Prayer Summary for Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We are taking our seat today
No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper
No symptoms, no attacks, no storms of any kind
Because we have taken our seat above
Not by our own power but by what You did, Jesus, at the cross
Today we overcome by the blood
We testify, pray, and use the precious holy blood of Jesus

Sharon led us singing…

We are seated in heavenly places
We are seated in heavenly places
And nothing can harm us there

Continued praying…

There is here, there is now!
Thank You, Father
Our families are protected by the blood
Declaring Your plans and purposes for each one of us
“Nothing can prosper against us!”
Ministering spirits, go forth and work on our behalf
Bring in the recourses to the members of the body
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Ms. Sharon led us singing “I love You Lord”

Ms. Sharon shared…

I love the fact that when we are seated in heavenly places, we are at rest. We have given the battle to the Lord. We are resting and watching the enemy flee in disarray because we are more than overcomers and overcoming everything by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. What a place to be. What a place to be…

Ms. Sharon led us singing in the Spirit….

We rest in You, we rest in You, Lord
Overcoming, overcoming
Open up that way, every door, every opportunity we prepare
New ways, new times, new plans, new resources
New eyes to see, new ears to hear
We rejoice and we walk in victory
Going out ahead
Be smoothed out and prepared today
Protected by the blood
Moving in the right ways
Declaring the songs, notes, the right words
It’s going beyond what we could even ask or thing
It’s more, it’s more, it’s more
Your joy is our strength
We are strong in You, we can do all things because of You
Taking us all the way through into greater new
Greater, greater, greater
Able, able, more than able to do it
Shake out of those old ways into the new day
Continually shaking off the old – That’s over and done, finished
So we step into the new, in through that door
We are going to see and hear and know
Individual and corporate orders together
We are connected together with one voice and one purpose
Great cooperation today
Restored, renewed
We give thanks to You, Lord
There is so much more; there is so much further
Into the new

Move out of the way in Jesus’ name. Get out of the way. No, you will not go there. You will not operate there for the blood is against your plan and ways. We have overcome by that blood and that’s the blood of the great I am, Jesus, Jesus!

No fear, no fear
Joy, strength, and determination to carry out Your plan
Your gifts and Your supplies
Father, You get all the honor, glory, and praise!
We magnify and glorify Your name – above every other name!
Every knee must bow to Your name
Everything must bow!
It is finished and it’s ringing all over the place
Sounding across the face of the earth
Crooked places are straining out
Messed up situation are being straightened out by the blood and the name Jesus
Bringing about great rain, days of great outpourings
More and more and more – waves upon waves upon waves of great glory
Floods in the dry places
Rain where it has never rained before
It cannot be stopped
That place was so dark but glorious light has come
Light Be!
The former and latter rain cause a great light
An invasion!
It’s supernatural – it’s not natural
The speed at which it comes –velocity
It’s a permanent change
A miracle change, supernatural
People thought to be unreachable, unchangeable will be changed
A whole group of impossible people who looked like they would never change
But things are shaking up now
Father we declare “Open eyes, open ears, open hearts”
The blind spirit is broken off – set free, they are set free in Jesus’ name
Such jubilation, such celebration, such joy!
Changed by the power of His Word and the name and the blood
Change, change, change – we see it come
Sweeping over the land
Thank You, Lord, for nothing is impossible
No one is unsavable, no one is unreachable
You are doing it now
You’re working now, right now
Things that looked impossible
Plans of the enemy will not come to pass
It may look like it but it will not be built
This nation is moving in the right way
More in God’s way
We are not moving back but moving ahead
Taking back every good thing
Watering all of the prayers that were prayed for years and years
Moving ahead in God’s plan and God’s way
Oh what a day, it’s a glorious day – because of the blood
Minnesota is moving in the right way
We have declared it, we have prayed it, and it will come to pass
Not moved by what we see or hear – we have the victory
And there is nothing the Devil can do about it
What has been spoken here by so many of His prophets
They are coming true
Put some water on those seeds and they are coming up
It’s a good day!
Because You are more than enough to bring it to pass
We see it and we help to bring it to pass
We seize it and draw it to the church, the body
Pull it into today
No more waiting, no more waiting
Seeing it coming forth
It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s ours
Even further out we pull – like a magnet it is coming in
Happy days, we rejoice!
Oh it’s a wonderful thing
No more delays
That’s a God confession – “No more delays, on time, on time”
Tick tock, it’s His clock
It belongs to the church
Great signs and holy wonders,
People will wonder, question to see and know
“How did that happen?”
Those families are so prosperous, something good has happened
That’s that flood of good things
The half has never yet been told
Eye has not see and ear has not heard
For those that love His appearing
We are in that very day, we rejoice, we rejoice
Get our joy back up
And we are glad
Your joy is so good
Ha, ha, ha, ha
Your strength works so well
We can do all things and step on over into the new
You have anointed us with the wine of gladness
Thankfulness, the Spirit of the Lord is upon us right now, right now
So rejoice and be glad

Ms. Sharon led us singing “We are Standing on Holy Ground”

Hallelujah that’s the best place to stand
The joy of the Lord is our strength
We’ve got it, we are walking in it, Amen

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