are in faith, expecting evildoers will be cut off. We are in faith that because we hope in You and are looking for You, we shall regain this land. We laugh, Lord, with You! We laugh at the wicked because we can see that their day of defeat is coming! Even a little in our hands goes further than great possessions in theirs!

The heritage of America will abide forever. Neither the Church nor this nation will be put to shame. Because You delight in justice, we know You will not forsake the Church or this nation. You will exalt us and thereby exalt America. When the wicked are cut off, we shall see it and all of the Church and all of America will be glad. The scepter of the wicked will not remain over this land that was given to the righteous, so that we will not be forced to apply our hands to injustice.

This is the time of greatness! America again! It is our nation. It is God’s nation and we are right where He wants us to be. Our future is bright because God almighty is still Lord over the United States of America! Praised be the name of the Lord!

Things that we can do because of His Word

Yesterday morning, I had a dental appointment and I didn’t feel totally normal. I didn’t have enough sleep. So when I got to the dentist office, I was ten minutes early. I sat in the parking lot and went through a confession on healing. I thought “Well this is a good opportunity” so I went through that confession. When I got in there, they took an XRAY and they give you the heavy led vest to put on you. It always reminds me of the times in His presence when the manifestation was so strong in the Church or wherever I was located. I told my dental hygienist who is a believer, she loves the Lord, she is born again. She said she felt the same sensation. She said, “Now every time I put that vest on somebody I am going to think about the presence of God.”

So the dentist comes and checks everything and makes sure what she did was a good job and everything is cool. He said “oh, I am going to get out of here before your teeth know I am here because everything looks really good.” When I left, I could absolutely feel the change in my body. It was different than when I went in. I confessed the Word. We spoke about the anointing and the presence of God as much as we could and when I left the dentist office, I felt totally normal. I just said “Thank You, Lord.” A dental appointment can make you feel better?

When we say these things or confess the Word and let it go into our hearts, it makes a difference. I just want us to recognize again there are so many things that need to be done and it’s up to us to do it. We can’t just sit back. So I will just go through this list of things we will confess today.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13
1. I can do what God says I can do.
“In My name they shall cast out devils, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Mark 16:17, 18
2. I can cast out demons and minister healing to the sick in His name.
Psalm 37:4 says “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”
3. I can have the desires of my heart for I am delighting myself in the Lord.
Acts 1:8 says “You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto Me.”
4. I can witness in power for I have the Holy Spirit in my life.
(Pastor Nick said he was in Costo yesterday looking for milk. Someone said to him “Excuse me sir, do you work here?” immediately he started to witness to this man. He found out that he went to a Lutheran church but wasn’t sure. He prayed with this man and found out he was 84 years old. He gave him the tract and said “Take this home and pray it with your wife” who was also like 80 something. Isn’t that sweet? He didn’t have to do anything but look for milk… at Costco (ha, ha, ha). But someone else came to him. We can witness in power because we have the Holy Spirit in our lives.)

Isaiah 53:5 proclaims that “With His stripe we are healed.”
5. I can possess healing and health for by His stripes I am healed.
John 13:34 states “Love one another as I have loved you.”
6. I can love others even as Jesus loved me for His love has been shed abroad in my heart. I love with His love.
I Cor. 1:30 says “Christ Jesus is made unto us wisdom from God.”
7. I have divine wisdom in every crisis for Christ Himself is my very wisdom.
“The righteous are bold as a lion.” Prov. 28:1
8. I can be bold as a lion for I have been made righteous with His righteousness.
Dan. 11:32 tells us that “the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”
9. I can do exploits for I know my God and He makes me strong.
“His divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.” II Peter 1:3
10. I can enjoy all things that pertain to both life and godliness and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Continued praying…

We are not down below but seated in heavenly places
Thank You for our seat with You, Lord
Our journey on earth is temporary but heaven is our destination
You made a way, Jesus – You shed Your blood for us!
We can walk in the things You told us to
Overcoming power operating in us individually
Overcoming power operating in us corporately in an even greater way
Getting in with our brothers and sister and delighting ourselves with You
Lifting up our voices in one accord unto You—King of kings and Lord of lords
Thank You, Father

Your love, goodness, mercy, and kindness towards us
In You, we do trust and yield ourselves for more of You

Some changes have already begun. Some other changes have not even begun to operate but the changes that have already begun, the prayers of the Church keep a watch over and declare, as the prayers are spoken, power, momentum, direction for that change to continue to manifest and go all the way through. In other words, to completely materialize and be what is was meant to be. So the prayers of the Church keep the changes moving, keep the changes changing, and then reach back to those situations, those changes that hadn’t even begun. A prayer in the Spirit, by the Spirit will start those things up that need to be started up and begin to bring them up and bring them all the way through too. Destinies hang in the balance. People’s lives hang right in the balance daily for these changes to take place, for the Church to do what it is called to do and finish its course or finish the race. Calls, words, pictures in the hearts of men and women will direct where the prayers go. Calling the things forth, calling the things up, calling the things to change, calling the momentum that continually rearranges even the change as it moves forth. Today we pray over the doors of operation, the keys for the doors for the changes to keep moving and changing.

Some things are higher than others, some changes that must take place first before the others can
Doors of operation for those high changes that must come
It’s like they just come to the surface
Almost shining and calling for words to come and assist them
Divine answers – we hold them up
Moving some things over and putting some operations over there
Praying over and around it
Limits be removed that are attempting to hold the revelation of that plan back
We will not turn aside but look over ever step on this way
Staying on the watch
Shutting down lies—putting a stop to them
Holding the blood against them
Negative words concerning the future – stopping them by the blood and name
Calling those things as though they were
Speaking life and direction under the unction of the Holy Spirit
Divine supernatural information through the Word
The Word speaks, the Word directs
It can be, it will be, it is being
We apply the blood over every one of these changes
Some things will be moved out others moved in
The right words being declared and received
We speak around it
The destiny of the Church – the whole body of Christ
Lifting the Baptist church
Thank You for what You put within them
Continually contending for the souls of men
What they have – we want!
But then too on the other side somethings we have, they can have too
Move on the hearts of the pastors by Your Spirit
Let laborers come forth that it would become a great move of Your Spirit
That Your wind would blow through the Baptist church
(That’s what came up in my spirit) the Baptists, we lift them
Some seeds have already been sown; we water them to come up
Open ears to hear, open hearts to receive the ministry of Your Holy Spirit
Unity in the body
Not that Your Word would be watered down but a greater insight
Thank You for the power of the blood
For what was done on that cross – we overcome by the blood
As we speak and believe we receive
Thank You for the blood all over the earth – every nationality and tongue – unity

Ms. Anne led us in singing the name of Jesus…

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