Prayer Summary for Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ms. Annie led us in singing “We Need You More”


More than our next heartbeat, more than anything, we need more of You Lord
Seeking You is a lifetime commitment, we come to You daily
I know that You know us, every detail
You put the call in us
We will always need You tomorrow more than we need You today

Scripture focus…

Sow for yourselves according to righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God); reap according to mercy and loving-kindness. Break up your uncultivated ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, to inquire for and of Him, and to require His favor, till He comes and teaches you righteousness and rains His righteous gift of salvation upon you. Hosea 10:12 (Amp)

Pastor Ray shared…

I know that we are not righteous because of things that we do. We are righteous because of Him and what He has done for us, our rightness. And when that scripture says basically plow up that uncultivated ground, I have always felt in our hearts, there is always room for more plowing sort of. I was raised on a farm so in those times the government paid the farmers to not plow up the ground. There would be ground just sitting there with weeds. They did that to hold the prices right, that kind of thing. It always seemed weird to not use the soil or ground and plow it up. I believe the times we spend lifting Him just like we were doing, telling the Lord I need You more…I believe it’s impossible to seek Him without softening our hearts. Maybe sometimes it takes a while depending on what is happening around us but He is faithful, faithful when we open ourselves up to Him like this and just tell Him, “You know Lord, I need You more. It is an absolute necessity. I have to have more of You.” He could say right back, “I am giving y ou everything you desire, it’s here for you.” So maybe we could say “You know I need You more” of course and “help me, help us to yield our hearts and allow You to soften them.” Maybe there are places, I know there are, there is still room for more and there will always be room for more.

Thank You Father, Thank You for Your purpose, plan, destiny for each one of us
For the call that You put in us and on us
You are working it out through us – changing and rearranging things
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
We just want that heart felt connection–prayer that brings about that power and presences in our lives

Ms. Annie shared…

I confess that I am breaking up the fallowed ground of my heart and I am preparing it for the Lord to plant some new crops. And I am not going to let my heart be hard. I am going to take the plow of His word and I am going to plow my heart up every day.

Pastor Ray shared…

I like that we don’t have to do the plowing. We just let Him do it. We know what to do, how to stir ourselves up praying in the Holy Ghost, stirring ourselves up. We know what to do, how to do that but maybe we don’t always do it. Or how it is to get ourselves in a place where the presence of God is manifesting corporately like this or other times or groups or places, yielding ourselves to the presence of the Holy Spirit and let Him do what He wants to do in us and for us and through us.

Ms. Annie shared…

Search me oh God and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts. See if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way of everlasting. You don’t have to do the work. Like you said before, His word is always working. I am just thinking about how when I was a baby Christian and I wanted to follow God but I didn’t really know how to and I didn’t even know any other Christians. So I had my silly little prayers that I would pray asking God to help me learn how to follow Him and how to know Him in my total ignorance. But the Lord, you know He is so faithful and good. I mean I would classify myself as a first class flake back then you know (ha, ha, ha). But He connected me with two wonderful people. A man and his wife who just took me under their wing and said they just wanted to love me and be spiritual parents to me and one of the first things they did was give me a Bible and a daily Bible reading guide. He said to me you need to read the Bible every day and you need to take this Bible reading guide and … well I had a 45-minute bus ride to my job. So I would do that in the bus on my way to work. The very first book because it started in May was the book of Ezra. And on my lunch break I would also do that. I would take my Bible at my lunch and go down by the Mississippi river and read. But I remember thinking what good is this going to do me? Okay so Ezra this and that and the priest. You know I could hardly wrap my little un-renewed mind even around that but I noticed that very first week that I started doing that faithfully, I noticed that I instantly began to change. I noticed instantaneous change. And so that was over 30 years ago. I have read through the Bible the same way every year since May of 1979 and it never ceases to change me. So what you said about that we don’t have to change ourselves; we don’t have to… the Word of God is alive and full of power. Ever since then I have been a Word addict! Because I tried so hard to change myself prior to that. I didn’t know how but if you just open your heart and mind up to His Word, it does the work. It just does the work because it’s supernatural. I so believe in the Word because it so changed me! And continually, it will just do it. We don’t have to strive.

Pastor Ray shared…

Just be faithful to eat it and put it into ourselves.

Ms. Annie shared…

It was about three chapters a day. And I wasn’t brought up in that. I didn’t know any of that. I had no idea who Ezra was or any of it. But it proved to me by experiencing it that there was something going on there, that the word of God is supernatural. It’s so supernatural, so alive and full of power dividing asunder the soul and the spirit, laying bear the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Ms. Florence shared…

This Sunday afternoon I walked through the chapel doors for a prayer meeting. I didn’t have any peace concerning a situation that I was going through. As I came and sat here I was trying to think of every peace scripture but I could only remember two. The chastisement of my peace was upon Him and then the other one was the peace that He gives us is not of this world. It’s not concerning the circumstances that we go through or anything that we are looking at but the peace that He gives us is greater than that. So those are the only scriptures that I was thinking on and I kept repeating and repeating as I sat here. Then Pastor Ray who was leading the prayer meeting stopped all of a sudden and asked about people who didn’t have any peace concerning a situation if they needed prayer. He said I was just led to do that. He had no clue or idea. And so as Annie was saying sometimes the Word of God does change us, it really does. You meditate on that word for the longest time, it will change you. But I was struggling. See I knew the Word but I was struggling. I kind of needed something else to just get that peace that I needed and so I was the first one to stand up. I don’t know how many people came but I didn’t see anybody else. So he laid hands on me. I have no idea what he said. I just know I went down. And there was a gamut of emotions I went through. I was down there for the longest time and Cindy came and prayed with me and just so many emotions, so many emotions. And finally I just like let go.

You know there is a time you feel in your heart you have let go and I did and that was the moment that I felt His peace flood through me. But still I was fearful even after knowing that the Holy Spirit was ministering to me. But then after that I started laughing. I heard Pastor Ray say “This is the strength.” So I got triple what I needed. I felt I got the righteousness of God and I felt the peace of God and then I had the joy in the Holy Ghost. And so I told Pastor Ray I had the whole package, the kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. I was a blessed woman on Sunday. I was really blessed.

So I am just saying that sometimes you can really quote scriptures and you are really struggling to get into that place where you know you should be but do you know how? That’s why we have the Holy Ghost. I just feel that Pastor Ray came for me, not anybody else on Sunday; I just know that it was my day. Since then, you know I can’t explain but the peace of God is very… it’s a special thing. It’s really special. You can be going through so many hard circumstances but the peace does not stay in you because of the good circumstances around you. In spite of what you are going through you feel you have the peace and the joy. I had lost my joy but I found it in the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah.

Pastor Ray shared…

I actually believe that we all have times that are planned for us by the Spirit where maybe just one word spoken by someone that does not have a clue about what they are speaking and the effect that maybe the Holy Spirit wants to bring. But that one appointed time, it just changes everything. But that’s not the end. Those are steps along our way of knowing Him more and more and more. I am so thankful that God Almighty through His Holy Spirit prearranges times for us individually because He knows us and He knows what we need and He knows when we need it. He is faithful, faithful to us.

Pastor Paul shared…

This is just to encourage somebody who is wondering whether God will help them out in a situation or do something that they have been asking for help of Him. Pastor Ray was ministering on Wednesday night at the service and I happened to be just sitting second set of rows back on the corner and you said something about fixing trash disposal and how he had to use a car jack to hold it up and unbeknownst to him I had that issue to change in my house and I was wondering how to get it done.

So he said I don’t know why I am saying this. Maybe this is for somebody here. I just put up my hand and said “That’s for me!” And it wasn’t even related to your message but it was for me. Just to say that God is awesome! You know the kind of things that He unveils through the company of believers. You may just think that you’re just doing something, saying something in conversation or you know just filling up the space so to speak in conversation but God is actually feeding somebody with bread and satisfying somebody else’s lack of wisdom.

So, we don’t despise the Word of God and we don’t constrain the Spirit of Christ. We just have to, especially among the company of believers… if you notice Florence’s’ testimony happened in the company of believers. When people come together, not forsaking the assembly of ourselves together. There are things that God gets done in the assembly of believers quickly that it will take us individually several months and probably very costly to accomplish. So in these last days we are admonished by the Spirit of the Lord not to forsake the assembly of ourselves together. I think the Lord wants to do two or three things, there are so many more. One of the first things I find that the wisdom of God is conveying through that verse is that the wisdom you need to live in that time is available for free in the assembly of the believers. The comfort that God wants to prevail, the peace that God wants to register in the midst in of the Mayhem around you is available to you for free in the company of believers. The instruction that you need to be able to get things done, even things that may appear physically or materially but not necessarily spiritually significant is available for you in the assembly of believers.

I think the world is doing so much to get the body of Christ unglued and pulled apart and get you isolated from coming to the body of Christ or coming to the assembly of believers because you don’t believe that there is something there for you. But God is telling us that in His wisdom He knows that His body is met firmly fitted and framed together when they are gathered together. And the Word of God that He provides is incorruptible in the assembly of believers. So there are things that you are able to do in one year that would take the unregenerate man three to ten years to accomplish. The people of this world pay so much to see psychologists and psychiatrists but we can just come into the company of believers and get the wisdom of the Creator of the universe for free. The strength is in our gathering together because iron sharpens iron; so a man shall sharpen the countenance of his friend. It’s not just gathering together. This is where our hearts are being molded and our hearts are being made pliable and ductile. It’s because God’s incorruptible seed washes us, it’s by the washing of the water of the word, and so builds us up and makes us strong in those areas where we are weak. And the Lord is sufficient to do everything in every area, in the soul, in the spirit and in the body.

So, I am just believing that God is so wise, so wise that He will provide the medicine for the soul in the assembly of the believers. It’s not a prescription that you have to take to the pharmacist. This is not Obama Care this is God Care. Glory to God!

Ms. Annie shared…

And there are no side effects. There is no co-pays. He paid it all (ha, ha, ha).

The Holy Spirit cares so much about each one of us and when we come together we are making an avenue for Him to flow to that place of need whatever it is we all have.

Pastor Paul Speaks by the Spirit over Pastor Ray…

God is also confirming you as a vessel of His especially in these last days. You have been soaring for years. Every time this place is open, you are here. You are delegating on behalf of the Kingdom of God and for our church which is part of the Kingdom of God. And what the Lord wants to do is to assure you that you are a vessel of honor. And I believe there are new levels that God wants you to be able to experience in Him, new depths that God wants you to experience in Him and I believe also there are new revelations about prayer that even the body of Christ has maybe even forgotten that He wants to bring back that are necessary tools or war arsenals to get the work of the Kingdom accomplished. I believe the depths of seeing and the depths of wisdom, depths of revelation that are available to you and I believe also the distribution of gifts of the Holy Ghost that some of which have not been made known to the body just because the body has not been acquainted with it or heard of it. Like the Lord will want to minister through your ministry, through the work of your hands, through the words of your mouth so we lay hands upon you. (tongues)

Oh, I just heard that. I heard separation. Hallelujah! That’s a good thing. Hallelujah! Oh, that’s a good thing. I am reminded of Acts 13, “Separate unto me Paul and Barnaba for the work unto I have called them.” Oh, I bless You for it Father. I bless You for it. (tongues)

Up, up! Father, thank You, that he arises and shines for his light is come and the glory is risen up on Him and the gentiles, those without You, will come to his light and kings to the brightness of His rising in the name of Jesus. He shall see and behold for they will all come to him to come and hear the voice of the Lord in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father.

So Father You strengthen his back, strengthen his back with might in the name of Jesus. In the NAME OF JESUS! And none shall make you afraid! None shall intimidate you for you will walk in the word of the Lord and you will walk in the power of God and You will walk in the zeal of the Lord! The accomplishment of your hands shall be ordained of the Lord! And you shall walk tall in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! Thank You Father.

You will pray, brother, and you will see in prayer. For He will prepare you and you will see clearly and you will speak and your voice shall be clarion and clear in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father. And many shall come to hand under your tree and they shall be equipped by the words of the Spirit in your mouth. I pray for your wife. I pray for your loved one, your wife, that she will stand by your side in wisdom and strength, in wisdom and in health in the name of Jesus. And the enemy will not task her in her body any longer. I FORBID that in the name of Jesus! I reverse whatever the enemy has sown. I uproot it in the name of Jesus! Thank You, Father, for all your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of Your children in the name of Jesus.

So Father, I ask You for length of days, for long life. Give him the capacity and faith to see a hundred and twenty years where his natural force is not abated and he can lay hold on the word for restoration of his eyes in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father. I give You glory and magnify You. Show him Father.

Pastor Ray…

Thank you. I mean it’s just so humbling but it’s so helpful too. You know the first words I heard Pastor Paul spoke in tongues “for the rest of your race.” I heard that so clear. And like we were saying sometimes we don’t know what we need but He knows what we need and He supplies it all the time, every time. So this definitely is a different prayer meeting. I am so grateful and so thankful for the assembly in this chapel day after day after day and the changes that come from heaven and change us within as we reach out and declare for others. You know, call the things that are not as though they were, lift and lift the body to be what the body should be. I just thank You Holy Spirit for the peace that passes all understanding.

Ms. Annie led us singing about the peace of God…

Scripture focus…

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you… John 14:27 (KJV)

Pastor Ray shared…

Can’t you just sense Him blowing on you right now? So we have heard today it’s free and we have heard today let go, give up, give in, expect, receive, be lifted, be filled, and walk in that peace that passes all understanding. We thank You so much for it Father. I appreciate so much that you would pray for me today. Thank You from my open heart to You – right back at You. Thank so much for coming. See you tomorrow.

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