Prayer Summary for February 15


Pastor Ray shared this from GPAN last Tuesday, February 9, 2016…

I saw this concerning an airport. While we were declaring His name, magnifying His name, whispering His name, and shouting His name I saw an airport, I don’t know what airport, I don’t know what country it is in but there is an attempt to take something wrong in. There is an attempt to bring something that should not be brought into the plane. Let’s just put it like that. So in the name of Jesus we put a stop to it right now! We stop it by the blood and declare Jesus there. We put a stop to the steps they had planned to carry out! Exposed, uncovered, revealed for what it was planned to be. No, no, no, no, no, it shall not take place in Jesus’ name.

The following day Wednesday, February 10, 2016 two passengers were busted with artfully concealed weapons at LaGuardia TSA. They were arrested and they face charges of criminal possession of a weapon.

This is why we yield to the Holy Spirit when we pray. We will always listen and obey the Lord when He shows us what we are to pray for!


We must keep on, we will not quit; if you don’t quit, you win!
Magnifying Your precious holy name—Jesus
Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence in this place
Your presence is a necessity in our lives and in our prayers
We yearn for more of You, Father
Worshiping and honoring You today, Lord
Clear up and clear out every atmospheric condition that would try to block and stop plans from heaven
Leaning not on our own understanding, but we lean on You, Father
We are seeking after You, we watch, seek, and listen for Your voice
Declaring for greater and greater cooperation with Your Spirit, Father
Give us a greater illumination of our prayers and what they do!
It is settled in Jesus’ name!
We will continue to look out ahead and look over the steps You have set before us
Divine words spoken by Your Spirit to Your body; show us the way, Father
Continually seeking after You each and every day, Lord
By the blood of the Lamb, we clear that up and clear that out!
Not by our hand, but by Your hand!
Enable the body to go!
We will continually contend for more, Father!
Moving in and out and through, by Your Spirit, dear God
Each and every one would move to the place and to the plan You have called us to
That we would be going about the Father’s business, today!
Assignments are being given, accepted and implemented by Your Spirit, Father
No, there is no other way, but Your way!
What we hear is what we say, what we see is what we do
You will show us what to speak and where to go
By the power of the Holy Spirit, we enter out into places where the anointing has not yet gone
Praying over the atmosphere and over the wind
Deception, be revealed in Jesus’ name!
The anointing is breaking off, breaking away, and is stopping those evil plans of the enemy
There is authority in the name of Jesus!
Doors of opportunity are being opened to us, and by the spirit, we shall go through those doors
In the spirit and by the Spirit, we will go!
By the blood and through that precious name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
New plans for the territories and new plans for the land
It’s time for a turn, it’s time for a change, and it’s time for the new and for clarity too!
We march under the anointing
Pleading the blood of Jesus over Mexico
Rooting out some hindrances and plans of the enemy that have tried to come in there
No, no, no, no!
The anointing is moving about, and there will be a clearing up and a clearing out
Declaring that the blood of Jesus would be around and about those lands and territories
Covering those things by the blood that was shed
No, you cannot come in that way!
Those things are being uncovered and revealed in Jesus’ name
Give divine wisdom to leaders and those in positions of authority
Reveal those plans unto them and show them how to carry those things forth
That they would have the right words at the right time
Lifting up another prayer group right now!
They are in a position in the territory and in the land
We bring our supply to blend with their supply
You have shown them what to pray, because of their position in the territory and in the land
So we lift up these that are praying now, we lift up their arms
Touch them, Father
Give them the words to speak and the ways to walk out
Keep on expanding in our expectation, Lord
There is a mandate and a specific call for it!
Illuminate it, reveal it, open it, and uncover it!
Work behind the scenes, Lord
Operations of and by Your Spirit, dear God
Adjustments and changes are being made today
It shall be printed and it shall be seen, the evidence will be clear for all to see
Those things will and shall be exposed in Jesus’ name!
Expose those things with greater clarity, Lord
Church—be on the alert, be at your post and stay there!
Pray-ers, up on the wall now!
We apply the blood of Jesus over the nation of Israel
Covering every border with the blood of Jesus today!
Pleading that blood inch by inch, from north to south and east to west
Declaring for the peace of God to be over Jerusalem
Thank You for the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
Your anointing is making a way for us to pray!

A Word of the Lord came forth…

Where the enemy has said you shall not come, away, away, away, but by the Spirit we shall see and by the Spirit we shall know, into those dark corners you shall go, you shall go and a work will be brought, and the plan of God opened up and to the light this day, opened up and to be exposed, and to be revealed and to be unveiled for all to see. Transparency, transparency!

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