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The following article is taken from Herald of His Coming Publications:

Agony of Soul in the Welsh Revival

One evening during the great Welsh Revival, Dr. F. B. Meyer saw a young minister come to a crowded meeting. This young man stood up and prayed to God in behalf of two of his mates who were scoffing behind. One of these men immediately arose and said, “No, that is not true; I was not scoffing. I simply said I was not an infidel, but an agnostic, and if God wants to save me, I will give Him a fair opportunity. Let Him do it!”

The boast seemed to strike Evan Roberts so that he fell on his knees in a perfect agony of soul. It seemed as though his very heart would break beneath the weight of this man’s sin.

A friend of Dr. Meyer’s who stood near him, said, “This is too dreadful! I cannot bear to hear this man groan so! I will start a tune to drown it!”

Dr. Meyer said, “Whatever you do, don’t do that. I want this thing to sink into my heart. I’ve preached the Gospel these thirty years with dry eyes. I’ve spoken to great masses of people without turning a hair, unmoved. I want the throb of this man’s anguish to touch my own soul.”

Evan Roberts sobbed on and on and Meyer said, “My God, let me learn that sob, that my soul may break while I preach the Gospel to men.”

A Fight Between Heaven and Hell

After about ten minutes, Roberts arose and addressed the men in the gallery, “Will you yield?” They said, “Why should we?” Then he said to the people, “Let us pray.” The air became very heavy with sighs, tears, and groans. Everybody seemed to be carrying these two men upon their hearts, as if their hearts must break beneath the strain. Meyer declares that he never felt anything like it. He sprang to his feet. He felt as though he were choking. He said to his friend, “We are in a very fight between heaven and hell. Don’t you see heaven pulling this way and hell that? It seems as though one heard the beasts in the arena.”

After that, one of the men yielded while the other, like an impenitent thief, went his way, but Meyer could not believe but that afterwards he came back to God.

If it took that to reach men in the great Welsh Revival, will it not take the same today?

If you will read about the great revivals and the hundreds of men and women who were brought to God under the ministry of the great Methodist evangelist, John Wesley Redfield, you will discover that the people of that day had not lost “the agony”; that is, some of them still had it. Here are two instances:

“He (Redfield) began to have some of his own peculiar experiences again that had often attended his most successful efforts. He began to be burdened for the work. He had often had these struggles, and sometimes with a severity that threw him upon his bed as if with a fit of sickness, and held him there until victory came. One night in the church, he was filled with unspeakable agony for souls. If he could have howled like the old prophets, it would have relieved him; but this he could not do. He thought he could not endure it. He attempted to go out of the church, but was checked by the Holy Spirit. He then said, ‘Lord, I’ll try to hold on.’ He then began to cry out, ‘O my God, this people must be saved.’ At this he was instantly relieved. The whole church was now in a commotion. Screams for mercy mingled with shouts of rejoicing were heard on every side.”

The result of this was that hundreds were brought to God in this meeting and the work was so deep and thorough…years later it was stated: “Some of the fruit of this revival still remains.”

The secret of Mr. Finney’s revivals was in the fact that he (and others) knew how to travail – “as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children” (Isa. 66:8). Listen to Mr. Finney:

“It loaded me down with great agony. As I returned to my room, I felt almost as if I should stagger under the burden that was on my mind; and I struggled, and groaned, and agonized, but could not frame to present the case before God in words, but only in groans and tears. The Spirit struggled within me with groanings that could not be uttered.” How near this is to what is given in Romans 8:26.


Father, we thank You and praise You today
We believe for more of Your goodness, mercy and grace
You are causing our hearts to turn more toward the things You have for us
Jesus was sent to save those that are lost, so we call in those lost souls, Father
We will be a light in the darkness in these last days!
It is our desire to be softened and moved in the truth of Your Word
Yes, Lord, we want our hearts to move as Your heart is moved
We are asking for the church, Your body, to feel as You feel
Give us a greater revelation of the blood of Jesus
You sent Jesus to die on the cross for each and every man, woman, and child
It is Your desire that not one would perish!
There is only one way, and the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ
Give us eyes to see clearly, that we would see with the eyes of Your heart, Lord
Let us yield to more and more of Your presence
Yes, Father, we will be moved to do all that You have called us to do
Freely we have received and freely we give!
We ask that our belief system govern our lives and our activities
Let the urgency of these days and these hours bear down upon our hearts and our minds
No, we will not say “another day, or another hour,” but we will seize today!
We will be obedient sons and daughters and go out delivering the good news
For it is good, great, wonderful, and marvelous news that we have to give!
Father, we are asking for a moving, a stirring, and a receiving of Your love in a new and a fresh way
We want to be compelled by Your love, for all things are possible in and through You, Lord
By Your mercy and by Your grace, we ask for opportunities to reach out and bring in lost souls
Give us an even greater desire to show others Your love
That we would seize every opportunity to be a light in the darkness
We want to be Your hands and Your feet, Father
Let there be a great change in the church of the living God
No, we will not just trudge along, but we will be moved with compassion
Father, we believe that the impact of Your Church would be greater in these last days
For our love is greater, our desire is greater, and our agony for the souls of this city is greater!
Let our hearts be stirred once again, Lord
We ask for a deeper, greater love for the lost, Father
Lifting up the Church that there would be nothing missing and nothing broken
Praying that every believer would take their place in the body of Christ
Yes, we will be about the Master’s business, doing the Master’s plan!
Father, we ask for doors of opportunity to be opened so that we can reach the lost!
Give us a greater revelation of Your love, that we can pour it out on those lost souls
Calling for movement and motion, that there would be a breaking up of fallow ground
Turn those things over in the hearts of Your people, that they would experience a touch from You
Let us not be ashamed of the Gospel, but give us boldness and courage in these last days
We will not yield to our fears and apprehensions, but we will yield to Your mercy, grace, and compassion
You have called us to go out into the world and preach the Gospel, and we will go, Father
Everything we need is in You, so we will keep our eyes fixed and focused on You, Jesus
Let there be a greater revelation of Your love, mercy, and grace
Yes, Lord, we want to touch the untouchable!
Send us into those dark places, Father
No, the devil doesn’t have any authority there in Jesus’ name!
We ask for an even greater change in the realm of prayer
Calling for increase in movement and momentum, an increase in passion and an increase in compassion
Limitations be removed, we call for freedom in the hearts of men!
You have called us to lay hands on the sick and they will recover and be free
We declare that, once again, the gifts of the Spirit would flow!
No, we will not be ashamed, for You have given us boldness and courage!
Grant unto us boldness to preach, boldness to pray, and boldness to declare
We ask for Your power to be on display in the Church of the living God
You have given us everything we need to overcome!
Clothe us with the whole armor of God that we would gird up once again in the power of the Holy Ghost
We declare for those leaders to be fueled and fired up for the vision You have set before them
Calling for that passion to burn in their hearts to an even greater level and degree, Father
Moving into those places, and we take up our positions of power, grace, and mercy
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those right ways and steps in Jesus’ name
We pray over those steps that need to be taken, calling for an alignment today!
Grant unto each and every believer the wisdom of God!
Covering those souls with the blood of Jesus, those lost souls shall be found in Jesus’ name!
Holding up each and every step before You, Father
Show us the steps that need to be taken, Lord
We apply the blood of Jesus out front from the north to the south and from the east to the west
Covering every move and step with the blood of Jesus
Pushing aside the wrong ways in Jesus’ name!
By the blood we come, by the blood we move, and by the blood we go forth
Open those right ways, the Church is on the move, the Church is on the increase
Calling for all the finances to come in!
We loose angels and ministering spirits to go out and bring in the necessary finances
You have provided us with more than enough, Lord
Holding the blood against delays of the enemy
Hindrances, be removed in Jesus’ name!
Doors of opportunity, we call you to be opened up
Yes, Lord, we will contend all the way through to the very end
Set our hearts on fire, Father
Calling for the demon powers of darkness to stop and desist in your activities
Yes, Father, we will press on with boldness and courage like never before!
Thank You for that fire, we receive it and we open ourselves up to more of it, Lord
It is a supernatural fire, and it will produce a greater desire in each and every one of us
We will do all that You have called us to do, Father
No, we will not step back but we will move out and ahead to all that You have called us to
Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit today
Send a fresh fire from heaven, that we would be stirred and fired up

A Word of the Lord came forth:

For many are waiting for restoration, many are waiting to be healed; My Church has been called in this hour to go forth, not in your own strength, but in My strength, saith the Lord. So take a step, take My plan, take My will, receive it, I have been sending it. Receive it, and you shall see, you will do things you can not do.

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