Prayer Summary for September 12


Thank You, Father, that there is an endless supply
The flow of Your Spirit will continue to go
It is Your will, that the vessels would be many, that the vessels would continue to be available
We will be ready and willing to be filled with You, from that fountain of life eternal
You have called, anointed, and appointed us for such a time as this
Here we are, Lord; send us in any way that You desire!
Send us to wherever You want, Father
You are the potter; You have made us and You continue to mold and sculpt us
We are the sons of God, doing the will of the Father, those things that please Him
There is a world that is hungry, thirsty, yearning, and searching in all the wrong places
Thank You, Father, that we could be co-laborer’s with You
Your vessels are ready and prepared, yielded and willing to do the Master’s bidding
What a glorious privilege and honor, Father
Thank You, that You are the one who began the good work in us, and You will continue
We hear the voice of the good shepherd, and the voice of a stranger we will not follow
Trusting You with every part of our lives, spirit, soul, and body!
You have given us everything we need in Christ Jesus
Give us more and more revelation of who You are, Father
Reveal, open up, disclose, and transmit to us by Your Spirit the fullness of what is available in Christ Jesus
By Your mercy and by Your grace, strengthen us to will and to do of Your good pleasure
We desire to please You, and we will finish the course You have set before us, Father
In these last days there will be much participation in the body
Each and every body part will be working and doing the will of the Father
Yielded vessels not ashamed of the Gospel
Filled with boldness and courage and anointed for such a time as this!
You are speaking words, words that framed our world
Let the church be aware of the mission and the plan
Go ye into all the world, preaching, teaching, healing, and demanding the dead to be raised!
No, You did not keep us in the dark, but You gave us Jesus!
He showed us everything, and He did everything for us
We will partake of Your, presence, Lord
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus that lives and speaks today!
The blood of Jesus keeps the destroyer back
Your Word brings light and life to those who believe!
We will be light bearers, we are light, filled with light, and that light is getting brighter and brighter
Glory to God!
Father, we worship, honor, reverence, and esteem You, and Your Word
We esteem those gifts that You have given unto us, the gifts of the Spirit
You saw fit that we would live now in this day, and we will rejoice in today!
This is the last leg of the race, and we will finish our race that You have set before us
We will hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant”
Thank You that You are making us one, one church, one body
Walking in unity, in harmony, and in love, we will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit
Listening, hearing, and obeying those things You are saying to us, Lord
We sense that in our spirits, Father
The seasons are changing, and we plead the blood of Jesus over that transition
You are the orchestrator and You are leading each one, nothing is impossible for You, Father
Words are being spoken and by Your Spirit by Your grace the body is taking her place!
No, we will not delay, this day I will make a change, and this day I will do the will of God
You are such a good, good Father
We love, honor, and worship You
There is no one like You, Lord
You are everything to us, You are everything to us!
Thank You for this time together, thank You for their participation
We will, can, and shall continue to make a difference
You said we could come to Your throne of grace, and we partake of You, Lord
No, we are no longer limited by chains, but we are free indeed!
We are free from sin and condemnation; we live in our freedom that only comes from You
Our minds are renewed by the Word of God
You are disclosing, transmitting, and revealing the things of the Father to us
Hallelujah, to the Lamb of God!


The following prophecy was given by Patsy Cameneti at Living Word Christian Center on June 24, 2004:

It is a chosen place. Aha, yeah, this city is a chosen place. And this place is a chosen place to influence the city that has been destined by God’s grace.

And so the trends of darkness, the trends that would seem to characterize place, are to be changed. New trends, new trends.

Coming in like the flood, the enemy has come, come in this way and come in that way to weaken. And cause a decadence that has almost (tongues) that would weaken, weaken the city. But oh, where the enemy comes in like a flood, (tongues) enter this way, and enter that way and enter through this way and enter that way to weaken, to weaken, to weaken. Oh, the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard. And the standard is none other than His own image. His own will that He has ordained that, that will be carried out on the earth. And it is to be carried out here.

And a way is made. Many will walk in that way. Many saying, “Oh there is hope, there is hope. I was so confused but in His will, His way, His image there is much light.”

And that light will drive away oh no, not you using your efforts to drive away, the light drives away the darkness. And as the light becomes greater and the light becomes more intense because there is no confusion about the will of God. And as that will becomes more defined upon the earth, that (light) like laser will drive and will cut impenetrable as it would seem darkness. Those things that have seemed to be barriers over whole groups of what is to be harvest, will be cut by the light. The light will do the work. And oh, great intensity it will cut through things that have brought people into bondage in their minds. Walls, barriers that have kept out the light will be broken by the light. And the light will flood in not just to an individual here or there, the light will flood into whole groups of people.

For the light is growing lighter in these days and He’s ordained it and it is so and He is causing us to come up into the full image of Christ so we will not just stand as Christ on the earth, we will walk and we will move and we will operate as the Body of Christ in the earth.

And the gates of hell will not be able to hold out against it. And so in days of old as it were, people took cities, yeah, that is that that God has ordained to happen in this day and time. Cities are to be taken. Cities are to be taken. (Tongues) the name of Christ to be spoken and to be worshiped and to be glorified in a city. And from a city, a voice calling to God as one and God responding to that voice. Not like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah when He heard a cry from that city that cried for judgment, but a cry from the city and a voice from the city that cries out for blessing and cries out for glory and God will glorify a place and His presence will be known not just in places designated for His presence in the city, but oh in the city. (End of tape)

And know your asking has been in His will. Ask (ha ha) for He has a way and it is His way. And so these things will be for His glory and so that His name will be glorified and not defamed through man but will be glorified and His name will be NAMED and CLAIMED through man. So this is a day to rejoice in the work of the cross, in the work of redemption for in that work, the image of God, the purpose of God, the way of God and the very image of God is made available and restored to man. So man will walk up in it, mankind will walk up in it. Each fulfilling what they are ordained to do and working with the Holy Ghost to bring to pass the will of God, not only in the church, but in the world around.

There’s a strong state right here. A strong state right here. This church, this church (tongues) and reverberating out from this place, a voice from this place (tongues) oh yes, to the world. And strong places in the world, but Minneapolis-St. Paul, I lift up Minneapolis-St. Paul and the principle men of the city.

We’ll just pray a few more minutes (Congregation praying).

It is phenomenal. It is phenomenal. Yeah, grace upon them. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, a strong city. Hallelujah. Let’s say that “Minneapolis is a strong city for God. Minneapolis is a strong instrument in the hand of God.” Hallelujah. Let’s just thank Him for it. (Praise and thanks)

Grace abounding in this city. A light. This church is a light in the city. This city is a light in the state. Amen. Hallelujah.

It’s a strong light, a strong light.

Continued Praying…

Father, we thank You for the word of the Lord to Your servant
No, that word will not return void, and we stand in agreement with Your word
This is our state, and this is our city, and You have said that this is Your church!
There is a work of God that needs to be done, and we call that forth, in Jesus’ name!
Calling for supernatural aid and assistance in this way, Father
We are moving in the right direction, moving to the righteousness of God
This is a city set apart, set upon a hill, set up for You and for Your glory!
You have said that there would be a greater outpouring of Your Spirit, so we declare that to come forth!
We trust and believe You for it, Lord
There is movement and motion in the realm of the spirit!
Hallelujah, to the Lamb of God!
There is a great awakening all across this city!
We stand in power of agreement that there is a great move of Your Spirit there!
There is a great stirring there, there is great momentum there!
Going into the highways and into the byways, nothing is off limits!
We will be about doing the Father’s business!
Demonstrations and operations of and by Your Spirit
You multiply it, Father
Calling for a greater increase of the numbers, increase in the finances, increase in revelation
Great gains in the realm of the spirit
More territory for the kingdom of God
Not stepping back into the shadows, but more and more into the light!
Declaring for boldness and courage, no we are not ashamed of the Gospel!
Give us greater influence into those places, a greater influence in the government
Lifting up those in authority in this city, apprehend them and turn their hearts, Father
We apply the blood of Jesus over every decision maker
Change there, of and by Your Spirit!
Thank You for the voice of Your people, we will not stand in the shadows, but we will be participators!
We will take our place of authority in You, Father
The church of the Living God will stand in her place!
Yes, little by little and then more, little by little and then more
We are making progress day by day, progress in Your Spirit
Ministering spirits, Go and work on behalf of the Church of the living God
Assist her, accompany, defend and preserve her in all of her ways of obedience and service
Filling in every rank and every file!
Give us discernment, Father
That we would have eyes to see and ears to hear the will of the Father
Thank You for that transformation of the Church of the Living God
You have provided us with everything we need!
We lay hold of that, divinely granted strategies from heaven
Give us a fresh word, a word to pierce and penetrate the people, oh God!
Lifting up the inroads and the access ways, into the very operations
Calling for doors to be opened!
We are impacting this city, and we are impacting this nation!
Thank You for greater doors, greater avenues, and greater venues that we would seize those opportunities!
No, we will not come up short, but we will move out into all the will of God
There is a coming together of body parts, that we would be united as one
We hold the blood against any spirit that would try to divide us!
Each and every one would walk in the light of the call of God upon them!
We will speak, call, and declare our rights as a child of God
Thank You that we are not falling short, or lacking in any good things
But we have all sufficiency in everything to do everything that You have called us to do
We give it all for the sake of the Gospel!
All of our hope and trust is in You, Lord
Calling for the wind of Your Spirit to blow, it is blowing the debris away, but it fans the flames of almighty God!
Supernatural divine connections are being made!
The light is breaking forth, it is penetrating the darkness
We rejoice in You, Lord!
Yes, the future of the Church is bright!
Thank You for the overflow, it just keeps coming and coming and coming!
Lifting up even the little ones, You have a purpose and a plan for them, Father
Your Word is living on the inside of them, and they will be doers of the Word!
You are valuable and precious in the sight of God!
Arise and take Your place and be a participator in these last days!
Blessed is the Lamb of God
Thank You for the change, for the transformation, for the transition
You are so good, You are so faithful, You are so true!
You have never left us, and You have never failed us
We trust and rely on You, Lord
No, we do not go in our own strength, it is all of You and none of us
That You would be seen, and You would be glorified
Be glorified in this city, be glorified in this nation
Calling forth restoration today!
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise, Father

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