Prayer Summary for February 16

The following prophecy was given by Creflo A. Dollar on Sunday, Jan, 24, 2016
at World Changers Church International:

Dismiss Fear, and Rejoice Exceedingly

“You are about to walk in the best of the best, for you have believed in Me, and you have received from Me, and I am faithful and committed to be with thee. So dismiss fear once and for all. Dismiss fear, and let it know it doesn’t have a call. That it doesn’t have a call to cause you torment and pain. That it doesn’t have a call to make your life miserable, in all kinds of ways. But receive from My words as I have given unto thee. And I give you this promise: in every area, you’ll be set free.

So rejoice exceedingly, and be glad. Oh yeah, the enemy is extremely mad, but don’t pay attention to the things that are going on in the places of darkness. I’m your God, and I’ve made promises to perfect thee. And if you will believe in Me and receive this day, in everything you seek, I’ll show you the way. So as you walk in thanksgiving and as you walk in praise and gratitude for all the things I have done for you, as you praise Me, have confidence that I’m going to see you through.

For this day am I prepared to do all that you demand of Me. And for every bondage that you are stuck in, I’ll set you free. So rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for these are the days of great grace manifesting at last, at last, at last!” saith the Spirit of the Lord.

The following excerpt was taken from Release the Power of prayer by George Muller

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Psalm 127:1

God’s Way
On October 9, 1875, Muller wrote about four essential aspects that contributed to his ability to rely on God. This work has now been upheld for forty-two years. Though generally, year by year, it has been enlarged in one or more of its departments, God has never failed us, but has always supplied us with the needed provisions. How could our needs fail to be supplied if the work in which we are engaged IS HIS work; if we are the persons to do this His work; if the time is come when we should be honored to do this His work; and if, at the same time, we trust in His power and willingness to help us?

God’s Work
But these four different points need carefully to be examined. In the first place, we have to be sure that the work in which we are engaged is really the work of the Lord, and fully so. I stress this point because I have seen how, in order to keep persons from certain evil things, other evil things have been substituted. In the sight of some, these things may be less objectionable, yet they are of such a character that they are unworthy to be called God’s work. How then could help from God be expected under such circumstances?

God’s Person
Next we have to ascertain that we are the persons to be engaged in this work, which is really God’s work, for we are not our own, but we are “bought at a price” (l Cor. 6:19–20), the precious blood of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, we may not spend our time, our talents, or our physical, mental, and spiritual strength as we please, but we have to seek to know whether the Lord would have us to be engaged in such a way or not.

God’s Time
But even this is not enough. Still further, we have to seek to ascertain, by patient waiting upon God and watching His hand, whether His time has come that we should do this His work. How important these last two points are we have been clearly shown in Scripture regarding the building of the temple. The work was a good work, and quite according to the mind of Jehovah, but His time was not yet come that this work was to be done when David desired to build the temple; nor was David to be the man to do it, but his son, Solomon.

God’s Resources
Suppose, last of all, not only that the work is God’s work, but also that we are the persons to be engaged in this work. In addition, suppose that His own time has come when we are to be engaged in His work. Now, we have to trust in Him for all the help we need. If we do not do so, how can we expect for things to go well? And here I state that the necessary resources for which we who are involved in the orphan work in Bristol have to wait upon the Lord—great though they are, amounting to about forty-four thousand pounds yearly—are very far from all we need. We constantly have to look to the Lord for counsel and guidance in our difficulties; without His constant guidance, we would only make mistakes and take wrong steps.


Yielding and flowing to the power of the Holy Ghost today
Lifting our need to the Lord continually, knowing His call
The call has come, the anointing is given
Putting all of our hope and trust in You, Father
It shall come to pass!
Casting off all fear
What the Devil meant for evil, God turns it for His own good
Making a way where there was no way!
Thank You, Father, for goodness and mercy today
Specific steps and timing concerning our assignments

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep going back to God’s timing and the plan, the steps that He has called each one of us to make, walk in, timing. That we’d not be out front, that we would not be out ahead doing something that was out of or in advance of the correct time or behind but to be just right on His time. Father, we want to be in Your time. We want to walk that line that’s so clear concerning the time. We lift Your timing for the body, perfect, divine time. We pray over eyes to see it, ears to hear it, so much has been invested. These are not the times to miss it and move out when we are called to stay steady. Watch for the time and prostrate ourselves and humble ourselves too, to the fullness of the purpose that He has called you and me to do.

Continued praying…

Every detail we lift to You, Father
Multiplied seven times greater—supernatural marked change!
Shifting into a greater clarity and momentum
Money, transfers, greater resources
Declaring this is the way it will be!
We are equipped, we are anointed—the whole body
Every crooked place made straight
Men obey and respond—getting with it now
Go back and pick up what the Lord had declared
Look on purpose and you will see it
Watch on the wall, open the door and see
That’s the right way to see it so you can say it
The call goes out! We hear You, Father
We call them, Lord!
Onward and upward and into God
More pronounced, more miracles, signs and wonders
Secrets being revealed for the Church to see that there is a whole lot more
Divine developments—a blueprint for greater
Step after step after step
Has to go! Has to go! Has to go!
Answer it! Answer it! Answer it!
Ask the Father, “What are You telling Your body”
Yes, we see a man carrying the baton
Into that position, into that call!
The media will not decide the election in the name of Jesus
Father, You will order the courts and decide the election in Jesus’ name

Pastor Ray shared…

When Pastor Paul kept praying out the list, I kept hearing this in my spirit, lest we pray in the Spirit we’ll only pray our list. But He has a higher list and a greater list. A list that goes beyond what we could ever ask or think and I just heard this, you are what you eat. But really you are what you pray and what you pray by the Spirit is a way to line up with God’s list from heaven above. Every single member of the body has a list, internally provided, put there from the beginning. Ha! Ha! Ha! And in these days when we pray by the Spirit, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, we begin to pray up, up, up higher. And so we are practicing every single time we come, we are practicing the presence of God but believing to pray up higher and connect to that list from heaven above. It covers every aspect of our future. It’s how we get to the best of the best for all of the times that are left. We could say the rest, resting in Him, but the rest of our days on the face of this earth.

Continued praying…

We yield up today and lift up
It has to be in time for the provision will be there when the timing is right
Uncovering and speaking over it
Every member bring a supply
It’s how He hears our prayers in heaven
We have no fear coming to Him and stepping up
For the Lord is good and His mercy endureth forever
Thank You, for Your goodness, mercy, and kindness
Taking it with us today as we go
Believing for insight into mysteries
Thank You for showing us the way to go in Jesus’ name

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