Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Thank You for the power of Your Holy Spirit
For answered prayer
We are anointed and have open ears to hear
Welcoming Your manifested presence in this place
There is not one time in Your presence that we are not changed
Continually being changed in Your presence

The following excerpt was taken from Tongues Beyond the Upper Room by Kenneth Hagen:

I want to share two more testimonies of spectacular deliverance on the missions field that a missionary named Brother Boley experienced because of someone’s obedience to pray. Brother Boley was a missionary in the African bush country back at the turn of the twentieth century. I was a young minister at that time, and I attended a meeting where Brother Boley related these two experiences.

On one occasion, a rival hostile tribe stole a little six-year old girl from the village where Brother Boley was preaching and nearly everyone had gotten saved. Brother Boley said, “We knew from experience that if we didn’t get the little girl back before nightfall, she would never be recovered.”

These two tribes spoke different dialects, so Brother Boley left for the rival tribe’s village with one of the natives—a Christian convert—who could speak their dialect. Boley hoped to barter with the chieftain, trading the child for beads and trinkets.

Miles before the two men reached the village, they smelled the odor of putrid, rotting meat. This particular tribe would select three or four women to prepare and cook an animal that would then be hung on a post just outside the village. The animal would hang there for days and even weeks, rotting in the sun. Everyone who came to the village had to cut off a chunk and eat it—including Brother Boley and his companion.

Brother Boley said, “You might think you believe God—but you really find out whether or not you believe Him when you go to some of those extreme areas on the missions field! In this case, each one of us had to cut off a big chunk of that rotting meat and eat it. But, thank God, it never did affect us!”

Brother Boley and his companion finally reached the chieftain and traded a bunch of trinkets and beads for the girl. At that point, however, nighttime overtook them, which was a problem because it was impossible to travel in the dense jungle at night.

The two men were led to the “guest quarters” of the village—a primitive, thatched-roof hut. Darkness fell, and they had nothing left to do but lay down on the hard ground and go to sleep. Hours later when it was near midnight, they woke up to the sound of drums rolling. Boley asked his companion, “What does the sound of those drums mean?”

His native companion replied, “That is the death sentence they have passed on us. It has finally dawned on the chief that he’s already gotten our trinkets, so now he can kill us and still keep the girl! The drums are signaling the tribe’s intention to come and kill us. They are coming with bolo knives that with one slice can cut off our heads!”

Brother Boley and the native interpreter could hear the approaching enemy rustling outside their thatched roof hut.

So Boley said to the other man, “Let’s kneel down and commit ourselves into the hands of God. Then we won’t wait for them to come in and get us. Let’s go out first. I’ll lead the way.” Brother Boley related what happened next: “After we prayed, I shut my eyes, pulled back the grass-thatch entrance covering, and stepped out of the hut. I stood in front of the hut for what seemed like a long time, although it was probably only a few seconds: (Of course, at a time like that, a few seconds would seem like a very long time!)

Brother Boley continued, “Suddenly I realized that no one had cut off my head! I could hear the sound of these warriors saying something, so I opened my eyes and looked around at the circle of tribal warriors surrounding me. They were all on their knees with their faces bowed to the ground and their bolo knives lying on the ground beside them!”

Just then the interpreter stepped out of the hut, and Boley asked him, “What are these warriors saying?”

“They are worshiping you as God!” he exclaimed.

Brother Boley asked his interpreter to find out what had happened. The village warriors told the interpreter, “When this foreigner stepped out of the hut, two giant men in shining white apparel—nine feet tall and with huge swords—stepped out on either side of him!”

Then the warriors fell down before the missionary and continued to worship him. Of course, Boley retrieved the little girl and took her back home and returned her safely to her parents and to her tribe.

Two weeks later, Brother Boley was planning another missions trip, and he found out that the staff at the missions station was short-handed. Someone told him, “We have a young lady at the missions station alone with no help. I check on her every couple of weeks to see how she’s doing, but she always seems to be doing fine.”

So Brother Boley went to see this young woman who was operating the missions station all by herself. While he was there, she asked him, “Brother Boley, did something happen to you sometime around midnight on Monday night? Was your life in danger?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, I work here by myself between 10 to 12 hours a day.” she said. “One night I was very tired and went to sleep almost immediately after going to bed. Then at about 10:30 that night, I was awakened with a very heavy burden to pray. So I got out of bed, sunk to my knees, and began to pray in other tongues.”

The woman continued to pray from 10:30 until midnight. “That whole time,” she said, “it seemed like your face kept flashing before me as I prayed. Then I had a note of victory and began to sing in tongues and to laugh in the Holy Ghost!”

Brother Boley said, “Sister, just about the time you began to laugh is when I stepped out of my thatched-roof hut to meet a group of hostile warriors—and their attack was stopped by the two shining, gigantic men they saw on either side of me!”

Here is the question to seriously consider: What if this young woman hadn’t yielded to the Holy Spirit’s leading to pray?

Pastor Ray shared…

We don’t know do we? You know maybe someone else would have picked it up. I just wanted to read it just to encourage us. I like, first of all, that she began to pray in other tongues. She had no clue. She didn’t see his face until she began to pray out in the Spirit in other tongues. Brother Hagin has said it many times that a lot of times we do not know what it is that we are praying for. It’s the truth. Maybe sometimes we get a glimpse or we get an answer that we know about. Like this lady received. But always in our prayers by the Spirit we pray out things that He is directing us to pray. I believe for that every day. I believe for that today. When we pray and lift up our voices, each one of us because this is a corporate group, of course, we each have a part to play. Every single person in this room is as important as the other person. We are all in the same boat. We are all in the same chapel. We all have the same Holy Spirit. We all have ears to hear when we by faith open our ears to hear. Isn’t that right? Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Ms. Sharon led us worship…

Continued praying…

I just had this, while we are lifting up our voices in song that we allow, each one of us individually, the things that He is bringing to us for others, let those prayers come to the top. That’s what I got. Let those be the ones that you lift up and for you personally, your family, your needs. You sow to others and those needs, those answers, those revelations will come. So just let it come up inside you, each one of us praying out something different.

Make a way
That one too
They will, they can
Finished, finished, that’s finished
On time and in time
The ways, the ways
Names, names, all of those names
Reaching out and pressing out
It’s coming around, it’s coming around
We prepare that way
It’s a preparation time for those
Open the eyes to see
Bringing it back around for each one
So many more steps
Prepare, prepare to mobilize
It is a show
Revelation about the assignments to see
A way to go – come up and out
These are open ways
Come on bended knee
Mighty and greater ways – more and more
Open, open, open
Ways to see, ways to walk, words to say
No it’s not too late – on time and in time
We see the great plans
The vision for the vision, provision
Greater days
By faith we enter in and call them forth
Many are coming forth
Developments, revelation understanding insight
Oh they can, they will, they are
They are going through
All that enter in with joy are going through
Joy and strength
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…
The joy of the Lord is our strength for today
Our strength, their strength
Joy in the church, joy in the hearts
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, he…..
Reaching, reaching out, pressing out
Taking the land, taking it, taking it
We make a way, opening up the doors for others for them to go through
Open, open, open up those ways
Wide open access
Eyes open to see
Taking a stand and standing strong
Shouts of victory! Sounds of breakthrough!
Sounds of change!
The sound of Joy! That’s the sound of victory!
Rejoice – it’s a choice
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…
Cooperation in the Church – great acceleration in the Church
The uninformed are now being informed
Revelation and wisdom – the Spirit of God
Mountains brought low
The Kingdom comes – the glorious works from heaven
Good news, good news, good news
Selah, Selah, so be it
The Church is stepping into the right ways and plans in these days
Holy Ghost steps

Ms Sharon led us singing “God You’re So Good”

Continued praying…

Goodness, mercy, kindness, and grace
We do lift and magnify You, Father
For Your influence through us – because of You in us coming through us
Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, Father
Thank You for this preordained day
Walking out the steps of victory from one degree of glory to another degree of glory

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