Prayer Summary for Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

In John 19:29–30, we see Jesus is on the cross. “Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth. When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.”

I want to read to you from a book by Rod Parsley entitled, “The Cross.” He said, “It is finished” is a declaration that all has been accomplished. All that was lacking, it’s now been supplied. The breach has been healed. The debt has been fully satisfied.” That’s his intro. He has an interesting way of describing this. He said, “The few remaining observers on Golgotha heard the man on the center cross shout something about His God having abandoned Him. A little later, He whispered a request for water, one that was answered not with a ladle of cooling, soothing water but with vinegar. Now we see the expiring troubadour of heaven summoning His last remnants of physical and mental strength rising to speak once more, just one word this time. When John the beloved disciple recalls this statement and recorded it in his Gospel narrative, he uses a Greek accounting word: teleo.”

Rod said the future English translators of John’s gospel rendered that term in a way that tends to strip it of the legal and financial connotations. They translated it “it is finished.” Three words for one. But teleo does not mean merely that a thing has ended. It’s a far greater implication than, you know, like a clock that would run out at a game. The game is over. It’s a declaration that “all” has been accomplished. All that was lacking has now been supplied. The breach has been healed. The debt has been fully satisfied. Shalom. Nothing broken, nothing missing.

He quoted Charles Spurgeon. He called this declaration “Christ’s dying word to the Church.” But our King’s proclamation carries even more dimensions of meaning than this. He means that all the types, all the shadows and symbols of the Old Testament have now been fully manifested in Him. It’s done. It’s finished. Teleo! He decrees that the prophecies that pointed to a future deliverer King have been fulfilled. John the Baptist had asked, “Are you the one? Or should we look for another?” Jesus’ answer at that time was suggestive but indirect. Now He speaks plainly. His teleo emphatically shouts, “You can stop looking!” The promised One has appeared and has accomplished the prophesied task. Dominion of planet earth has been restored to its rightful steward.”

This morning, I was reminded about something that happened in a meeting in Canada in 95, 96. Pastor Mark Harper and I went to the services when the Holy Ghost was so evident there. It was a long drive there, and so we came in late. The music was finished. A man from another country got up and gave a message under the anointing about the compassion of God. There was a call for leaders to come up. We went up the long aisle. The building could have seated about 4,000. As I walked down the aisle on my way to the front, I had an open vision of the cross. My eyes were open. It was huge. It was a cross over the platform and it was kind of slanted and coming toward me. There were a lot of things about it. After that, things changed forever in my life and my family’s lives. I always looked at the changes or the fruit but I never really looked at it like the way Pastor Parsley described that.

I know the word teleo means “it is finished.” But until this morning, I never thought of it as being a sign to me, personally, that “it’s finished.” It’s done. When we’re touched by Him, we don’t always know what the significance of it is. We don’t know maybe the fullness of what He’s telling us. But this morning, I just had that, that I missed that part. I knew that things had changed. They changed from that time on. However, the change took place on the cross at Calvary and that’s where He said teleo. And that’s where it was done and it’s finished forever. It’s true for each one of us.

I was reminded of how unbelief can get in the way of our receiving from God. When Pastor Harper and I were driving to Canada, we had such expectation. We had zero unbelief. We knew that if we could just get there, we knew things would happen. We knew lives were being changed. We knew the presence of God was manifested in a special way. People flew there from Europe and all over the earth just to experience Him. They had expectation. Expectation that pushes aside all unbelief.

When we review these things and bring them to our remembrance of what He has done and that “it’s finished,” it gives us momentum as pray-ers to pray worldwide and believe and not just declare things because it sounds good, but to believe what we say shall come to pass. Just flat out get doubt or unbelief out and use the faith that each of us has and declare things that He’s calling us to declare. All over the earth!


The Master’s plan
The call from heaven… reach and reach and reach out
Even the things that are broken and in disarray, we speak over them
We declare Shalom… nothing broken… everything being made whole
London [That just came up in my spirit] We plead the blood of Jesus over that city and that area of Great Britain
We pray the protection of the blood around you in the name of Jesus
We pray over the positions of authority of Great Britain
We declare the blood provides protection for you
There’s direction through the blood
Hidden things, be revealed and uncovered… open
We’re not shocked by what we see, but we’re moved by what You’ve said, by what Your Word has revealed and the word spoken by Your Spirit
The master plan
We’re moved by heaven and we move in the anointing
We call those things to be lined up, to be rearranged
We call for a shift
Demonstrations of Your power in this hour
Protection, protection by the blood
Cover, cover, covered with the blood
More and more, greater realms, greater territory, watching over the earth
It’s global!
The force from heaven, the power of the anointing
Words of faith declaring “this is the way!”
Open up those ways… answers… it is so!
Eyes, eyes, watch
That’s the truth of the Word!
Moves… operations… manifestations
There’s clarity in the eyes… the eyes see… we pray over the eyes… open eyes to see… to watch over and call
Turning it… turning things… changing things…

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