Prayer Summary October 15


Father, we contend for the greater—there must be distinguishing marks in Your Church
Glorious transformations before Your glorious appearance; it’s only by Your mercy and grace
Callings and places are calling; Your body will be obedient to those callings
Thank You, Father, for great assemblies in Your body—we plead the blood over all of them
As we walk and pray, there will be significant changes today
Thank You, Father, for Your Word going forth, to bring down and to lift up
Declaring that this is the way it will turn out—the Lord’s way
Speaking with authority against all the plans of the enemy
Thank You, Father, for the body of Christ walking in their inheritance in Christ Jesus today
The glorious Church standing in the blood, arising in their authority in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, that sickness and disease cannot stand when the blood is applied
We apply the blood over spiritual authorities
Wisdom over the five-fold ministries; boldness and courage in speaking what it will be
Thank You, Father, for the body of Christ standing in their place of authority: claiming our inheritance, claiming our rights
We declare our families are protected by the blood of the Lamb
Cities covered by the blood and going in the right way in the spiritual, political, and financial realms
We loose angels to assist us in our obedience to the Lord Jesus today
We bind evil plans against our cities; we call them down, cut off their resources and speak confusion to them in Jesus’ name
Binding the spirit of fear over our cities in Jesus’ name; perfect love casts out all fear
Father, we ask for Your Holy fire to fall from heaven setting men’s hearts on fire
More and more moving and under the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ
We pray for laborers going forth with fresh baptisms of the Holy Ghost and fire in Jesus’ name
Burning Your will and authority to their hearts
Denominations changed by Your Spirit—never to be the same
We bind every demon that has been entrenched in our cities, we say BE REMOVED by the blood of the lamb
Thank You, Father, for a Great Outpouring—a burning up and burning through every obstacle in Jesus’ name
ABSOLUTE MIRACLUOUS CHANGE—we believe to walk in it!
The blood of the Lamb over our state capitols; moving in God’s way
It’s a new move—a paradigm shift by the blood of the Lamb
Both sides of the river, protected by the blood of the Lamb in Jesus’ name
Watching over the damns down the river—protection by the blood
We lift up all the parts of the body; ears open wide to what You are saying
It’s all about You, Lord, Your Presence
Thank You, Father, for Your peace that changes and rearranges us in Jesus’ name
We declare every heart be opened more to what You are saying
Thank You, Father,  for Your anointing that is present in our sanctuaries; souls being changed forever
We thank You for all that You are doing and give you all the praise, honor, and glory in Jesus’ name

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