Prayer Summary for Friday, May 05, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

How many of you were able to make it to downtown last night? It was blessed. The backdrop is pretty spectacular with the whole stadium and all the glass and the planes were going over. It was a beautiful evening. There were protesters! Why? We don’t know. They were other so-called “believers” protesting the believers. At the end, one of the pastors from Pulse said, “High five a protester on your way out.” They had a battery operated megaphone at first, but they were eventually quiet. We thought maybe their battery wore out. They were pretty much drowned out by all the people worshiping. It was a scene to have all these people worshiping the Lord and lifting up His name. At one point, we turned around to face the city, the skyline. But you could see the city in the reflection of the building. It was awesome. There were different pastors that prayed. There was a Catholic priest. There was a Baptist pastor. He cranked it out. He was at our first meeting that we went to with all the different pastors. Whoa! He cranks out prayer! A couple of other pastors and then Pastor Mac. They had a huge screen over here and then they would have the name of the person who was praying or speaking. When Pastor Mac’s name came up, it was like “YEAH!” He was the only one that got a big hand. That was kind of cool. To me it was like there were a lot of Living Word people there, for sure. One lady came by and said, “I think he brought his own cheering team.” He spoke about a few things and said, “We’re going to pray for our nation.” He prayed the confession that Pastor Lynne put together. Anointed, for sure. One of the things I liked was that it was an outreach to the lost. If you were lost and in that group, I believe you would have been saved. They prayed a great prayer of salvation. It was a very evangelical meeting. To me, it was a big first step and our prayers definitely by May of next year, that thing will be able to be filled up. The whole stadium. One pastor got up and he was praying and then said, he was there in the dome when Billy Graham did a meeting and there were 70 thousand people in the dome and 25 thousand people outside the dome. He got bold and declared, “We’re going to have a minimum of 100 thousand people here.” You can’t get 100 thousand in the stadium, but there’s plenty of space outside. God is big enough to bring the people there. But man can’t really do that. It has to be God.

On Wednesday, I shared a few things from Smith Wigglesworth. There wasn’t time to go over everything. He was a Word man. There are a couple things he said about the Word that I wanted to share. This is from the book, “The Secret of His Power,” by Albert Hibbert.

[begin excerpt]
Because Wigglesworth’s dedication to God was total, he had no worries or fears. God deals with all that is calculated to bring anxiety. His promise means as much as the fulfillment. Wigglesworth has absolute confidence and trust in the Lord. He loved to sing a refrain which expressed his assurance that God could not fail those who put their trust in Him:

He cannot fail, for He is God.
He cannot fail, He’s pledged His Word.
He cannot fail, He’ll see you through.
He cannot fail, He’ll answer you.

A.E. Mellors, pastor of my home church for 26 years and a great Bible teacher, clearly defined faith. In his estimation, faith is comprised of three things: 1) facts to be believed, 2) commands to be obeyed, and 3) promises to be enjoyed. These three points sum up the life and ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, for he believed implicitly the Word of God. As far as he was concerned, there was no substitute. Believing it, he was totally committed to obeying it. The result was that he enjoyed the promises of God even before their fulfillment.

Wigglesworth would say, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, not by reading commentaries. Faith is the principle of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit, who inspired the Word, is called the Spirit of truth; and as we receive with meekness the engrafted Word, faith springs up in our hearts.”

One day Wigglesworth was traveling by train and seated in a compartment with two women. Talking with them, he soon learned that they were mother and daughter, both sick. “I have a very reliable remedy in my bag,” he told them. “In fact, I have never known it to fail.” He talked so much about this marvelous remedy that the ladies asked him if he would give them a dose of it. In response, he took out his Bible and read to them: “I am the Lord that health thee” (Ex. 15:26). It was not very long before God had healed them both.

Once a lady in Cardill, South Wales, asked him what he would recommend as the best tracts for witnessing. “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,” he responded, with no further elaboration.

“Folks are always wanting promises to stand on,” he used to say. When one young man asked him, “Can you give me a promise to stand on?” Wigglesworth answered by placing his Bible on the ground and saying, “Stand on that.”

Hesitantly, the young man stood on it. Wigglesworth said, “Now you are standing on a great heap of promises. Believe every one of them. There are four principles we need to maintain,” he used to explain. “Firstly, read the Word of God. Secondly, consume the Word until it consumes you. Thirdly, believe the Word. Fourthly, act on the Word. I never consider myself fully dressed unless I have a copy of the Word of God in my pocket.” …

Another of his favorite quotes was, “Fear looks, faith jumps.” He often told his audiences, “I am not here to entertain you, but to bring you to the place where you can laugh at the impossible.” He loved the verse in Luke that says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37). Since he believed this verse, he could never understand why Christians had reservations about it. In his words, “We have got to get rid of our small measure of faith, because God’s measure is so much greater than ours. A measure that cannot be measured.” [end excerpt]


Thank You for Your Word
We magnify Your name
No weapon formed against the body of Christ can prosper
We take authority over division among the churches in Jesus’ name
We pray for a move of the Holy Spirit and that change would begin to take place among the churches
We command those hindrances over the people to be broken
We see the cracks and it’s beginning to crumble away
They can see and understand the truth
Rivers deep and wide
From the top all the way down, to the very least
A move like they’ve never see… a revival flowing in that church
Miracles, signs, wonders…
No more tradition or religion, but freedom in the name of Jesus
The water of the Word washing them
Full of purpose and send the fire there… let it burn… burn I n the congregation… burn in the ministers
Let Your light be so bright from the fire that burns
It’s time for a gathering in of all the saints to move as one might force
This nation and the nations for Jesus Christ that He is lifted up
Jesus is exalted and not one be left behind
It’s time to take another dip… way down deep in the anointing
In the rivers of God… it’s time for refreshing and strengthening
Wide awake…
We will not be shaken… the enemy will not shake us for we possess the power and anointing to overcome everything
Thank You for putting people into the right place… leaders in the body
Raising them up to a place where there is a voice in the earth
They begin to prophesy and speak the Word of the Lord
It comes to pass quickly
They’re coming into their places
We watch over the body… there will be no separation but unity and peace
A great gathering
Those that have been on the outskirts, you come back in in the name of Jesus
Rejoin the body
We call for a rapid reduction in the kingdom of the enemy… we call for it now… a rapid reduction in his numbers
Into the darkest places… people that it would they would never turn… we ask that You would pluck them out
Nothing is impossible to You… we reach out into the darkness places
Come out of that depravity in Jesus’ name… come out of that darkness… today!
Mental incapacities, Go! in Jesus’ name
Confusion, leave in Jesus’ name … a bright future

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